Joseph Breuer

For Charcot, these indications if lodged in ' ' second mente' ' , that immediately afterwards it called it to Freud of unconscious. After this discovery, Freud started to explore psique emphatically human being. In 5 of April of 1886, Freud creates its proper doctor’s office, and initiates the analyses using themselves of the hypnosis and having div as a support technician, therefore the same it immerged and settles it facilitated it in its analisandos. Freud yearned for to arrive ' ' second mente' ' to give would histeria it to an end through hipnticas suggestions, however, they had not functioned. However, this technique and the ones that if they had preceded, without success some, provoked in Freud an incredible and wonderful allure, making to insistently search it the reason for its failures. The advance of Freud, in this area, if gave from the convivncia with the Dr.

Joseph Breuer. The same Anna presented it. (Bertha Pappenheim), a patient with would histeria serious, the same one tried a method new ' ' talking cure' ' the cure for speaks. In it measured where the patient spoke on its symptoms, the same ones despareciam. Breuer, then concludes that the symptoms neurotics result of unconscious processes and disappear when these processes if become conscientious. It called to this process of Catarse. In partnership, Freud and Breuer, publish an article on the developed method, and the book that the beginning of the psicanaltica theory marked, Studien to ber Hysterie (' ' Studies on histeria' '). After the discovery of this treatment, Freud in its comments, discovers more necessarily that the symptoms presented for its patients came from traumatic infantile experiences, of sexual, on order to a restrained or guilty fancy. The neuroses, at last, have origin in the sexuality and that for the individual if not to become neurotic it must live deeply the free sex in way and without limits.