April Munich

It seems that Munich would like to share with all who come to him with something special. Those who arrive here in March, will go to the Japanese and stylish space where a lot of air and almost no leaves, but densely flowered white caps of the first trees. A little later, will snowdrops, which will cover the lacy carpet large fields and small plots near the houses. For guests April Munich has already prepared other colors – pink and yellow bushes Narcissuses. Closer to the May full of rings large bouquets of flower beds. The city is generous. He puts his Bavarian home, and Gothic castles in gerlyandy of flowers and presents itself to us.

Pleasant and unexpected that in all this beauty you can not just watch, it is possible to live. You can lie on the grass, picking flowers, feed the swans with his hands. True, feed the birds actually impossible, but indulge in this little impossible. I never thought that such enthusiasm may be from contact with nature, wild forest, and tamed and close. Swans and geese in Munich is practically in any pond. Even in bowls fantanov few times I saw them. Big, beautiful birds, pull to you my neck And you realize that they do not live here in cages in the zoo, and that they are not afraid of people because they do not offend them. Let us return to the people. I find it difficult to say how behave locals because they are few.