Endurance Sports In The Winter

Skiing and hiking is not only fun, but is also healthy Wolfsburg, January 13, 2010 – a feast for the eyes is not only optically snow-covered landscapes and bizarre ice formations of winter 2010. The cold season is suitable for endurance sports, especially for skiing and traditional hiking. Passionate winter sports fans can rejoice: your hobby is not only fun, but is also healthy. Skiing is one of the classic endurance sports. This counts especially for the Skilanglauf-Variant. Endurance is characterized by consistent and moderate-running Labs.

The goal of every endurance athlete is performance at the same level as long as possible to–so are endurance and fitness training or constantly optimized. Cross-country skiing is particularly joint sparing and can be exercised normally without any problems of overweight or Vorerkrankten. A favourable side effect just for the obese is the immense calorie skiing: so a 95 kilograms heavy person loses already more than 200 calories if she actively moves a quarter of an hour on skis! Also the classic hiking scores in terms of health. 3RUU3Mjg=’>Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. When walking is different than in many other endurance sports”the accident or injury is extremely low. This fact benefit just older and families with small children.

Extensive hiking tours strengthen the cardio vascular system and are good for the defense forces. Also the psyche benefits: hikers have plenty of time to enjoy the stunning winter panorama. That makes happy! Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content. Contact: GesundheitsWelt directly GmbH contact Mr.

Fiesta Provincial

Each year, the Valle de las Lenas is responsible for welcoming the winter season in the province of Mendoza. With a reputation well earned as one of the best ski resorts of the Argentina Republic, and one of the major epicenters of tourism in Mendoza, Las Lenas dresses in the framework of the Provincial party of snow. The beginning of the month of July mark the start of the celebration, whose kick is given by the traditional torchlight descent. A show given by the staff of instructors of the Valley, who glide through the track Eros carrying torches, which form different figures. The eye-catching demonstration ends at the base of the Hill, where chocolate and wine is served hot. A day after the descent of torches comes the turn of the election of the Provincial Queen of the snow, and the varied celebrations with that, year after year, the Valley surprises to its visitors.

The year 2010 was the winter season with a dinner show for more than a thousand people, the Gauleguaychu Carnival comparsas, shows of Magic and music, Fireworks and parades of fashion. The festivities extend Las lenas until the month of August, adding to their ski slopes a dose of sexy extra. To enjoy the snow and the holidays, nothing better to lean by any of the numerous hotels strategically located at the entrance of the tracks. Recognized as one of the best hotels in Mendoza, 5 star PISCES offers excellence, comfort and high level in its two exclusive restaurants gastronomy. The 4 star in Aries, on the other hand, ranks as one of the few hotels in Mendoza with direct access to the slopes. His proposal, centered on the sport and healthy lifestyles, is complemented by its modern Health Club and Spa, a space designed to forget the stress and regain energy in full contact with nature. Options economic lodging in Mendoza of snow and skiing, ideal for younger, are no doubt the Dormy Houses. Equipped with refrigerator, kitchenette, tv cable and facilities for storing ski equipment, stand out the of Laquir, Liguen, Milla and Payen, complexes within walking distance of the tracks.

New Year Discount In The Online-shop Of RohKostlich

Sunday brunch from February in the BistRoh of RohKostlich to the shop who RohKostlich to prepare exhibition & Verlag GmbH two actions, which make their shopping even more attractive to customers and some joy in the January and February offers. 5,00 Euro discount: until 31st of January, there is a direct discount of 5.00 euros for each order with a purchase order value of at least 50.00 euros. Just the voucher code Rabatt2014 “specify during the ordering process. Surprise for Valentine’s day: on February 14, the day is again to think about his love of family and the circle of friends and to surprise them with a small and if possible also healthy joy. Therefore we place from the 1st to the 16th February 2014 any orders with an order value of at least 50.00 euros a pack of each organic Octavian Octavian raspberry truffle”(article no.

01207) valued at 8.65 euros at free of charge. The multiple raw food quality excellent chocolate creation is handmade, milk protein-free, vegan, gluten and free of genetic engineering, is a completely new Taste experience. And now we reveal that there will be more discounts and special promotions at Easter at RohKostlich. In time before Easter, additional special offers and discount promotions are set at RohKostlich online-shop. Look what the RohKostlich Easter Bunny has in store for you from March under shop/vital food-shop.

News from the BistRoh – Sunday brunch from February with the launch in the new year of 2014 has been expanded the gastronomic offer in the BistRoh (Birkenweg 2 in Speyer): the drinks menu has been added and so there are now various nut drinks (cashew, almond and hemp) either with vanilla, banana, cocoa, raspberry and Chaigewurz. Also, available fresh squeezed orange juice in organic quality and a homemade lemonade. The weekly changing menu is expanded by Nelly BBs salad creation and thus become even more diverse. A regular Detox in a detox day is necessary for a healthy body. It in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region are no offers currently available, including fresh and properly prepared raw food dishes and juices, there a detox day 6 February 2014 every Thursday in the BistRoh the fair & Verlag GmbH. In advance (one week in advance) a selection of juices, smoothies, nut drinks and a salad for the Detox day is available. If you want to read even more to the attractive price and product offerings, see the post under news on the pages of RohKostlich read more…


How can you buy the food? One of the most frequent causes why people flock to a doctor are gastrointestinal infections. And the most common cause of this is the poor choice of food. Why is it important to properly choose food? How to choose them correctly is a very important step for good nutrition. Choose evil a food can cause consequences ranging from poor preparation to take you to the hospital. Which means not only an additional economic problem but which also endangers your health. There is the possibility that if you choose evil a food may lose its nutritional value? Yes, a food loses its nutritional value if it is hit, if it is sold cut or grind or if it is some type of infestation by fungi and/or bacteria that can purchase them either by insects or direct contact. This is seen especially in the fresh fruit.

If you choose a very green or very ripe fruit, this no longer contains the quantities optimal micronutrient. The same is true if you choose a battered fruit since It can be contaminated by fungi. This can be seen in fresh food; But what about packaged foods? Packaged foods have characteristics other than frescoes, but we also have to be careful that are in poor condition since they can be more difficult to recognize the way to recognize them is different from fresh food. Is it better to choose a fresh food or enlatad0? When you choose a food thinking about nutritional benefits is best choosing always is better to choose a fresh food since canned have components chemicals that help your preservation of food but are not nutrient preservation mechanisms and as more time passes more loss will be. But you must always be careful to choose a food as either a fresh or canned food what are recommendations for a packaged food? Among the recommendations that you should consider are the following: the packaging must be in good condition. The packing must be clean.


New entrants have most difficulty when starting a restaurant or all beginnings are difficult, especially in a business such as restaurants bistros. You want to open a restaurant, a bistro and a restaurant at the present time, usually the startup options are missing. While you should be is clear that no start in question may be no coherent concept and detailed market analysis. Of course there are some who say that they have made it different now, but this is probably only a very small minority. At the beginning, you should very carefully look at the environment and investigate whether the concept, which they will be implemented, there really has a need or new awakens. There are similar concepts like yours already in the vicinity, the fight is already pre-programmed. Colleagues who are more established, then have the better reputation and can actively work on your business (through propaganda and the like). Looking for a gap in the market so and try an approach to optimize for it.

Create a business plan, the current Stand which reflects financial and for the next three years overlooks possible revenues and possibly even profits potential investors. Only with such a business plan you will get first hearing financing through the Bank or a third-party investor. Far-sighted plan and not just thinking about tomorrow. Leave enough capital for unpredictable things, because not everything goes according to plan, especially in the start-up phase. Also with your friends and acquaintances, discuss your project or Their concept. Can talk to third parties, especially when it comes to the location of your restaurants or bistros.

Would go your friends there for dinner, if you were not the owner. Also the atmosphere like your relationship, so as you want to imagine this and implement? Admit also criticism. Were not convinced by what you do, but also listen to others. Be not too stubborn and believe you would not, you alone have the idea! If you Note these tips, will not make in any case a hard landing, but can tackle your business peace of mind, we wish you much success. Unanswered questions you are welcome to this our experts in our forum, we help. Jorn Poppenhager

Peruvian Food

The Peruvian gastronomy is one of most abundant of the world, although it is certain that she is one of which contains more typical plates of the world. According to many understood gastronomical it arrives at the level of the French kitchen, Hindu China and. At the moment thanks to the effort of diverse local cooks of prestige international recognition has reached merecidsimo. And it is that it enters his recognized plates more is the dish of marinated raw fish, the red pepper of hen, jumped back, tacu tacu, and recently the Peruvian gastronomy has been recognized like cultural patrimony. The Peruvian gastronomy has Spanish cooking contributions, influences brought by the African slaves, a French Romance influence and also important Japanese, Italian influences, that is to say; influences contributed by European immigrants. There is prescription infinity of Peruvian food that can get to count itself more than 3000 different plates, has more than 2000 very original prescriptions and 250 traditional desserts. The Peruvian plate more well-known in the world is the dish of marinated raw fish, that consists of of a plate of seasoned crude fish with red pepper and cooks with the acid of the lemon, also between its ingredients he is choclo and the onion cut in Julian. Thus we can say that the prescriptions of Peruvian food have a good base of vegetables and spices. Although we can say that the food Peruvian is great the most extensive ones of prescriptions of international food that there is at the moment.

Area Gastromobel

A motivated team from came won the favor of restaurant owners came, again is January 15, 2010 – a van turn in Earl Street and stops before the doors of the Essen restaurants sky & ad”. The just traveled in-house photographer Terramobel, Andre Wolff, occurs at the same time over the threshold and enters the restaurant and looks into the empty spaces. The carrier unload the chairs and tables and carries her into the dining room. After hours, tedious back, it’s done. Andre Wolff holds the joyful moment with its digital camera firm and congratulates the owner of the restaurant, which sits proudly on one of his new chairs and with your hands presents the cozy seats. I never thought that it is possible to equip my restaurant so cheap.

And, although the chairs, bar stools and tables are so cheap, their quality but very impressed”as the proud new owner Carsten Goetz. To do this, “Mrs Alexandra Beck, the owner of the company explains: we can offer the customer fantastic prices, because Terramobel maintain special contacts with foreign companies top goods at low prices to sell us and we try to avoid buying through intermediary.” Since Terramobel was in the year 2005 with a few children beds on the market, grew the company from year to year to industries and their depth. “Now, is Terramobel in the field of children’s beds of the market leader in the German online market and builds its expertise in the fields of Bistro – and Gastromobeln” and living / dining room “further out. We get more and more large orders from hotels and restaurant owners, the remedial measures or even start-ups plan”reports Mrs Beck. Often Terramobel receives even requests from foreign countries such as Greece, the Benelux countries, France and Italy. Because we have entered recently in the area of Gastromobel, we look forward all the more that the interested us so much confidence brought with them. “And there were no disappointments so far,” adds Mrs Beck with a confident smile. In the next few months, Terramobel will open an additional online store, which will include only the Division of furniture for restaurants and hotels and to highlight a strong competence in this regard.

About Terramobel: The Terramobel company headquartered 59174 came was founded in the summer of 2005 by the owner Alexandra Beck. Terramobel “stands for a special purpose; rather a vision of an excellent team. At a time of increasing internationalization of economic activity and global trade provides for creation of global markets for capital, goods and services, Terramobel would like to take the chance, through special range design for unbeatable prices, flexibility and optimal customer communication all over the world to establish themselves on the market. A perfectly coordinated and committed troops, want the customers No matter from what angle of our blue planet Terra”originating – convey a special feeling of confidence and him standing and advice, to the site at any time.

New Things Around

The gastro-award Germany AG informed with the new edition of the gastro award a good start succeeded in Oberhaching. Every day new applications come in to the nationally organised as recognised award. The chance that the own guests have the nomination in hand, want which in 2008/2009 many restaurateurs do not miss. At the end, finally beckons the Gaston, who is named in over 20 categories by a renowned jury of the industry at the annual gala in Berlin. A democratic concept, according to which the guest call, (cost per call in the tip amount, 0.49), his vote of confidence and satisfaction can bring to the expression. The experiences of past years show this year again that attending rain is expected. It is new, especially, online via and others with video presentations, online menu, geographical location map to present itself. One of the many attractive opportunities “, so Christine Braun (CEO of GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG), as we our Participants can highlight style”.

Accompanied by industry cooperations, sponsors (gastronomy, food, drinks) and the GASTRO-AWARD grows 2009 from its original role of the award concept and the marketing partner for the gastronomy also partnerships in the field of media. Here you can see himself in the role, even on issues such as for example the non-smoking law”position to take. Again Christine Braun: with much respect for non-smokers, is here especially to the survival of small restaurants. We see the current situation as very critical. Who the sales declines look at, knows that an absolute smoking ban is a game with the existence of many businesses. We urge therefore with our public relations on all fronts responsible on the chance for freedom of choice”. A topical issue which the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG wants to bring its practicality but also their public action for the restaurateurs in the weight. Interested participants can learn now and their Download registration documents on. Can be below 0 89 / 45 02 76-0 with help and advice.

Kalle Gastroservice Gmb

All pizzas are available again in 2010. The larger sheet pizza variant for the catering, exhibition and event space is new to the program. The sheet pizzas are partially pre baked and salami, can in the varieties delivered ham and Margherita. Through its special manufacturing process succeed in the own oven excellently. A win-win the quick and easy preparation saves time and energy so for restaurateurs. Both Margherita are specially designed individually according to the preferences of the guests with additional ingredients to impose them to conjure up a real Italian taste experience. For the lovers of savory taste the new buffet onion bun joins this, a new composition with roasted onions, which harmonizes as well with salads, fish, cheese, or butter and lard. How already from previous years lived, are the classic Spring specialties from the cute corner again: the rhubarb – and the PEAR Walnut cake which already became the favourite products of customers over the past years.

The delicious baked Easter Bunny from a soft dough of Quark as a decorative and tasty idea and attention for guests is offered for the Easter season. The competent and trained team of consultants of the furnace GOLD specialist external service invites you to the tasting and available all visitors for product-specific questions about the varied range during the fair at any time. Applies to all products that only carefully selected, high-quality used raw materials, which ensures a constant quality of the baked goods. Quality and service are the pillars of the corporate concept oven Gold: an advertising promises that are actively implemented by management and employees, and won the confidence of many satisfied customers.