I'm sure many of us would like to have your own sailing yacht, albeit of small size, to at least occasionally go out to sea, to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and feel "navigator" – lord of the sea. This is a good desire, and some of the particularly motivated individuals have already reached their goals and have acquired a yacht. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. John Mcdougall and gain more knowledge.. Postpone the issue until the purchase price of most boats. Yachts can vary dramatically between themselves, both on the materials from which they are made, and on the set and size. So the price difference on the yacht may be large. We're a closer look at the question of how much the owner of yacht costing her service, and that it actually is.

Let's start with the parking the yacht. Unfortunately, not all the time the yacht will have to plow the sea space. Most of the time bought the yacht spends at the berth, or a "garage" for yachts. In most cases berth yacht depends on its size. The larger the yacht, so technically difficult to conduct regular "hollow" boats from the water and its transportation in a closed dry room or in another place on the land. What are the pros storage of boats on land, in the indoors? In this case the boat is not subject to sudden changes in temperature in winter, there is no risk of damage to the yacht by storm waves or wind. On the shore of the yacht not being negatively Effects of salt water.