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Facts: – financial difficulties in the family as the main cause of divorce named by 31% of women and 35% of men. – According to surveys, over 70% of fights in Russian families occur on the basis of money. – Over the past 17 years the role of economics in divorces raised repeatedly. So, in 1990 the lack of proper housing destroyed unit of society in 21% of cases, and in 2007 – already 41%. Inability to feed his family as a reason for divorce in 1990, called 8%, and in 2007 – 29%.

Thus, in the amount of economic reasons in the Soviet era were forced to divorce in 29% of cases, losing to alcoholism (33%). Now the situation is different: the economy for a total of 70%, and alcohol – 51%. (Source: New news) So, the evidence shows that monetary relationship can destroy friendship and love. Indeed, many families are experiencing stress and conflict, when financial problems arise: and when the money is too little, and when money is too much. “The rich also cry.” And this confirms the idea that the case did not in the money but in human relations. How to avoid the collapse of relations on the basis of finance? Here are some helpful tips: 1. Budget planning in the family should be on equal rights, regardless of who earns how much. Moreover, the discussion between the partners has to occur before the moment when you decided to start living together. This will allow you avoid many surprises and conflicts at the beginning of your life together.