Chacras de Coria surprises with its rugged and residential charm just 15 minutes from the bustle of the city of Mendoza. On foot, horseback or bicycle, the tourist will find a thousand reasons to visit it and enjoy it. Chacras de Coria combines the most attractive tourism in Mendoza, nature, mountains and good wines with an outstanding choice of hotels that makes that staying there will be a real pleasure. Additional information is available at Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The large number of summer homes that adorn the landscape show the rapid growth of the province: years ago Chacras de Coria was a rural area. Today part of the conglomerate known as Gran Mendoza, without resign none of its attractive mark rugged and natural. Many of the older residences were born again as warm hotels or Inns of field.

Such is the case of the hotel San Francisco, which offers to its visitors rooms with Wi Fi Internet service and television, most of which directly overlooking the beautiful gardens that has the property. There, a dense and ancient Grove ensures a framework of total privacy to enjoy the swimming pool of dimensions semiolimpicas. More attractive? Your wine cellar, where visitors can do tastings tailored to the tastes and the profile of each one. Another lovely rural accommodation in Chacras de Coria is Finca Adalgisa. A dream place with vineyards, poultry and own pond that invite the visitor to travel around and to participate in everyday chores. Be downloaded planted aromatic plants, olive trees and fruit trees; According to the season of the year chosen for the stay, visitors can pick up during your walks fruits, herbs and olives which then serves in the comfort of the old House.

Finca Adalgisa, Gallery, library, dining room and kitchen are common spaces, open access and enjoyment of all passengers. The owners of the Posada del Angel used his collection of curious objects, discovered during his travels around the world, and his meticulous collection of contemporary art to build a different, as cozy as a warm space. Without doubt one of the many hidden jewels that offers hospitality in Mendoza, This aged old adobe House remodeled to achieve the perfect balance between charm and modernity invites a getaway of a two. And, with its strategic location, it is a good starting point to visit the many wineries in the area.