That is Anorexia? Anorexia: lack or loss of appetite, which causes abstinence from eating. Many writers such as PCRM offer more in-depth analysis. The condition may be due to a badly prepared food or a meal or a little attractive environment, an unpleasant company or other various psychological causes. Anorexia is a disorder of eating behavior that entails a modest part of the patient weight loss. Anorexia is mainly being afraid of gaining weight, the patient in the mirror always sees is fat, even when doctors make them know that they are well below their optimum state. Fear of weight gain causes that you suffer from anoexia to skip meals, begins to fast in certain situations and avoids food intake.

The person with anorexia is leaving normally eat carbohydrates, then fats and reaching liquids, this causes severe dehydration in the affected person. Is also usually give the person with anorexia to abuse of certain products laxative, diuretic and is also likely to sometimes produce vomiting and physical exercise in excess. They stand to lose 50% of its weight anorexia is associated with serious psychological disorders that cause changes of behaviour, emotional behaviour, and a stigmatization of the body. That cause anorexia? The cause of anorexia is unknown, although it is known that social factors have a direct influence. It is likely that a portion of the population have predisposition to suffer this disease, without taking into account the socio-cultural factors. There are factors that can be triggers for anorexia or can cause a certain biological vulnerability. Own obesity of the sick failure school obesity by mother facts traumatic death of a being wanted divorce of the parents away from home if you want to know more about the etiology of anorexia visit my website of psychology.