Prepares Prescription

To have luck, prosperity and richness, voc? it must eat nhoque all day 29 of the m? s. Probably, voc? j? it heard this phrase, n? exactly? Good, for who? superstitious and it believes simpatias, to make prescription of nhoque 29 of the m all? s j? it turned a h? bito that n? some must be forgotten to it form. But, so that nhoque has something more the valley the penalty to bet in white gravy as accompaniment, j? what this gravy? sufficiently used in world-wide gastronomia e, therefore, j? it appears with ' ' stamp of qualidade' ' , therefore one knows that chefs of cuisine uses this gravy in prepares? of its plates. One of the curiosidades that the white gravy involves? to serve of base for other types of gravy (for each gravy h? ingredients espec? ficos), being the b? chamel, most famous of all. H? tamb? m other examples of gravy as barbecue, mustard, asparagi, of tomatoe, with pepper, I suck to it, with garlic or champignon, bittersweet, etc. and for who have some type of restri? feeding, exists an alternative: the white gravy light, whose prescription changes the traditional margarina for light and adds milk skimmed.

But, the white gravy combines with that type of food? Good, between the plates that can take white gravy est? inclu? of a lasanha, saladas, fish and traditional nhoque, whose fame arrived the v? rivers Par? ses of the world. How appeared ent? a fame of nhoque? Good, everything eats? or in the interior of the It? it read. A certain day a saint (S? the Pantale? ) the dress as one andarilho beat? door of the house of a couple, therefore was hungry and asked for a food plate. The couple was poor and s? it had nhoque in house. Thus, nhoque was divides between tr? s people, being that each one of them only ate 7 nhoques.

Medieval Age World

The wine is one of the most delicious drinks and popular around the world, in addition, it is the older spirit of the world. The consumption of the wine is known from the Old Testament, and is thanks to its antiquity that could have been perfecting its production, care, quality and flavor. Also the consumption is attributed to the church and the popularity of the wine, since in the effort to work, to produce and to distribute wine for the consecration, the vineyards and warehouses began to grow around the world, mainly in those places where the climate was more favorable for the grapes. Through the years, the wine has occurred to know the world like a drink to be accompanied, that is to say generally, from the beginning of the history of the wine, the gastronomy has comprised of her. Another characteristic of the history of the wine is that it comprises of the culture of many countries and regions where takes place and the wine drinks traditionally. The commerce is a factor that has influenced much the distribution and expansion of the wine consumption, thus creating new types, flavors and aromas for the wine. Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, the Medieval Age, etc. are only some of the era-regions where it began to work the grape to produce the drink that enchants at present us to all: the wine..

Bergued Passport

We today propose a fantastic plan of weekend for all those that are near Barcelona: a route of senderismo by the Catalan region of the Bergued Stop, a place of great natural beauty at any time of the year and where they are located on foot near one twenty of routes. Among them, we have wanted to choose that one that goes to Sant Rom of the Clusa, an old town del that conserves a Romanesque parish of style, constructed in century XII and bordering to several masas, which will turn our stroll into something more than a pastime, because we will know goods historical and cultural interest. In route we will cross the footpath during about 5.5 kilometers, a beautiful stroll between riscos and prairies in which the cows graze placidly. This cattle ranch constitutes one of the main assets of the region, whose quality is let feel in the palate when one adventure to be discovered the shades of the gastronomy of the Bergued, that counts on meats and inlays of reputation. If we continued ascending by this way, a kilometer before arriving at a Parish we will be with the recreational area of the Font of avet where to take a breathing and to rest before arriving at the place that long ago was a population of which today they are only vestiges in the church of? Sant Rom of the Clusa, sanctuary that was recovered in years 60 and that presents/displays an impeccable aspect between mountains. Silence and the tranquillity are always here present, not only in summer, but also between the snows that cover the place in winter or in crujir under our feet of the leaves that color of ocher the landscape at the autumnal time..

Projection Screens

Only a properly selected projection screen can provide a really bright, quality image and create a comfortable environment to watch a movie or presentation. Choose a projection screen, on the basis of conditions of the presentations, including characteristics of the room in which it will be used, and of course, buyer preferences. Choose the type of screen design I. A projection screen will be used repeatedly in one If the indoor presentation will be conducted in normal office or room consider the option to buy a roll screen. Securing the stationary housing to a wall or ceiling, you can easily expand the canvas screen a spring mechanism and also quick to fold it after use. The shell itself can mask or hide the drapery in the niche.

Or you can just order a screen with a design case. For example, elegant screen TabScreen Electrol (Projecta) in an aluminum housing in black, not only will not spoil the look of your room, but on the contrary will give it a modern and stylish look. And the screens Artisan / Series E (Draper) provides an opportunity of manufacturing exclusive case from solid wood with different finishes. Roll-up screens are equipped with manual and electric (motorized). At some of them to stop the choice depends on your budget and personal preferences If you have a special room for negotiation or equipped with a separate home cinema, you can choose wall tension screen.

Due to its design tension screens are perfectly flat surface and provide amazing picture quality. Taut canvas mounted on a metal frame in different ways: by means of latches, buttons, elastic cord or tension rods and hooks. There is also tension spring mechanism. If the standard aluminum frame that comes complete with a canvas, you do not like, you can replace it with a trim – with black velvet trim or finish under the skin. For example, a velvet frame could be ordered to screen tensioner Clarion (Draper). A surface tension screen Cineperm (Draper) on the perimeter is framed by strips of artificial black leather. ii. A projection screen will be used in different areas, including on-site presentations are available for this purpose mobile (portable) screens that are easy to carry, assemble and disassemble without special tools. Mobile screens come in various designs. Mobile screens on a tripod (tripod) Steel Case screen, which concealed ducting fabric, easily attaches to any height of the tripod. Sturdy tripod is bearing retainer for maximum stability. These screens are reliable, easy to operation and are ideal for intensive use. For convenience and protection of the screen during transportation can also order a case or bag. Portable screens with folding frame screens are large for use at major events. Can be mounted almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Due to their design, they are very stable and have an ideal surface for the stretched image projection. Represent a collapsible aluminum frame, removable legs and a cloth screen, which is mounted on the frame with latches or buttons. Compact roll-up screens Roller screens in a portable package, from which the canvas is stretched (turns) on the show. Include the installation shell directly on the desk or other surface. Ultra-compact and lightweight, for example, a desktop screen TableScreen (Projecta) 76h102 weighs only 2 kg, they are ideal for mobile presentations.

Travelling Exhibition BAUnatour Informed Green Building

Successful info exhibition in Tubingen, Tubingen, the 29.09.2011: one about infobox built 90% from renewable raw materials is at the heart of the travelling exhibition BAUnatour, which stopped on behalf of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) by the 24.09-29.09. in Tubingen. Mayor Boris Palmer revealed the new blue logo of the nationwide touring exhibition creator of action “Tubingen makes blue” in the university town. As a promoter, she shows specialist agency renewable resources e.V. (FNR) so that the “construction and housing with renewable raw materials” in addition to climate – and energy-related topics offers above all construction solutions, does not shy away from the comparison with conventional styles need to technically. For all dealing with the topic of house construction or modernisation, BAUnatour in Tubingen, Germany offered a good opportunity, independent experts advise to have to ask individual questions and to receive competent answers. BAUnatour shows and explains the benefits and properties of wood, natural insulation materials, floor coverings from sisal and Cork, natural colors, and much more. The infobox is designed in the style of a modern “mobile home” and thus that renewable materials meet the highest construction standards.

Numerous exhibits and information brochures are the visitors about all topics available. Regional member companies and associations, including the Environmental Center of Tubingen e.V., Stadtwerke Tubingen GmbH and the Agency for climate protection, district of Tubingen with further info stands presented within the framework of the BAUnatour. A number of presentations on the topics of sustainable construction and energy, as well as so-called “Blue Tour” – excursions to surrounding buildings on energy – rounded out the “blue BAUnatour” in Tubingen. Dr. Manuel Haus, Director of the environmental centre of Tubingen drew the conclusion: “the consultant of the BAUnatour showed a week successfully, the Tubingern that” ecological building, healthier living, sustainable “” Act”(so the BAUnatour claim – note d. Verf.) no restriction means, but that just here living comfort and a better environment lead to a higher quality of living. There is more information on the Internet at. The touring exhibition was initiated by the trade agency of renewable resources (FNR) on behalf of the BMELV. The Lomi-pr in co-operation with tat word company is responsible for the substantive support. Press contact: Robert shoe – Tel: 0179-948 24 94 E-Mail:

Wedding Photos

Wedding ceremony is over. Bride's veil hides and weightless wedding dress. Here it is, the beginning of everyday family life. Memories of the ceremony is already fading and fade into the background. But one day you, going through things, find its still not a very weighty family album, looking through that, find your wedding photos. Again before the eyes of flies that excited, but a beautiful day, before the eyes appear happy bride and her lover.

Here proud parents, but friends, happy for the newlyweds. Here again, the action unfolds this extravaganza – the prince and princess. And again, wedding photo removed on a shelf, where once again waiting in the wings. All in order to Then your children can enjoy their young mom and dad. And now the whole family, grabbing an album from each other and exclaim: Do you remember Look, this is my uncle but here know? Such moments unite the family and remind us that the best ahead. Time passes, and now your daughter – the bride. Here it is, beauty, confusion appears before the lens of a professional. And already the new wedding photos complement your family album.

Who remembers the man who made these pictures really masters of their craft? And it was he, putting his heart and soul, gave to your family, these happy moments of warm memories. Wedding photos to do in life at first glance not the first place, but with some spiritual impulses We pull out the album from a shelf and be happy considering wedding photos years later, we show our children and grandchildren. We are again going through those moments, for a moment become young again. Wedding photographer in his photos leaves part of their souls, so we feel all the warmth of the day. Wedding photos – professional photo. Indeed, wedding photos should be entrusted only to professional qualifications, because he needs show the ability to shoot portraits of many kinds: the close-and waist, and group, and growth. It must be a director who, without interfering with ongoing activities and fix the time of the wedding. Must Capture wedding process! Stop the perfect moment!

Products Stress

The effect of this therapy, which is called there – the extra pounds did not wait long. But healthy Products and neutralize stress hormones, and figure priberegut. After a few easy days of this diet you will notice the results – feel better, will be a natural complexion and mood – excellent! However cute tummy – this is only part of the problem. With a constant excess cortisol dying neurons in the brain. Among other things, it prevents the formation of serotonin – a hormone mood. The result – depression! Next on the program: depression – Overeating – the extra pounds on my stomach.

Relax against the main method of stress to deal with stress, for sure, you know: you can not make a difference – change your attitude towards it. To do this you need to master any you like method of relaxation. If you are a human endeavor and achievement, engage in sports such as tai-bo and step-aerobics. Exercise can help relieve the negative energy and allow another look at the problem. If you want to radically change the attitude towards life in general and to stress in particular, then enjoy a yoga or Taichi. No time or desire to engage in all of the above? Learn basic meditation and deep breathing – these methods allow to overcome any stress.

Not only for the beauty of fat in the waist, which doctors call central obesity – is not just ugly but also dangerous! Central obesity leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes the second type, and even cancer. Often the structure of the figure is inherited, but genetic predisposition – is the reason only a quarter of all diseases associated with obesity. The only way to solve the problem – lifestyle changes. And it's completely within your power! Medicine from the plates and still without a diet is not enough. Importantly, do not go to extremes and do not limit yourself at all – because it is too stressful. So you need a healthy, balanced diet with anti-stress effect. Mediterranean – just like that. No wonder people of the Mediterranean suffer much less than others. Scientists suggest that their diet has a calming effect, helping the body fight chronic stress. The basis of the diet are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, cheese, nuts, seeds, olive oil. The secret – in small batches and special food culture, when food intake is converted into the present ritual. Thus, summarizing all the above, that would get rid of the protruding belly and fat in the waist to: Eliminate the cause of stress. Determine the source of stress, try to avoid or easier to treat because stress. As they say – do not take into golovu.Nauchitsya relax. Select relaxation: active sports, yoga, meditatsiyVybrat diet that you will be approached. Here are a few healthy eating PS Please Attention! Recommended sites on the subject of getting rid of belly fat

Giving Birth

In the Decade of the 1990s, the country was shaken by terrorism, had blackouts at night, without prior notice, of erratic duration, sometimes of little time, sometimes longer, sometimes even already lasted until dawn. Attend births in those circumstances was more complicated still when I was attending births in the old and beloved maternity Bolognesi and there we had no engine to generate light, so it was very difficult to attend births, I doubted if it was heroic or irresponsible, generally we took all precautions or we derive it to the clinic who had generator still attended many, many births in that remembered Center. One night came a recommended patient of another colleague who was called Odicio, Lady was Primeriza! with 3 cm of dilation and 0 of zest for collaboration, more or less, I suggested them a C-section but opposed Normal childbirth if they wanted or if, well have indicated you a serum to hydrate, after three hours, was with 4 cms dilated tell & iacute;! stimulate it!, with oxytocin Misoprostol was still unknown at 2 am he completed!, I joined the lambing, slept amid screams and usual defeat phrases I can not anymore!, help me doctor Por Favor! operate me doctorcito!, & n bsp; caused me to tell him I said since hours ago now suffers! but we the midwives are not such, we have to help our patients in all circumstances and despite all the setbacks and character, moods and emotions came the hour of the expulsive!, bid, bid when you have pain! Already not doctor hurts me then because no bid resting pain, pain there comes doctor – screaming woman – already well bid mamita, bid down! Get the two, bid, bid please! And so attempt after attempt to time passed to the 3.15 am, after a wide episiotomy managed to remove the fetus, born well, good Apgar and gave it to the pediatrician very well already relax! – I told him – I am now going to remove the placenta and then you suturare the wound and began when the suture BLACKOUT! do blackout? if BLACKOUT BLACKOUT! Oh God Mio! can not be!, but there was no time to lose the patient was bleeding and had to hurry, staff accompanying me put the batteries and quickly lit several candles approached them the perineum of the patient while I suturaba breathing smoke and amid great tension and even terror, not well appreciated the anatomical structures, used large gauze, bandages, that absorb the bleeding and move forward with the sutureI confess that I ended up amid great tension childbirth care. Which could fail, the patient could still bleeding, I thought that I could do a bruise, I wanted to take her to the Hospital but he was bleeding and my obligation was to stop this bleeding, suturing the episiotomy, and set him oxytocics and the? tero shrank, the bleeding was ceasing little by little, until it became normal I did not cease thanking God, how to not thank him? She was given high, in good condition. A week in your control I saw that I had a moderate dehiscence, indicated the proper treatment and after 15 days the scar had closed by second intention.

DBP Pressure

We also compared the mean values (SBP and DBP) and (DP) cross will be to year and leg press 45, was in significant difference in mean SBP (p = 0,014) obtained in two different years. Therefore, it is necessary will be to other studies analyzing different body positions, only that by comparison we can establish conduct you these exercises. Keyword: resistance exercise, heart rate, blood pressure, double product. Introduction Currently, the cardiovascular 0 variable come being monitored to directly indicate the impact of the intensity of effort and the modality of exercise on the tax of work of miocrdio1. The cardiac frequency (FC), sistlica arterial pressure (SHOVELS) and the diastlica arterial pressure (PAD) are the used 0 variable more, and associates supply the double product (DP) that she allows to evaluate of indirect form the work of miocrdio2. For in such a way the use sends regards of the double call product or MTTS (Modificated Tensio Time Index), for resultant numerical parameter of the multiplication of (SHOVELS), express in mmHg and for (FC), express in bpm. Thus, as apontam3 is interesting the use of (DP) as a parameter of security to observe where types of activities the cardiovascular system is displayed to the biggest work and, therefore, the biggest risks.

In a carried through study, it showed that 0 variable (FC) (Par) if modify due to corporal position where the individual carries through exerccio4. The excellent alterations can occur in these parameters with significant changes in exercises that involve superior and inferior members. The same ones emphasize that changes in the position (involving the corporal pursuings above cited) can increase the venoso return and with this, to cause significant changes the hemodinmicas answers. Especially, being about the superior members in result of a lesser muscular physiological area, what it can cause a bigger increase of the sanguineous pressure when compared with the increase the hemodinmicas answers caused exercises with the members inferiores5.

Cultural Diversity

In this direction, landscape is defined como' ' a heterogeneous mosaic formed by interactive units, being existing estaheterogeneidade stop at least a factor, according to observing and numadeterminada scale of observao' ' (METZGER, 2001:4). As the mosaicoheterogneo is seen under the optics of the people, of its necessities, eplanos yearnings of territorial occupation e, still, as these individuals act in amplasextenses of its territory, the landscapes must be considered in the analysis dosproblemas ambient (they idem). Deelementos the natural landscapes are decurrent of the combination that characterize a part of the terrestrial surface. The elementosnaturais: rivers, lakes, relief, climate, ground, vegetation, are on, with umaforte interaction between itself. The nature forms varied landscapes, but the human beings, when they occupy these landscapes, modify them with its activities. Currently, aspaisagens if find submitted with greater or minor intensity to the influnciaantrpica and, consequentemente, modified.

Cultural diversity the subject of the cultural diversity, in the scope of UNESCO, to visagarantir cultural autonomy and is the main structure to keep distinodas cultures. In this context, it was concluded the Convention on the Protection and Artistic Promoo of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Expressions quedetermina in its article 4, paragraph II, that Cultural Diversity is a' ' multiplicity of ways for which if they express the culture of the grupossociais and society (…) the diversity cultural if not only manifest for diversasformas that it is protected, it enriches and it transmits the patrimony cultural dahumanidade' ' , but still, through ' ' variety of expressions culturaisde that the goods and services of all are carrying the parts of the world, distinct atravsdos means of production, diffusion, distribution and consumo' ' (UNESCO, 2004). The cultural diversity part of the comment of the difference dosmitos, stories, the currencies, the commerce, the arts, the techniques, dosinstrumentos, of the languages, sciences, the religions, the races, of ideas, gastronomia etc.