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The Genital prolapse is a nuisance which is often pronounced in clinics, the woman complains about a lump that feels in their genitals, complains that urine escapes him everytime he coughs, he laughs or makes strength, must sometimes even walk with a towel between her legs, as this is called prolapse Cistoce, rectocele, Histerocele but in summary PROLAPSE. Many women in our country who have already had one, two or three children walk more concerned for his children, which is very commendable, but they leave their women’s health deteriorates its quality of life, deteriorating relationship with her husband, and exposes his marriage a failure. Women who have had vaginal deliveries with the passing of the years and the decrease of its production of estrogens presented a box of Hipotonia Mesenquimatosa, which will expose them to suffer from PROLAPSE, is the urethra or bladder called Uretro-Cystocele or Rectocele called rectal or perineal tears call and these entities bring with them a long list of annoyances such as for example the sensation of a lump in their genitals, urine leakage to the medium and small efforts, cystitis to repetition, flows increasingly more frequent, vaginal burning, and so many more, which added all together undermine or impair significantly the quality of life of women and above all spoil your intimate relationship with your partner!. This deterioration translates in turn, in another series of annoyances like headache, constant bouts of irritability without justified cause, insomnia, reluctance and others really is very painful to live haunted and plagued with these discomforts that are started in a prolapse which in turn are clarified and resolved in consultation with an OB/GYN doctor who will assess it and expose the case alternativeswhich can be medical or surgical solutions. In the case that is surgical solution, costs do not exceed the $800 (eight hundred) dollars, surgical procedure that is performed by the Gynecologists of solidarity, cost that is the most economic of all Lima and that is cheaper than all consultations, examinations and medication that constantly takes and spends, to try to resolve the consequences, insofar as a surgical correction solves the cause of their problems, colloquially us after that we operate our patient we send them to a second or third honeymoon, according to the case, but be that as it may, women not may be suffering from a health problem that is resolved almost immediately, in developed countries, is a constant that the woman who has two children vaginally, go to your gynecologist and immediately corrects the Vagina prolapsada, through an operation that is sometimes also called Vaginal PLASTY! It is plastic surgery of the Vagina, which is the name that is also given to the surgical cure of Vaginal Prolapse, the result in practice is an improvement of the Vagina, a rejuvenation of the Vagina, which obviously involves an enormous improvement in the intimate life of the couples, has come to say even that is as or more important than rejuvenating the face. Therefore ladies who are moms and have your prolapse stop suffering!, come to the Hospital the solidarity of Risso’s, in the 1992 avenida Arequipa and pneumatical their Vaginas, Gynecology service, costs cheaper who walk healing all the months of the same inconvenience..