Ductless Pipelines

When laying pipe heating and hot water (DHW) to replace steel pipes are increasingly coming to the pu insulated pipes (pipes PUF), possessing over traditional steel pipes many advantages. Firstly, why, and began in his time developing pur insulation – hot-polyurethane, which are covered with polyurethane foam tubes, 2 times lower thermal conductivity of mineral wool, which is heat-insulated steel pipe when laying traditional steel pipe in a concrete channel. The thermal conductivity of mineral wool about 0,04 W / m , the thermal conductivity ppu 0.02 W / m . What does this mean? This suggests that if the thickness puf insulation in the pipes to do the same thickness as the thickness of mineral wool, such a pipe would save the energy used to heat the water passing through the pipeline, 2 times longer than traditional tubes. Across state is very big money.

Or, if the thickness of the pipe ppu to do 2 times thinner, then at the same insulation outer diameter of the pipe can be made much smaller. Correspondingly less need to choose the soil for trenching, and consequently – less and cost of the work of laying the pipeline, if this applied polyurethane foam tubes. But this is not important. The main thing is that due to higher heat resistance of new insulation fpu pipe can reduce heat loss in the passing on him of the liquid from 25-30% to 3-5%, equivalent to a decrease in fuel burn or electricity needed for heating in the amount of hundreds of millions of rubles. Following positive moment of such a pipeline – you can lay open (ductless) way. Pipes of steel pipes, insulated with mineral wool, must be laid in concrete channels, which protect the pipe and insulation from the external environment (mainly water, with both high and low ph, the electromagnetic fields in conducting layers of soil, etc.). The creation of such a concrete channel to spend a lot of material and physical resources. The pipeline is made of pipes prp in such concrete channel is not needed.

Polyurethane foam insulation, located between the steel tube and a protective sheath made of polyethylene or metal, very tight as a tube, and to containment. Therefore, access of various substances, are always located in the ground (including dissolved) to the pipe and insulation is extremely difficult. Also in the pipes ppu held control wires, allowing remotely determine the starting point of metal corrosion or damage to the insulation. Term viability of foam big enough, theoretically, about 50 years. The real pipe prp has not been in the ground in During this period of time (as were used recently), so virtually confirm this date there is no way. However, the pipe that had lain in the earth about 15 years old and raised from the trenches determination to continue to perform their functions, have shown that the quality of foam remained virtually unchanged since their inception in the ground. This is another advantage of pipes prp compared with the steel – increasing the life of 2 times (so far only in theory, with a high probability of practical confirmation in the future).

April Munich

It seems that Munich would like to share with all who come to him with something special. Those who arrive here in March, will go to the Japanese and stylish space where a lot of air and almost no leaves, but densely flowered white caps of the first trees. A little later, will snowdrops, which will cover the lacy carpet large fields and small plots near the houses. For guests April Munich has already prepared other colors – pink and yellow bushes Narcissuses. Closer to the May full of rings large bouquets of flower beds. The city is generous. He puts his Bavarian home, and Gothic castles in gerlyandy of flowers and presents itself to us.

Pleasant and unexpected that in all this beauty you can not just watch, it is possible to live. You can lie on the grass, picking flowers, feed the swans with his hands. True, feed the birds actually impossible, but indulge in this little impossible. I never thought that such enthusiasm may be from contact with nature, wild forest, and tamed and close. Swans and geese in Munich is practically in any pond. Even in bowls fantanov few times I saw them. Big, beautiful birds, pull to you my neck And you realize that they do not live here in cages in the zoo, and that they are not afraid of people because they do not offend them. Let us return to the people. I find it difficult to say how behave locals because they are few.

Mona Lisa

In St Honore or the Ile St. Louis in the Marais or Montmartre, can be carried away by their sense of smell (in fact, for all his vital organs): suck the aroma that comes from a small bistro in the Rue St-Denis, where you can take a croque monsieur or try foie gras at Fauchon, see a tiny museo-taller (Zadkine, for example) tucked away in an alley, or provide with sculptures of the Tuileries Gardens, away from the bustle that rodeo to the Rodin’s thinker, the Mona Lisa or the dancers of Degas. Be possible that ride should be a deux, i.e. as a couple. Does not lack that Cole Porter says that Paris is for lovers, or Robert Doisneau display him with his photograph of the famous kiss. Paris is romantic for centuries, from Abelardo and Eloiso until Jean-Paul Sastre and Simona de Beauvoir, who dined and chatted at the Coupole, or Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin in a sensual tone. Paris is an attractive city, and still more at night. As Terence Conran, great francophile, has observed, no city better illuminated monuments than Paris.

Some Parisians believe that in his town there are too many tourists, although it is possible that this has lost ground during the 1990s in favour of new centres as Stockholm, Seattle style or Berlin, but is only a blip for a metropolis with so much cultural and intellectual force. Paris has many personalities (the workshop of Picasso, the gastronomic city of A.J. Liebling, the headquarters of the erotic games of Henry Millar) and a rich multicultural mix. Half of the current population was not born in the city, proof that Paris is an air, an aroma and a mental attitude, as asserts James Cameron. And finish this article quoting some celebrities who have carried their Pagui blood such as Brigitte Bardott, Baudelaire, Simona Beauvoir, Henri Cartier Bresson, Moliere, Polanski.

The Components

We live often as a computer program, executing routine tasks automatic and almost without consciousness, many of them working with "bugs" or defects, which need our attention. To "attend to" what do we do? "We put out fires and / or hide the dirt under the carpet" unintentionally committed to finding the root causes, analyzing each layer of the problem as an onion, one by one until you reach the core. In my eyes and making the analogy of the components of a system with the areas of our life (family, partner, work, etc..), I can say that any bug or defect in one area affects the functioning of the tremendously others, and we function as an integral whole. "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts." Often in the automatism of life, we fail to realize the flaws that hinder our way, until suddenly something happens that causes intense exploit this situation (we call crisis / breakdown) and we suffer, we depressed, we block, we were alone. This becomes a mental chain of internal talks that instead of supporting us, keeping us stuck in this place of paralysis. You know perfectly well what I mean.

I invite you to follow the steps below I propose, they constitute the starting point I propose to undertake your change ASAP: Step 1 – Let go of the word "difficult" or "impossible", "very hard "" I can not. " . . Start now convinced that will achieve what you want. Crush the fear of finding yourself.

Perdneme Citizens

People who not to happen of simplicity can be annoying nor be defecated in their face: they are unique people, cheers and people in charge. People who mainly adjudged the mandate to a representative, to you, and did it in freedom and by the freedom with you, devulvales what they gave him and now she harms to them.There is the difference between democracy and totalitarianism: first it is born from the town for the freedom of the town; and the second is born from the imposition on the town to press the citizens of the town. You give them deposits to the town: unique governor and guides of his representation and its values;and he does not go against the masses. Although I fear that with his permanence, also he goes so against same you and of its class, that stops to erase La Mancha of the left will be needed too many lustrums Perdneme you it interference, although as it is logical and I know, you already are customary a to send my writings garete: it can take this one, wrinkle it and also throw it to the wastebasket: he is already customary. As I am it to loosen what fodder, without hairs in the language: you remember them words of the Che: " I prefer to die standing up, before to live arrodillado" Even so, I want to understand his legitimate bounce: partisan, that yes, and in a personal view. Nevertheless, I cannot nor I want to understand that voluntarily you disturb the day to day of the citizens of or and benefit from a town which she is conceited to represent and disturb and leave in the defenselessness. With its permanence and his I veto to the understanding, in sociolocal benefit, you irremediably entail you to the fustracin and the loss of local benefits that will derive, in the citizens and happening of the future immediate of Navas of San Juan. .

The Impressive

Imagine that at a time, all of us were United in a single system, a kind of body composed of countless cells maintained in a continuous and mutual relationship. At one time, in the process of creating the reality, as we know it today, this body fragmented into countless parts. With split we have lost that sense of mutual relationship between us creating within us, among other things, a feeling of emptiness that he has done that since we are looking for substitutes for that sense of fullness that once we experience. In reality, the social systems that we have created, at its root, they seek unconsciously re-establish the lost bond. That old memory that brings us back to our roots the main protagonist, responsible for the separation between different parts of the system, is the ego, which seized the center of the stage and that in recent centuries has been progressively increasing its power.

In our days, the ego is reaching a new record and appears next to the impressive development that is leading us, is digging a deep chasm in our hearts, thoroughly destroying all kinds of warm human relations that we have had. The ego makes us feel that we depend on others to meet our needs, pushes us to abuse them and use them; but when others cease to benefit us, we set them of our life without looking back. In other words, we can not support the fact that we need others, forcing us to remain United against our will. This union we pressed and up to us distressing. Therefore, we seek to different ways to resist and deny us this connection that surrounds us all together and which anyway will have to return, eventually. How to achieve a real and rewarding connection is the second part of this article we will publish soon original author and source of the article.