Medieval Age World

The wine is one of the most delicious drinks and popular around the world, in addition, it is the older spirit of the world. The consumption of the wine is known from the Old Testament, and is thanks to its antiquity that could have been perfecting its production, care, quality and flavor. Also the consumption is attributed to the church and the popularity of the wine, since in the effort to work, to produce and to distribute wine for the consecration, the vineyards and warehouses began to grow around the world, mainly in those places where the climate was more favorable for the grapes. Through the years, the wine has occurred to know the world like a drink to be accompanied, that is to say generally, from the beginning of the history of the wine, the gastronomy has comprised of her. Another characteristic of the history of the wine is that it comprises of the culture of many countries and regions where takes place and the wine drinks traditionally. The commerce is a factor that has influenced much the distribution and expansion of the wine consumption, thus creating new types, flavors and aromas for the wine. Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, the Medieval Age, etc. are only some of the era-regions where it began to work the grape to produce the drink that enchants at present us to all: the wine..