In any case they are highly recommended, and even necessary, environmental control measures aimed at reducing the number of mites present in our homes. The use of anti-mite mattress, pillows and duvets covers is essential and contributes to significantly improve the results of eventual pharmacological treatments. It is important that the cleanliness of the home is deep and constant: must be cleaned dust regularly with a damp cloth, ventilate bedrooms on a daily basis, favouring the entry of sunlight, change your sheets every week and wash them to temperatures of 60 C or more, pass a HEPA vacuum of quality at least 2 or 3 times per week, save clothes and all objects in closed cabinetskeep the internal temperature of the House about 18 – 19 C maximum and monitor the moisture so that it does not exceed 50-60%. For more information see this site: Iridology. As soon as possible, should also intervene in the home decoration: starting with the room of the allergic, we will have to adapt the space to make it easy to clean and which do not lend to the accumulation of dust. Whenever possible, rugs, carpets, curtains, stuffed animals and other objects that accumulate dust easily dispose. There are many products that can be of great help to make these tasks easier and, above all, much more effective: covers mite for mattresses, pillows and duvets; domestic air purifiers; Special air conditioning and dehumidifiers filters; electrical mite ultrasonic apparatus; acaricides; masks mite and dust; vacuum cleaners HEPA quality certified for allergic persons; dehumidifiers, etc. Thanks for reading this report. We hope that it is useful in improving their health and well-being. Original author and source of the article