For Duarte

How much to the lipdico metabolism, they seem to diminish the levels of triglicerdeos, cholesterol and to reduce insulina.’ ‘ (RODRIGUEZ, et al., 2003 apud COLLA; MORAES, 2006, P. 118). ‘ ‘ As functional functions of the insoluble fiber they are: ) the increment of the fecal cake and the stimulaton of the modern motilidade; b) the biggest necessity of chew, excellent in the modern society victims of the compulsory ingestion and the obesidade; c) of antirust property and the increase escreao acid biliary and hipocolesterolmicas.’ ‘ (RODRIGUEZ, et al., 2003 apud COLLA; MORAES, 2006, P. 119). For Duarte (2006, P.

66) the staple fibres ‘ ‘ they help to clean the organism of carcinognicos composites, alcohol and metals; they promote the formation of a healthful intestinal flora; has unquestionable value in the control of the obesidade, therefore they hinder the absorption of many calories consumidas.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The effect of its use are the reduction of the sanguineous cholesterol levels and the reduction of the risk of development of cancer, decurrent of three factors: capacity of ingested or produced toxic substance retention in the gastrointestinal treatment during digestive processes, promoting a fast elimination of the fecal cake, with reduction of the time of contact of the fabric intestinal with mutagnicas or carcinognicas substances; protective substance formation for the bacterial fermentation of composites of alimentao.’ ‘ (KAY; STRASBERG, 1978 apud ANGEL, 2004, P. 147). 2,3 PREBITICO and PROBITICO In accordance with Renhe et. al. (2008, p.120), ‘ ‘ the prebiticos are defined as ingredients you mainly leavend, whose effect benefit the host for stimulating the selective growth and activating the metabolism of promotional bacteria of the health in the intestinal treatment, bifidobactrias.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ So that a composition has prebitica action it must arrive at clon without if modifying and it must be used as nourishing substratum that stimulates the existing saprfita flora, getting beneficial effect for hospedeiro.

The Electronic Invoicing In Mexico

Electronic invoicing has acceded to the best companies in Mexico, as well as SMEs that have realized the good results that this system brings to their businesses. The electronic system was not compulsory but until the January 1 in recent year, when taxpayers who declared in 2009 more than 4 billion pesos were forced to move to such a system. Although it is mandatory for a part of the taxpayers, are very few people who have been changed because they have the obligation, the majority of people who have recently acquired electronic billing system have done since it saves lot of money, effort and time to have the system. If you are thinking of moving to electronic billing system you should know that you need that your company, business or Office has a computer with permanent connection to the web and acquire the system that is purchased in authorized places. Although you will have to buy the software and pay the internet service it will be much more than money save money, because you no longer bargains on ink, paper and sending your invoices. Use electronic billing system does not require you capacites or to take some course in particular, in the event that you don’t understand the system can ask for help at the time of purchasing the billing software..

The Service

This pragmatic approach must be on the personal ambition of service staff to efficiently reach a solution of the problem. 4. systematically experience scoop: a substantially filled and continuously maintained knowledge base with a comfortable handling for the employees in the IT service is necessary. In it, the diverse experiences must be to find on a customers to respond quickly, without problem solutions every time reinventing the wheel. Regular meetings of technicians who have current experience from customer contacts on the subject, promote common learning in dealing with people and technology.

5. for users to establish a knowledge base for own troubleshooting: A large part of the problems being reviewed constantly, and their causes are comparatively easily recognizable. This task can be transferred entirely to users, by an easily understandable and concise checklist with FAQs for determining common problems will be established. Just the growing digital native generation is becoming more and more capable of taking over a part of the first level support, especially if this is an interactive platform itself to self help. 6 people-free communication does not exaggerate: self help and self service have their permission for simple, clearly defined cases and help relieve the service desk.

Must be found but a balance between digital, automated communication and personal conversation between the customer and service desk staff. The user must always choose whether he prefers calls or would like to use a portal solution. 7 in understandable language: the caller well versed in their work environment and use IT to support the own tasks. At errors, users usually not technical terms are interested in, but on the solution of their cause. A good support staff is therefore the voice of the customer and used, where appropriate, its terms. She stands Clarity about the need of the employee, to shine with expertise. 8 together to narrow the problem: know, time is money, both for the users and the service desk staff.

Seychelles Meteorological Services

Each island of the archipelago, whether the capital Mahe or former refuge of pirates – Frigate island of coconut trees, Praslin and La Digue fantastic, attractive in its own way and has excellent natural beaches with white sand, colorful hotel and become part of the landscape and not disturb the harmony of Nature. Visited here will see that a country such amazing beauty and color did not become a victim of mass tourism. Seychelles – a tropical paradise abounding with fruit all year round: coconuts, fruits, mango tree, banana, papaya, fruit psidiuma, avocados, melons, fruits, zither, breadfruit, zhamalaki, cannons, korossoli, pineapples, sugar cane, oranges, lemons, grapefruit … Tips for drawing up documents for a trip to the Seychelles on the site Here suschestvet at least 15 varieties of bananas, and almost as many kinds of mangoes … On Seychelles is a lot of endemic (found only in the Seychelles), flora and fauna.

For example, only here it grows a unique coconut tree 'Sea Coconut. " Her famous nut – the biggest and heaviest in around the world – up to 20 kg of weight. Adventurer Henri de Monfreyd, who had seen other palms, did not hide his surprise: 'This walnut-sized big round pumpkin. It is double, and two hemispheres resemble a pair of buttocks, between that nature was thoroughly pleased to reproduce some of the anatomical details, thought-provoking. "Seychelles' enviable climate is always warm and without extremes.

In this tropical haven the temperature seldom falls below 24 C or rises above 32 C. All except the most remote southern islands lie comfortably outside the cyclone belt making Seychelles' a year-round destination for Sunday worshipers and beach lovers. In the north-west wind that trade between the visit months in October and March, the sea generally calm and warm weather and humid, with average winds 08/12 knots. (Transfer the post to buy a better spring). Photos in Seychelles site in January and February the islands receive their life-giving rains, rejuvenating the rivers and streams and teasing the leaves rapidly in rainbows of color. Months between May and September bring a hair dryer, cooler weather, and livelier seas – particularly on south-east coast – and winds of 10-20 knots. The table below briefly describes the statistical averages for the Seychelles International Airport from 1972 to 2005. (Figures Seychelles Meteorological Services). Seychelles archipelago comprises 115 islands and islets situated in the Indian Ocean just south of the equator and north of Madagascar. Occupies an area 405 square meters. km. The largest islands – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, Silhouette – granitic origin, small islands – mostly coral. The largest island of the archipelago – Mahe length in length – 27 km, width – 8 km. On this island is the capital of the state – Victoria International airport

Assis Vieira Summary

Occurrence of intestinal decurrent ferropriva anemia carencial of enteroparasitose for Ancylostoma duodenale der Assis Vieira Summary the ancilostomtica anemia is a ferropriva anemia that if it installs in insidioso way has a parasitado organism, and generally is decurrent of some reinfeces. This is the natural consequence of the environment where the individuals of low partner-economic classroom and the agricultural zone live. Objectifying to demonstrate the importance of prophylactic measures, of that populations in precocious sanitary conditions are susceptveis the illnesses caused for microorganisms .causing parasites of infections in its hosts, the anemia is developed slow and gradually, even so the blood spoliation occurs daily and in amounts until considerable. In this manner, until the supplies of iron of the organism are depletados, the carrying sick people of the parasatism obtain to remain themselves for period of relatively long time without showing any sintomatologia. The anemias for iron deficiency if they constitute in one of the main problems of public health in world-wide scope, reaching its maximum prevalence in the underdeveloped countries and/or development.

The deficiency of iron to the side of the DEP (proteinic energy malnutrition) represents the main nutricionais problems of importance physician-epidemiologist in our Country. Related with the inadequate food ingestion, the intestinais parasatisms, as the Ancylostoma duodenale, has been considered important factors in the etiology of the carenciais anemias ferropriva and the DEP. 1.INTRODUO the infections for helmintos are between the most frequent agravos of the world. In general, the riots that occur are of small sum, therefore it has a trend to have a balance enters the action of the parasite and the capacity of resistance of the host (SNOWS, 2005). The parasitic illness can unchain several other illnesses in result of its infection, as anemia ferropriva caused for the action of the Ancylostoma duodenale. Enteroparasitoses can affect the nutricional balance, therefore they intervene with the absorption of nutrients, induce intestinal bleed, they reduce the alimentary ingestion and still they can cause significant complications, as intestinal blockage, retal prolapse and formation of abscesses, in case of an overpopulation, being able to take the individual to the death.

The Power Of Proteins

The proteins are power plants for our body. They are formed by amino acids, being basic for our organism and are gifts in all the cells of our body. The proteins can come of foods that we ingest or through endogenous source that are derived from the degradation of cellular proteins of our organism. We need proteins very so that everything in our body functions perfectly, if a person does not ingest a minimum amount of protein during the day, the proper body goes to treat to supply this necessity stealing this protein of the muscles and agencies. They are the proteins that make its imunolgico system to function perfectly, therefore the proteins possess little index of fat. One remembers that a rich food in protein does not possess much fat. The amount of protein that a person must ingest throughout one day can vary: – Men need about 150g protein per day Women need about 100g protein per day Some rich foods in protein: – 7 clear ones of eggs possess 25g of protein – Chest of cooked chicken possesss 25-30g of protein – red Meat lean kitchen possesss 25-30g of proteins – Tuna possesss 27g of protein These is the main rich foods in proteins, however you do not have to consume they in excess, you remember that any food consumed in excess makes its health badly. As well as nobody he only lives of protein, for a balanced feeding is necessary to ingest other nutrients..

Mechanical Ventilator

To broader knowledge must also be obtained by the nursing staff, because these professionals ploughs responsible will be the care delivered you patients, facilitating the perception of complications arising from the uses of mechanical ventilation. Key words: Mechanical Ventilator; Multidisciplinary pneumonia; Nursing. the study is inserted in the line of it searches taking care of in the process health and illness, and predominant area Nursing in the care to the adult critical customer. The search of answers related to the consequences and riots presented for patients who acquire pneumonia when submitted to the ventilation mechanics and knowing that these riots can occur in face of a series of conditions that are submitted during the exposition to the mechanical fan, she served of base for the thematic pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics: The assistance of nursing in the prevention of this complication. The object of the study consists of the performance of nursing for prevention of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics, in which it is possible to observe the importance of these professionals during the care to the patient submitted to the ventilation mechanics, thus being able to reduce the levels of complications for such procedure, amongst them the pneumonia.

The motivation for accomplishment of this, while nursing academics, elapsed of the interest of the subject chosen, for being the pneumonia a present complication very during internment of patients submitted to the ventilation mechanics, leading to one aggravate in the condition of these critical patients. The problematic one consists of following the interrogative ones: How the performance of nursing can prevent occurrence of pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics? Which are the possible decurrent complications of the inadequate use of the ventilation mechanics in critical patients and as the nursing can intervene in order to reduce these complications? The general objective of the study is to raise the interventions of nursing in the control of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics; the specific objectives are to describe the cares of nursing in the prevention of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation given mechanics and uprising of as the nursing can intervene with the reduction of the complications that the inadequate use of ventilation mechanics leads to the critical patient.


“Karlsruhe inaugurated Mayor, Harald denecken, photo exhibition of HIV infected children to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world Aidstages last Thursday night at the Renaissance the photo exhibition only the kids of Hotel at place of Mendelssohn know what they’re looking for”. The images are of HIV infected children from the children’s village of our little brothers and sisters”in Honduras. They show in an impressive way, as the children and young people experience their environment, how the camera will its mouthpiece. De tease, who has taken over the patronage for the exhibition, was impressed. The images touch us and tell us stories”, so the Mayor. The actress Lara joy grains had specifically traveled from Munich in the fan-shaped city, to be at the opening here. The mother of three the Club supports our little brothers and sisters”and is godmother of a 6 year old boy from the children’s village in Honduras.

The exhibition, already in the national art gallery in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, was to see, can be seen until January 3, 2009, in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel. An HIV infection or AIDS disease is a taboo subject in local widths ridges still often and those affected are on their own largely. In Honduras, one of the poorest countries of Central America, in which live about 85 per cent of the population below the poverty line, the persons concerned of particular discrimination are exposed. About two percent of the population are suffering from HIV. According to Jorge Fernandez, HIV representative of Honduras, the country is about 700 percent higher than the EU average compared to its population, HIV-related diseases. Often, children are already infected at birth, because rarely medicines to prevent the transmission of the HI virus are administered to pregnant women, for cost reasons. “In the children’s village Rancho Santa Fe” of the non-profit association our little brothers and sisters. “currently more than 550 children and young people live.

22 of them are HIV positive. The initiator of the exhibition, Michal Krebs, provided by January 2007 until February 2008 his civilian service at the Honduran village of children. The Austrians the photo group for HIV infected children organized in collaboration with the psychological and educational centre of the institution. One of the main objectives of the project was to the children through the medium of photography to create a mouthpiece. In an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie, they should learn to talk about their lives, their fears and their disease. His positive assessment of the experiences we learned how to use the photos as a way to communicate our thoughts and feelings about life”, draws one of the youths. The photos show an image of the world of children and young people: a world of love, of compassion, of curiosity, of successes and also the difficulties. Our little brothers and sisters”operates with very family-oriented structures in which Christian values play an extremely important role. This education is very important for a positive development of the child”, explained Lara joy Korner you “Commitment to the Verein.Die international organization our little brothers and sisters” can look back on a more than 50-year history. The German Foundation was founded in 1984 and given the seal of the German Central Institute for years fur soziale Fragen (DZI), in recognition of his outstanding work and the proper handling of donations.