Bergued Passport

We today propose a fantastic plan of weekend for all those that are near Barcelona: a route of senderismo by the Catalan region of the Bergued Stop, a place of great natural beauty at any time of the year and where they are located on foot near one twenty of routes. Among them, we have wanted to choose that one that goes to Sant Rom of the Clusa, an old town del that conserves a Romanesque parish of style, constructed in century XII and bordering to several masas, which will turn our stroll into something more than a pastime, because we will know goods historical and cultural interest. In route we will cross the footpath during about 5.5 kilometers, a beautiful stroll between riscos and prairies in which the cows graze placidly. This cattle ranch constitutes one of the main assets of the region, whose quality is let feel in the palate when one adventure to be discovered the shades of the gastronomy of the Bergued, that counts on meats and inlays of reputation. If we continued ascending by this way, a kilometer before arriving at a Parish we will be with the recreational area of the Font of avet where to take a breathing and to rest before arriving at the place that long ago was a population of which today they are only vestiges in the church of? Sant Rom of the Clusa, sanctuary that was recovered in years 60 and that presents/displays an impeccable aspect between mountains. Silence and the tranquillity are always here present, not only in summer, but also between the snows that cover the place in winter or in crujir under our feet of the leaves that color of ocher the landscape at the autumnal time..