Jewlery Design

The tendencies in imitation jewellery continue the line of this season autumn-winter, where the size and the excess prevail. The luxury designers, as much propose pieces to us of necklaces, bracelets, bracelets; like of slopes and ring, where size XL yes matters. And, in case it go little, scores at another great tendency, the excess, as much in number of pieces to shine like in the recharged thing of the details, that mix sinfn of materials and reasons. Great, impressive designs and with character that to force and sophistication to your will give looks and will not allow that you happen unnoticed. You cheer up? The necklaces are used excessive respect, but its volume grows, or with numerous returns or with stones, pens, Rep them, accounts, flowers, etc. the excess until in the mixture of materials takes. They emphasize the metallic necklaces of great pendants; and the necklaces bibs, still more great and with volume, that returns one more season. The hoops hang more than ever, because they hang in cascades.

As far as the bracelets and bracelets, they take of several returns or widths, tendency that lasts a few seasons already; and loaded of details. And, finally the ring follows the same line XL, with enormous individual stones of color or in ramilletes; the clocks do not get rid nor of the enormous dimensions. The styles in imitation jewellery, sights for the next season are varied, although the unquestionable protagonist of this spring-summer will be ethnic or the tribal one, with flecos, animal and pieces of ceramics; followed very close by retro, with pieces vintage; and by the rocker, with bracelets of skin with metallic ends, tacks and details. You are prepared not to happen inadvertent? The Imitation jewellery spring-summer 2011/12 bets by the noticeable tendencies. It varies referring to the color, predominating the gilded thing, silverplated, the black and the target; although the colors in the baroque designs art-dec or proposed by Oscar of Renta and Bottega Veneta have capacity more.

The reasons the flowers take the palm. But, the unquestionable protagonist is the bracelet in size XXL, as much rigid type muequera, like of chain (Yves Saint Laurent). The materials are infinite, take of resins, metalists, with pens, of fabric, of skin, with mixture of different textures and reasons; thus, you will see so much them of classic style (minimalist, like the designs of Michael Kors), like baroque (more complexes), but, always, always exaggerated. I invite to participate in my blog to you destined to the education of the art of the bijouterie or imitation jewellery: Design of Bijouterie and fashionable Accesorios Motley necklace in the range of the green one