Hospital Pedagogia

Ahead of the displayed one, and considering the necessity of humanizao in the pedagogical attendance of hospitalized pupils, it is important to see the look of Matos; Muggiati (2008, P. 73), how much what they affirm on the Hospital Pedagogia: It considers a work to not only offer instruction continuity. It goes beyond, when he carries through the integration of the hospitalized pertaining to school, giving aid not only in the escolaridade and hospitalization, but in all the decurrent aspects of the necessary removal of its daily one and the process, for times, traumatic of the internment. The authors suggest that the hospital educative work goes beyond the transmission of contents, can also contribute in the direction to minimize the traumas caused for the interruption of the social conviviality. She knows yourself that the internment process, generally, is folloied of some negative factors, as traumas, unreliability, fear of the death, lacks of the familiar conviviality and others. In this direction, practical the educative one can bring benefit to brighten up these negative aspects. Moreover, other aspects need to be observed, in agreement. It is necessary to understand that, in the hospital pertaining to school space, it is possible to reflect and to learn not only on a series of pertinent questions to the escolaridade of the sick child, but also to the professional qualification of the professor, to the organization of the physical space and the dynamics of functioning, to the planning and the register of the work developed in this modality of education, that if it shows rich of possibilities so that the learning and development processes if perfect and the knowledge if constructs. Each aspect, cited for the authors, is essential in the educative work carried through in the hospital environment a time that if makes necessary that the methodology is flexible, therefore the hospitalized pupils while is limited, therefore nor always it will be possible to develop the plan of lesson in the complete one. As Justi; Fonseca; Souza (2011, P. 42): ‘ ‘ She is necessary to remember that nor always the professor will obtain to reach the considered objectives, for times having necessity to reformulate its boarding by means of being more flexible’ , so that it does not harm the state of health of the pupil. The register of this work is very important, therefore through this, it will be possible to verify the progress of these pupils individually, being able to be useful also at the moment of exit of the hospital, to the being delivers to the school of origin of these pupils. Moreover Justi; Fonseca; Souza (2011, P. 19) stand out that: ‘ ‘ the daily exercise of planning, comment, register and reflection on the work carried through with the pupil is that of that the necessary professor when professional’ search perfectioning in its performance; ‘ , that is, from these actions it will have the chance to improve practical its. <

Respect In Hospitals

To improve the physical structure of the building with paintings, contract of new professionals, to have new equipment, opening of new services, if in this place will not have humanizao and respect, does not go to inside have an assistance of the quality standards, therefore the respect is when somebody is worried and accepted the attitudes, advice and consequences that its behavior has on the other. It is through the humanizao where the task is of all and for all, involving behavior changes, to develop abilities, rotation in areas techniques and, to enable to all the cuidadores of health, with its necessities of who attends and of who it is attended in all familiar, social context and legal, thus it will have multilateral improvements to make possible solutions for the majority of the decurrent problems of the current crisis that the Brazilian hospitals pass in the present time. Co-author: Sandra Valria R. . Xavier

Hospital Called

The Genital prolapse is a nuisance which is often pronounced in clinics, the woman complains about a lump that feels in their genitals, complains that urine escapes him everytime he coughs, he laughs or makes strength, must sometimes even walk with a towel between her legs, as this is called prolapse Cistoce, rectocele, Histerocele but in summary PROLAPSE. Many women in our country who have already had one, two or three children walk more concerned for his children, which is very commendable, but they leave their women’s health deteriorates its quality of life, deteriorating relationship with her husband, and exposes his marriage a failure. Women who have had vaginal deliveries with the passing of the years and the decrease of its production of estrogens presented a box of Hipotonia Mesenquimatosa, which will expose them to suffer from PROLAPSE, is the urethra or bladder called Uretro-Cystocele or Rectocele called rectal or perineal tears call and these entities bring with them a long list of annoyances such as for example the sensation of a lump in their genitals, urine leakage to the medium and small efforts, cystitis to repetition, flows increasingly more frequent, vaginal burning, and so many more, which added all together undermine or impair significantly the quality of life of women and above all spoil your intimate relationship with your partner!. This deterioration translates in turn, in another series of annoyances like headache, constant bouts of irritability without justified cause, insomnia, reluctance and others really is very painful to live haunted and plagued with these discomforts that are started in a prolapse which in turn are clarified and resolved in consultation with an OB/GYN doctor who will assess it and expose the case alternativeswhich can be medical or surgical solutions. In the case that is surgical solution, costs do not exceed the $800 (eight hundred) dollars, surgical procedure that is performed by the Gynecologists of solidarity, cost that is the most economic of all Lima and that is cheaper than all consultations, examinations and medication that constantly takes and spends, to try to resolve the consequences, insofar as a surgical correction solves the cause of their problems, colloquially us after that we operate our patient we send them to a second or third honeymoon, according to the case, but be that as it may, women not may be suffering from a health problem that is resolved almost immediately, in developed countries, is a constant that the woman who has two children vaginally, go to your gynecologist and immediately corrects the Vagina prolapsada, through an operation that is sometimes also called Vaginal PLASTY! It is plastic surgery of the Vagina, which is the name that is also given to the surgical cure of Vaginal Prolapse, the result in practice is an improvement of the Vagina, a rejuvenation of the Vagina, which obviously involves an enormous improvement in the intimate life of the couples, has come to say even that is as or more important than rejuvenating the face. Therefore ladies who are moms and have your prolapse stop suffering!, come to the Hospital the solidarity of Risso’s, in the 1992 avenida Arequipa and pneumatical their Vaginas, Gynecology service, costs cheaper who walk healing all the months of the same inconvenience..

Europe Hospital

An expert jury has nominated the great Marie Lynn dolls hospital with complete equipment for this coveted audience award toys, children should be fun! It should awaken their creativity and promote the skills. Every year, thousands of new toys appear. The readers and readers of the journal family & co.”choose each year the toy of the year” from this wide variety. An independent jury of experts nominated the great Marie Lynn dolls hospital with complete equipment for this coveted audience award. “In the category for kids” the jury nominated the dolls hospital with full equipment and bending dolls of Abe. The super equipped hospital set include full-featured bending dolls, and many detailed accessories: genuine cotton balls for the operating room, a fully operational wheelchair, four interchangeable x-rays, height-adjustable X-ray machine, a drip car and much, much more. The prize is annually as the only audience Europe by publishing group award family media and the Association of the German toy industry. Already the nomination by the expert jury considered great honor in the industry.

“Goes to the vote’s are the nominees toys on the Internet in the current issue of the journal family & co.” released and shown on the Internet on the page. There, the vote for the Golden rocking horse will 2nd July 2013″instead. Nripen Ernest & Pebble of Goll nest & Pebble KG is one of the major HolzspielzeugHersteller in Europe and the largest toy company in Northern Germany. In the toys and giftware trade are the trademarks of heimess grasp (baby toys made of wood, made in Germany), Susan Wood TIGER, ‘ cause, and anchor became known. The company was founded 33 years ago by the two owners, the brand heimess grasp exists for over 50 years, the ANKER Steinbaukasten GmbH in Rudolstadt has been more als130 years. More than 2,000 different products form one diverse ranges of the toy industry at all. Helmut Roloff

University Hospital

Child singer-songwriter supports the non-profit singing hospitals Association since November 2012 The multi-award winning children songwriter Reinhard Horn was Cologne, the House on the 23.11.2012 in the Psycho-Oncology Center of University Hospital worth living, CEO of Norbert Hermanns, the musical Ambassador of the non-profit association singing hospitals e.V.”appointed. Reinhard Horn is known for numerous TV appearances over two million sold recordings, children families service concerts as well as frequent speaker for continuing education in the field of education and training. Mr. Horn knows like no other feeling in children and to bring their world singing to the blades. The diverse effects of singing experience in his concerts that makes him an ideal Ambassador for singing hospitals e.V. “.” The children feel themselves singing, experience her body as a friend.

It is so pleasant to feel the vibrations in your own body and the long flowing breath of playful and full of lust sound. “” Prof. Gerald Huther, Member of the Advisory Board of the hospitals in singing”writes, among other things, that the benefit-free singing to an experience of social resonance” leads and the ability to get into the mood “turned on the others and creates a positive emotional basis for acquiring social competences (respect, empathy, self-discipline and sense of responsibility). Feelings are singing perceived and expressed. Fears, anger and grief losing their seriousness in the experienced connectedness and soft of joy.

Songs are so valuable reminder: courageous singing a song, we remember the positive, healing community experience related. Further effects are the facilitation of integration processes, generational effects (young and old), help in language learning and getting to know other cultures. To be accepted in the group, to see how we are and your voice alive in the term self confidence: “Reinhard Horn sings this with children so aptly in the song: I’m great, as I am.” Contact information: Management Office/Management: Sonja home, M.A. monastery courtyard 11 88255 Baindt / Ravensburg Tel.: 07502/91340-50 E-mail: telephone office hours: Mo. Thurs. 10.00 – 13.

Feelgood Factor

There, the Internet site new design, more products and attractive bargain for almost two years. For many massage interested people it has become stones, herbal creams and massage oil since its inception a source for quality hot. Very often, also the training DVDs are ordered, step by step guide ambitious amateurs, even to become the “massage therapist”. The online shop now in a completely new design and with more attractive offers presents new design and more attractive deals because the requirements for a professional online shop rise steadily with many interested users. On the homepage there is just another product to a single special price every 24 hours. /a> for more details and insights.

Reseller can save up to 5% of a bonus points system. Expansion of the product range In the course of the renovation there will be an extension of the product range by about 20 percent. Then include some large-format posters for decoration and a selection of the most popular relaxation music are new. The offer to the Cold Stone Massage will include two large sets. In addition, there are also miscellaneous accessories for massage tables soon.

To keeping tighter structure and new Web address to the offer despite the larger product range, products are now divided after massages and General accessories. Each product can be achieved with just three clicks. Suitable products, the online store on the site of has moved. TrendShed still stands for competence and reliability around the topic of massage. Image source:, 1 Darren Baker TrendShed offers high-quality massage products on for commercial and private persons. As a reliable partner, the company cooperates equally with hotels, wellness Studio and therapists. Beginners can learn the basics of massage just with the help of the training videos.

Internet Service

Do you want to lose? Reach your ideal weight? Seminar has halved the price ever service Nastasi. So it is easiest to remove when the price is right and since seminar had success so many service Nastasi with the online course desired weight in 60 days, they have slimmed down the price for their customers in January 2010 to 50%. How does an online course to take off work? The participants get on different way day care, to the one comes every day in addition will be delivered, an exercise by mail our online customers about shipping Amazon a manual free home so that they can work both prior to the PC, but also in quiet minutes without a PC. Then they have an essential element – the daily chat, which means that the team is 30 minutes live on the Internet every day for its customers. Here questions answered, problems solved, and new goals. To the Heidelberg company uses a so-called Internet chat room, to which only registered persons have access successfully. Anonymity is so ensured and the personal data of the participants remain hidden. In addition, there is support in the form of a forum which invites even after the expiry of the 60-day course for the Exchange here have exclusively online seminar participants access, so always good advice and assistance can be found.

In the middle of the two blocks a30 have days seminar participants the possibility of free one 30 minutes coaching with Julia Nastasi Heilpraktiker Anwarterin and currently a doctor as medical assistant has been working or Alexander Nastasi, building biologist, diviner and author. In this telephone conversation, achieved things worked out and new goals for the next 30 days. Such a system is completely unique on the market the intensive daily supervision and the anonymous contact allows global participation in this programme in January 2010 at the special price of 124.50 incl. Manual, and warranty. For more information on the Web site wunschgewicht.seminar service imprint: seminar service Nastasi Owner Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 seminar service Nastasi specializes in the distribution of online content about the law of attraction and manifesting the personal growth of the seminar participants specialized. In the parlance as Mentalcoaching, to name a few common trainer or consultant. It is possible all over the world to use the course thanks to the most advanced Internet and telecommunications technology, he offered currently (January 2010) in German and English, additional languages are in preparation.

The law of attraction / law of attraction / the secret power of thought / manifesting is based on the power of thought of people everyone is able to bring visible and noticeable effects in his life by altering his attitude and his focus. Since May 2008, the online coaching Portal operated by the entrepreneur couple Nastasi. In addition to this portal to the formation of the personality, the company operates a number health portals, E.g. for Construction biologists, Naturopath or wellness and has currently five books published. Further information about the 2003 founded family operation headquartered in Germany are available on the company’s website.

Jordan BBs Collections

The restaurant ‘ Jordan BBs ‘ familiar on the flooring of the wind Driscoll flooring GmbH the classy restaurant Jordans in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany last year with high demands on design and functionality renovated. The Managing Director Karsten Handrup chose when selecting a suitable floor coverings DESIGNline from the House of Windmoller flooring. With an area of about 80 square meters the decor of antique Cedar shapes”from the PRESTIGE collection antique” decisive the noble, yet cozy atmosphere of the restaurant Jordans in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. Became one of the first gastronomic addresses in the spa town of Bad Oeynhausen, Germany with high demands on design, acoustics and well-being created the entire concept of Interior Design. The demands placed on the flooring was also high: this should underline the elegant, warm and comfortable atmosphere, be durable and maintenance-friendly and contribute greatly to the pleasant acoustics.

Antique collection PRESTIGE”was elected a very durable quality, like all other DESIGNline collections is extremely maintenance-friendly and contributes significantly to the pleasant acoustics in the entire restaurant. The flooring for the ambience of an institution play a decisive role. The Designbodenbelag DESIGNline by Windmoller flooring can provide quality matched with six collections, 68 trendy designs, the perfect flooring solution for each object. All collections are equipped with a PU surface treatment guarantees a high durability and easy cleaning of the floor, and care of collections. All collections are moisture-proof and underfloor heating suitable, offer a pleasant room acoustics and are thanks to the low construction height ideal for rehabilitation and renovation activities. Latest innovation, the Designbodenbelagen presented Windmoller flooring DESIGNline connect, the first resilient flooring adhesive free”installation. More info on Windmoller flooring floor coverings are available for You see ready. Press contact: wind Driscoll flooring GmbH Annika Windmoller Charles-Lindbergh-ring 13 32756 Detmold phone: + 49 (0) 5231-60225-60 fax: + 49 (0) 5231-60225-69 E-Mail: Internet:

Meatball Berlin

We opened the new gastro-concept pilot store in Berlin love sausage!” With this slogan the first store of the plan in the large high-rise building from BIKINI left Germany at the Hardenbergplatz starting on July 3. The name is program, committed the slogan: the best Currywurst in town is available. Fresh produce, the abandonment of artificial flavours and preservatives, flavoring with herbs and sea salt and fat-free cooking on a lava stone Grill allow for maximum enjoyment. Each guest is his perfect Curry sausage (at the price of 2.20) even create: according to gusto can be selected between different homemade sauces and four Curry blends, ranging from fruity to super hot and exclusively designed by a chef for the plan. Where there’s Curry sausage in Berlin, the Meatball is not far away. So also in the plan.

Here she prepared recipe after a historic Berlin. It is only from high-quality ingredients as well as the poultry sausage, refined with fresh herbs and the original Thuringian Rostbratwurst manufactured. There are gourmet mustards from the Berlin mustard factory, which also are four to choose from. The French fries are another highlight of the plan. Also here are freshness and flavor Supreme Maxim and so they are fresh out of country potatoes and seasoned with sea salt. On glutamate and hardened fats dispensed with entirely. Different salads, various Zwiebeltoppings, delicious bread and crispy rolls complete the offer of the plan.

Changing Curry blends and sauces, as well as specials for the sausages, salads and dressings, ensure that each visit to the plan remains exciting. How ‘ bout champagne? The plan to choose from, in addition to soft drinks, beer, Prosecco and vodka has too. The sales room of the first plan stores is unique and fits perfectly to the innovative concept. Protected from wind and weather of the arcades a 12-metre-long beech wood table in the passage is with plenty of space for guests.

Mother Left One

I am simply making what I do not know. Crying. I know that in this hour I do not know to console, but sending mine aconchego, my affection, I hug and ternuras a thousand. I also know that vocs they are without soil, ceiling and air pra to breathe. Homesicknesses and more homesicknesses.

It aches; I know that he aches. Papa left in them going pra the sky has 06 years and seems that he was yesterday. God knows the great quo is our faith, also knows that for greater that is the obstacles we will obtain to transpose with an incredible agility, ours mezinha fulfilled the mission of it here in the land, left fruits and also seeds to be sown, one day we also will finish our day this way, now it was the moment of it, and we know, we have the full certainty that of where it is now at this moment it can intercede for all the dear beings that left here, is clearly, is evident that tears had appeared and go to appear, mainly when the moments that had lived together to come tona, leaves rolling and later let us make one prece of gratefulness for everything of good that it was in us of our beloved and candy mezinha.