Mouth Mamilo

Anhydrous agent topical such as lanolina modified or creams with vitamin and the D in important traumas. They form a barrier hindering the loss of humidity them deeper layers of the skin, facilitating the cicatrizao. Synthetic creams with hidrocorticides (mometazona 0.1% and propionato of halobetasol 0.05%), have been recommended for specialists in cases of important fictions, even so do not have studies proving its effectiveness, corticides only must be recommended in the absence of bacterial infection or fngica e, when used, they do not need to be removed before the suck ones. To keep dry the healthy, complete mamilos, is recommendable for the prevention of fictions. The epidermis of mamilo more quickly recovers if a humid barrier to prevent the loss of the humidity of the layers deepest of the skin. The use of protectors of mamilos, saved rare exceptions, must be discouraged. They, in the reality, can exacerbar the injuries or be its cause (FREITAS, 2001). 2.3.3 PAIN IN THE MAMILOS.

The woman presents pain in the breasts and/or mamilos, during or in the interval of the suck ones. For some women, pain is common in breast-feeding, to put knows that he is not correct to feel pain. If it is present is because something is incorrect (BARROS, 2002). The cause most common of pain in the mamilos and me the position where the child sucks, it not ' ' it catches? enough part of the breast and sucks only mamilo' ' , the skin of mamilo can completely seem normal, but, if you observe the child finishing the suck one you can notice that mamilo seems flattened when it leaves the mouth of the child. He can have a line through the tip of mamilo. Pain in the mamilos can lead weans to it, therefore painful breast-feeding and taking the mother to suckle less frequently and for lesser time.