Plastic Surgery In Germany – Plastic Breasts

Female breast – it is not only part of the body of every woman, but also great aesthetic pleasure, a sign of motherhood and womanhood. However, very often a woman unhappy with natural or acquired shape and volume his chest. Transformation and restoration of chest of beauty – is the primary task of every surgeon in clinics in Germany, in this and focus their high skills. Professional plastic surgeon, conducting therapy in Germany gives a guarantee on their work, which significantly reduces the risk of substandard operations. Plastic breasts in Germany begins with the psychological testing of an individual plan, which resulted in specialists assess voluntariness and willingness to change in breast shape or its size. Before each operation to avoid possible complications conducted a comprehensive, thorough examination. This greatly improves safety and the quality of the upcoming plastic surgery to change his chest. Breast reduction, breast augmentation, correction of the form – all these operations are carried out successfully in German clinics.

If you change the shape of the breast implants used different forms (anatomical shape, round, high profile) and filler. Widely used model with a special silicone gel having the self-preservation form even if damaged shells, and table salt. On All implants for patients by a lifetime warranty. Full details of the operation: technique of an operation, a suture, the position of implants – previously discussed with the patient and shall only be used after surgeon and patient communication about the advantages and disadvantages of each method. After surgery patients given rehabilitation, which, according to an individual plan, identify all possible loads and rest on the operated limb.