New Release Poetry Book

The Weingarten author gives his poetry debut with the band published in poetry of the number 21. “After his prose poetry children’s Theatre”, will appear with life is a hit list “the first volume of poetry of the Weingarten author Stefan Kleiber. Between family, football pitch and Metalkonzert, even lovable, even quirky snapshots that he kept as a lyrical evergreens for memory succeed the 45-year father of three daughters. With a self-deprecating wink, he makes a rhyme on big or small mishaps of everyday life; also the traditional love-hate relationship between he takes “Badensern”and”Schwabensern” in his poems on the grain. Its ability to detect common autobiographical episodes combines with a fine sense for the musicality of language. So, Stefan Kleiber is a poetic monument human strengths and weaknesses in charming and honest manner.

Life is a hit list”is already 63. band in the poetry Pope” Anton G. Leitner carefully lektorierten and composed poetry series 21, which presents remarkable contemporary poetry and lyrical debuts. Excerpt: On the ground remain so long no street bears my name, I am one who sweeps them easy.


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