The Medical Bulletin

The process of communication of the team of health with the families of the taken care of patients had been facilitated through first the disponibilizao of a doctor of reference giving to information on the patient interned after the schedule of visits. Thus standardizing the methodology how much to the given information. The Medical Bulletin communication passed to be made by the professional nurse who contacts a familiar one indicated for the family – familiar of reference? that it started to be the detainer of all information daily, as well as of all the intercorrncias in the act of the event. The Medical Bulletin now consists of the current clinical picture of the patient and possible behaviors to be implemented (in such a way of the medical point of view, how much of nursing) and is elaborated from the nursing visit that evaluates the evolution of the patient in last the twelve hours. &#039 was kept the term; ' Mdico&#039 bulletin; ' for being known by the common sense, that is, for the population in general. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of GEICO on most websites. This new reality is lived deeply in indirect way for one of the authors of this study for if to deal with the sector where the same one works in the nocturnal period and the strategies they have its effectiveness, experience and greater influence in making of the nursing in the daylight. By means of commentaries, speculations and other attitudes observed for professionals of the nocturnal period who were not living deeply in effective way elapsing of the implementation of the new strategies, interest in discovering appeared as the introjeo of the humanizao was occurring in to make in nursing in that sector. Beyond searching to perceive which the influence of these new strategies in the reestablishment of the patient and its interference in the relations with familiar of these patients. It is considered that the work of the nursing in a UTI brings in its bulge the confrontation of very estressantes situations.

CCIH Pneumonia

Another factor of great repercussion is the use of the nosoenteral (SNE) as factor of risk and desencadeador of PAVM. It is common that in the majority, if not in all the patients submitted to the ventilation mechanics, to be present the SNE with the objective of nutricional support, prevention of abdominal distenso and gastric and enteral secretion draining. However, the SNE favors the settling of orofaringe, refluxo gastroesofgico and the risk of aspiration, which had the rise of pH gastric, mainly when associated the bloqueadoras drugs of the H2 (cimetidina, ranitidina, famotidina and nizatidina), also to the common use in the UTI. The development of the pneumonia not this only associated with the presence of the SNE, but also with the bore of the device, the infusion of diets and the position of the patient in the stream bed. (CARRILHO, 2006). Measure that can be adopted for the reduction of the PAVM is the correct cleanness and sterilization of used devices in the respiratory therapy as masks, ambus, ceflicos, ventilmetros, manovacumetros fixing, respiratory incentivadores and others, as the protocols of the disinfection and esterializao of the CCIH of each institution; as well as the correct and aseptic connection of the circuits of the fan, since these direct represent a half one of contamination to the patient. Moreover, the circuit of ventilation only for new patients must be changed or when these will be dirty, thus preventing its unnecessary manipulation and possible contamination. Proving such affirmation, Lorente, Lecuona and Galvan (2004) apud Rasp, Pace, Medeiros and Virgnio (__), in a carried through research to analyze the effectiveness of the exchange of circuits of the mechanical fan, in order to reduce the PAVM tax when used an exchanger of heat and humidity (HME), was observed that it did not have significant difference between the group that received VM with exchange from circuit to each 48 hours and the other without exchange of circuit, with regard to the tax of pneumonia, incidence of exgena pneumonia and the distribution of the .causing microorganisms of the pneumonia, representing an unnecessary cost..

For Duarte

How much to the lipdico metabolism, they seem to diminish the levels of triglicerdeos, cholesterol and to reduce insulina.’ ‘ (RODRIGUEZ, et al., 2003 apud COLLA; MORAES, 2006, P. 118). ‘ ‘ As functional functions of the insoluble fiber they are: ) the increment of the fecal cake and the stimulaton of the modern motilidade; b) the biggest necessity of chew, excellent in the modern society victims of the compulsory ingestion and the obesidade; c) of antirust property and the increase escreao acid biliary and hipocolesterolmicas.’ ‘ (RODRIGUEZ, et al., 2003 apud COLLA; MORAES, 2006, P. 119). For Duarte (2006, P.

66) the staple fibres ‘ ‘ they help to clean the organism of carcinognicos composites, alcohol and metals; they promote the formation of a healthful intestinal flora; has unquestionable value in the control of the obesidade, therefore they hinder the absorption of many calories consumidas.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The effect of its use are the reduction of the sanguineous cholesterol levels and the reduction of the risk of development of cancer, decurrent of three factors: capacity of ingested or produced toxic substance retention in the gastrointestinal treatment during digestive processes, promoting a fast elimination of the fecal cake, with reduction of the time of contact of the fabric intestinal with mutagnicas or carcinognicas substances; protective substance formation for the bacterial fermentation of composites of alimentao.’ ‘ (KAY; STRASBERG, 1978 apud ANGEL, 2004, P. 147). 2,3 PREBITICO and PROBITICO In accordance with Renhe et. al. (2008, p.120), ‘ ‘ the prebiticos are defined as ingredients you mainly leavend, whose effect benefit the host for stimulating the selective growth and activating the metabolism of promotional bacteria of the health in the intestinal treatment, bifidobactrias.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ So that a composition has prebitica action it must arrive at clon without if modifying and it must be used as nourishing substratum that stimulates the existing saprfita flora, getting beneficial effect for hospedeiro.

Assis Vieira Summary

Occurrence of intestinal decurrent ferropriva anemia carencial of enteroparasitose for Ancylostoma duodenale der Assis Vieira Summary the ancilostomtica anemia is a ferropriva anemia that if it installs in insidioso way has a parasitado organism, and generally is decurrent of some reinfeces. This is the natural consequence of the environment where the individuals of low partner-economic classroom and the agricultural zone live. Objectifying to demonstrate the importance of prophylactic measures, of that populations in precocious sanitary conditions are susceptveis the illnesses caused for microorganisms .causing parasites of infections in its hosts, the anemia is developed slow and gradually, even so the blood spoliation occurs daily and in amounts until considerable. In this manner, until the supplies of iron of the organism are depletados, the carrying sick people of the parasatism obtain to remain themselves for period of relatively long time without showing any sintomatologia. The anemias for iron deficiency if they constitute in one of the main problems of public health in world-wide scope, reaching its maximum prevalence in the underdeveloped countries and/or development.

The deficiency of iron to the side of the DEP (proteinic energy malnutrition) represents the main nutricionais problems of importance physician-epidemiologist in our Country. Related with the inadequate food ingestion, the intestinais parasatisms, as the Ancylostoma duodenale, has been considered important factors in the etiology of the carenciais anemias ferropriva and the DEP. 1.INTRODUO the infections for helmintos are between the most frequent agravos of the world. In general, the riots that occur are of small sum, therefore it has a trend to have a balance enters the action of the parasite and the capacity of resistance of the host (SNOWS, 2005). The parasitic illness can unchain several other illnesses in result of its infection, as anemia ferropriva caused for the action of the Ancylostoma duodenale. Enteroparasitoses can affect the nutricional balance, therefore they intervene with the absorption of nutrients, induce intestinal bleed, they reduce the alimentary ingestion and still they can cause significant complications, as intestinal blockage, retal prolapse and formation of abscesses, in case of an overpopulation, being able to take the individual to the death.

The Power Of Proteins

The proteins are power plants for our body. They are formed by amino acids, being basic for our organism and are gifts in all the cells of our body. The proteins can come of foods that we ingest or through endogenous source that are derived from the degradation of cellular proteins of our organism. We need proteins very so that everything in our body functions perfectly, if a person does not ingest a minimum amount of protein during the day, the proper body goes to treat to supply this necessity stealing this protein of the muscles and agencies. They are the proteins that make its imunolgico system to function perfectly, therefore the proteins possess little index of fat. One remembers that a rich food in protein does not possess much fat. The amount of protein that a person must ingest throughout one day can vary: – Men need about 150g protein per day Women need about 100g protein per day Some rich foods in protein: – 7 clear ones of eggs possess 25g of protein – Chest of cooked chicken possesss 25-30g of protein – red Meat lean kitchen possesss 25-30g of proteins – Tuna possesss 27g of protein These is the main rich foods in proteins, however you do not have to consume they in excess, you remember that any food consumed in excess makes its health badly. As well as nobody he only lives of protein, for a balanced feeding is necessary to ingest other nutrients..

Mechanical Ventilator

To broader knowledge must also be obtained by the nursing staff, because these professionals ploughs responsible will be the care delivered you patients, facilitating the perception of complications arising from the uses of mechanical ventilation. Key words: Mechanical Ventilator; Multidisciplinary pneumonia; Nursing. the study is inserted in the line of it searches taking care of in the process health and illness, and predominant area Nursing in the care to the adult critical customer. The search of answers related to the consequences and riots presented for patients who acquire pneumonia when submitted to the ventilation mechanics and knowing that these riots can occur in face of a series of conditions that are submitted during the exposition to the mechanical fan, she served of base for the thematic pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics: The assistance of nursing in the prevention of this complication. The object of the study consists of the performance of nursing for prevention of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics, in which it is possible to observe the importance of these professionals during the care to the patient submitted to the ventilation mechanics, thus being able to reduce the levels of complications for such procedure, amongst them the pneumonia.

The motivation for accomplishment of this, while nursing academics, elapsed of the interest of the subject chosen, for being the pneumonia a present complication very during internment of patients submitted to the ventilation mechanics, leading to one aggravate in the condition of these critical patients. The problematic one consists of following the interrogative ones: How the performance of nursing can prevent occurrence of pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics? Which are the possible decurrent complications of the inadequate use of the ventilation mechanics in critical patients and as the nursing can intervene in order to reduce these complications? The general objective of the study is to raise the interventions of nursing in the control of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics; the specific objectives are to describe the cares of nursing in the prevention of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation given mechanics and uprising of as the nursing can intervene with the reduction of the complications that the inadequate use of ventilation mechanics leads to the critical patient.

Mouth Mamilo

Anhydrous agent topical such as lanolina modified or creams with vitamin and the D in important traumas. They form a barrier hindering the loss of humidity them deeper layers of the skin, facilitating the cicatrizao. Synthetic creams with hidrocorticides (mometazona 0.1% and propionato of halobetasol 0.05%), have been recommended for specialists in cases of important fictions, even so do not have studies proving its effectiveness, corticides only must be recommended in the absence of bacterial infection or fngica e, when used, they do not need to be removed before the suck ones. To keep dry the healthy, complete mamilos, is recommendable for the prevention of fictions. The epidermis of mamilo more quickly recovers if a humid barrier to prevent the loss of the humidity of the layers deepest of the skin. The use of protectors of mamilos, saved rare exceptions, must be discouraged. They, in the reality, can exacerbar the injuries or be its cause (FREITAS, 2001). 2.3.3 PAIN IN THE MAMILOS.

The woman presents pain in the breasts and/or mamilos, during or in the interval of the suck ones. For some women, pain is common in breast-feeding, to put knows that he is not correct to feel pain. If it is present is because something is incorrect (BARROS, 2002). The cause most common of pain in the mamilos and me the position where the child sucks, it not ' ' it catches? enough part of the breast and sucks only mamilo' ' , the skin of mamilo can completely seem normal, but, if you observe the child finishing the suck one you can notice that mamilo seems flattened when it leaves the mouth of the child. He can have a line through the tip of mamilo. Pain in the mamilos can lead weans to it, therefore painful breast-feeding and taking the mother to suckle less frequently and for lesser time.


The necessary human organism of cares to remain itself balanced well, and the base of this balance is what we conquer day-by-day in ours; through good feeding based on fruits, vegetables, proteins, carboidratos, little fat and much water. Rest, leisure, physical activities, care with the personal hygiene. Our health in perfect necessary state also of a clean environment with basic sanitation, garbage collection and deposit in adequate sanitary aterros, pure air, green areas, combat the illnesses through search of information, not only to wait, but to go behind what it is better for proper itself and its family. It is of basic importance the reflection on what it is better for its life, its health, information on the health he is right of the citizen, and from taking care of this there it is a duty of each citizen. Also it is mentioned to the physical, mental, psychic health, health in general. DAY 05 OF August was established by Law N. 5352 in 08/11/1967 as the National Day of the Health.

Homage also to the doctor Oswaldo Gonalves Cross that was born in 08/1872 acted in the public health of 1903 the 1907, suffered during four years of renal insufficience and faleceu young to the 44 years in Rio De Janeiro. It is necessary periodically to take care of of the health, consulting the doctor. They exist atendimentos in the Ranks of Health, SUS, and particular net of health. Many professionals of the health had made history in our country, one of that marked leaving much sadness for the esportiva medicine for carrying people of physical deficiencies, was the Canadian doctor Dr. Robert Wilson Jackson, in 06/01/2010 to the 77 years of age, was the pioneer occidental person in the field of the artroscopia and was the protector of the Brazilian Society of Artroscopia. The Health department always worried in well-being of the population carries through combat campaigns the transmissible illnesses or not, and the Minister of the Health if it pronounces way TVs, radios, periodicals all the medias on the had campaigns and cares that each person (citizen) it must have with its health.

WELL Medicine

The only medicine constitutes 4 principle that is one of the beddings most important of the homeopatia, however in the practical one it is very difficult of being found, therefore it is the specific medicine for the patient, where all its symptomatic picture it will be cured. This medicine differentiated for each patient is known as Simillium (HUNTER, 2008). Elio Moti Sonnenfeld wanted to know more. 4,3 Homeoptico medicine What of the balance to the body and the mind it is the force or vital energy and being in disharmony disarrenges what had been coordinated one or three dynamic levels: physicists, emotional and mental (HUNTER; IRIART, 2007). Therefore the illness is not injury, and yes a weakness of the normal physiological mechanisms of adaptation and compensation where it has the disequilibrium (TEIXEIRA, 2007). For assistance, try visiting James A. Levine, M.D.. The diagnosis of the illness is very important, however the treatment depends on as the patient lives its illness and what it has to see with its history of life (KINKER, 1997). The homeopatia considers that the doctor treats the patient as a whole and not only its specific symptom.

It also defends the minimum dosage, with the objective of simply stimulating the curativas properties of the proper body. The remedies are many times managed in solutions sufficiently diluted. substances that compose the medicines most powerful so are diluted that the possibility of that exactly one molecule of the active constituent is only present is worthless (WINSTON, 1990). The homeoptico medicine effects its cure through its dynamic capacity to act on the vitality and not by means of atoms and molecules. ' ' It is given according to similitude principle, with the preventive and therapeutical purposes, gotten for the method of dilutions, followed of suctions and/or trituraes sucessivas' ' (BRAZILIAN FARMACOPIA II). The word dinamizao is related to the idea and force; it always includes a dilution. The homeopticas dilutions easily exceed the number of avogadro, and therefore it becomes statistical improbable to find an only molecule of the initial substance in medicines (RASP; WELL, 2010).

Cancer Diagnosis

As well as of several other types of cancer according to Oncoguia (2008), the precocious diagnosis is very important, if the uterus col cancer will be diagnosised in the initial phase, in the majority of the cases can be cured. The form most efficient to discover a tumor regularly and carrying through the gynecological examination of papanicolau and the colposcpia, its I medicate will decide which the frequency with that these examinations will have to be carried through, this decision and taking from historical data, age, factors of risk, varieties in sexual partners. The col cancer uterine and diagnosised precociously with the examination of papanicolau, and collected the cells of the opening of the uterine col and the surface around, this material and analyzed and verified the situation of abnormality of the cells, infection, inflammation and the cancer. The doctor will be able to carry through a colposcopia that allows to visualize abnormal cells in the uterine col, will have suspicion in some area of the surface of the col of the uterus, will be able to make a bipsia in this area. This disgnostic bipsia and what with more precision the uterine col cancer. To treat the doctor it must recognize the period of training of the illness that is defined by Loiola (2008), as the cancer of period of training I the tumor if it limits to the uterus possessing an limited size of small volume; Already period of training II the cancer if spreads for neighboring places, however still limited to pelve reaching the two superior teros of the vagina and surrounding fabrics to the col of the uterus. In Period of training III the cancer if spreads for pelve compromising the portion most inferior of the vagina, the cells also can spread blocking the canals of ureter, kidneys and bladder. In period of training IV the cancer is spread for other parts of the body. .