Mexican Constitution

Change the educational paradigm that has dominated for four centuries it is not simple task, because it is not only form us intellectually and to apply preconceived and mechanical methods, such as recipes whose product would be a standardized dish, but it involves a commitment and an individual process of transformation that will lead us to discover our inner self, what is our essence, to develop our capacity for mindfulness and full presenceour sense of unity and interdependence, and find well peace and universal love which are indispensable in the process of a comprehensive education, in which we all learn for life, for life and for its significance. Only through the holistic education and spirituality is transformed to be individual and social. Therefore, education must change in a comprehensive manner, must see in each student a unit that must be transformed, should be stripped of many myths that seek to become better human beings, such as promoting values of competition and the academic practice of quality, that only leads to force to the fulfilment of a program and fill formats without sense. Education must give an approach that contemplates the student as a being in evolution to which should nurture the best that each individual has: the virtues necessary to be a better human able to overcome hatred, and the fascination for the pleasure, responsible for every action you make and make it aware of its unity with everything that surrounds it. To achieve peace in the world, it is necessary that each individual will experience it in its interior, not only as the absence of agitation, disorder or depression, it is necessary that each individual living your spirituality, as individual, natural and direct experience of the transcendent, which is unrelated to any religious dogma. You will need to provide a well-rounded education that involves its spiritual nature, as Jose Vasconcelos, he tried to do it since the creation of the SEP, in 1921, and as the third article of the Mexican Constitution declares: the education given by the State will tend to develop harmoniously all the faculties of the being human, and promote, at the same time, the love of the homeland and the awareness of international solidarity, independence and justice. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Glenn Dubin.