How about time with a very special wedding gift? When warm temperatures in the spring and summer, the love season has and lovers particularly like to marry. Wedding invitations flutter in the House and the charged forward. Up Yes until the about crucial idea: what should I get? Exceptionally, the gift should be personal and romantic, look as memorable for the couple and for something”it should also eventually will be in the best case only once in life married. The romantic gift idea: a love story give a history – how should it be? Ines Jaeger by says this: that no Hollywood-mature stories are needed although in addicted to love certainly some things in Hollywood can be seen off. Here it but just the unique first and foremost to the individual history of the couple that is. Everything about the two directly what they experienced and have felt–that touched them, go to heart, that brings back memories or make them laugh.” Also to topic choose Ines Jaeger has some tips: there was certainly lots of moving, funny or exciting moments from the childhood and youth of the bride and groom, from the time of learning and of the previous relationship. Maybe they had to take in between some hurdles. Maybe the marriage was particularly spectacular or the couple has shared an unforgettable experience.” And where do the content? Many friends and relatives have experienced, what all has happened at the two and can be consulted,”Ines Jaeger says.

If the story well told and noble is designed, this is an ideal, very personal gift and the future couple will keep it forever.” To the design of the whole Ines Jaeger explained: the writing style should be authentic and sound too stilted. It is also on the type of”bride or groom for example, whether they are more romantic or they like it rather funny and naughty. Courage – Finally, no one wants to win a literary prize to. If you have a certain skill in dealing with language, get sure loose that. At best, one or two other people read it at the end again about it, then the one or other Holperer or logical errors in the text are revealed.” Without the appropriate photos, the story would be only half as beautiful and spectacular. A graphics program even requires, this works quite well also in Word,”says Ines Jaeger.

Best is completed and provided with a professional binding and tasteful cover the whole of a printing color printer is good and beautiful, but long not so noble looks. “And who will take the design of exclusive or even neither the time nor the skill to your own writing and design who can hire a professional Yes.” Incidentally, works the romantic gift idea also experienced”couples romance is finally required at any age. So, then can come the wedding day. Ines Hunter