Prepares Prescription

To have luck, prosperity and richness, voc? it must eat nhoque all day 29 of the m? s. Probably, voc? j? it heard this phrase, n? exactly? Good, for who? superstitious and it believes simpatias, to make prescription of nhoque 29 of the m all? s j? it turned a h? bito that n? some must be forgotten to it form. But, so that nhoque has something more the valley the penalty to bet in white gravy as accompaniment, j? what this gravy? sufficiently used in world-wide gastronomia e, therefore, j? it appears with ' ' stamp of qualidade' ' , therefore one knows that chefs of cuisine uses this gravy in prepares? of its plates. One of the curiosidades that the white gravy involves? to serve of base for other types of gravy (for each gravy h? ingredients espec? ficos), being the b? chamel, most famous of all. H? tamb? m other examples of gravy as barbecue, mustard, asparagi, of tomatoe, with pepper, I suck to it, with garlic or champignon, bittersweet, etc. and for who have some type of restri? feeding, exists an alternative: the white gravy light, whose prescription changes the traditional margarina for light and adds milk skimmed.

But, the white gravy combines with that type of food? Good, between the plates that can take white gravy est? inclu? of a lasanha, saladas, fish and traditional nhoque, whose fame arrived the v? rivers Par? ses of the world. How appeared ent? a fame of nhoque? Good, everything eats? or in the interior of the It? it read. A certain day a saint (S? the Pantale? ) the dress as one andarilho beat? door of the house of a couple, therefore was hungry and asked for a food plate. The couple was poor and s? it had nhoque in house. Thus, nhoque was divides between tr? s people, being that each one of them only ate 7 nhoques.