Mexican Gastronomy

The Guacamole is sauce of an Aztec, typical origin of the Mexican and Central American gastronomy. It was introduced in Spain by the conquerors towards Century XVI but it did not get to extend because its main ingredient, the avocado only grew in tropical climates. In the typical prescription the ingredients are crushed or crushed with an instrument as a called mortar " molcajate" , in this case, pass I them through the beater because I like the mixture uniforms that she offers. In order to do it to traditional way simply he crushes the ingredients in mortar.’>Enrique Pena Nieto, another great source of information. Also, there am addition files so that it helps to protect the nutrients of its oxidation at the same time as it offers a more intense flavor.

In the original prescription mountain Chile is used but when not giving with them I have used guindillas, are very similar even that less sharp but for the elaboration, will serve equal to us. In order to take it, ground to do it with " nachos" , they are small fried maize tortillas that you can find in any supermarket. It takes nacho, to drag it by the sauce as a shovel and llevrtelo to mouth. Everything manjar that I recommend that you do not stop trying. The history of reflection on the problems, desires and the dreams of the young people, a Secret World, of the Mexican Marine Gabriel, as well as the Bolivian-Mexican co-production Pach, of Hctor Ferreiro, that approaches the Bolivian war of the gas and the discovery of its culture through a personage, will contain along with other Latin American films within the Generation selection, where it films of Sailor will compete by the official prize of the section, the short Crystal Bear Within the Latin Americans of the Berlinale, that consists of 27 tapes coming from 22 countries, appear the German-Mexican co-production Ein Mdchen namens Yssabeau (To Woman Called Yssabeau), of Rosana Cuellar, that it narrates the history of a woman red deer that explores a foreign culture In the Forum section, Berlinale will present/display Mexican restaurants the Uruguayan-Mexican-French co-production the delay, of Rodrigo Pl, story that she counts the relation between Agustn and Maria, two beings who are wanted, but simultaneously inconveniences itself. Besides the cinema, the Mexican gastronomy also will be present in Berlin from the 12 to the 17 of February within the section Culinary Cinema where two Mexican films in the museum will project Martin-Gropius-Bau:Cinnamon, prime opera of Jordi Marshal, and Lupe The one Of Cow Aguerre.La the White characteristic of this sample is that, after projecting the films, meals prepared by chefs be served as prestige, and when it touches the time of desserts, it has to char it on the subjects of the film between the members of the equipment of films and experts in the subject.

Press Portal For Gastronomy your link between press and gastronomy what good is it to draw great events or pamper package to lure when the guests will learn none of this? Who wanted to publish his news, needed so far a good press mailing list and possible relations with the editors. The PR for restaurateurs has become much easier thanks to the Internet: the news will be published in online press portals and the editors can access freely on it. So the gastro messages not between loud sports, politics – or Boulevard messages go under, started before recently Laura ( Press Portal sees itself as a link between press and gastronomy and published exclusively gastronomic messages from the hotel industry, none, scene, disco/disco, lounge, Bistro bar, cafe, etc. Area. The news is easy: login gastro-operation (free of charge) and then publish text with photo.

The information is always online and for all editors visible. The same is also available for the press. Just sign up (free of charge) and be operated on the gastronomic information flood. Also, editors for a good gastro Storry can a requests”start and start an editorial call. No subscription, no costs, no obligations. 100% free of charge. A very good offer of trial”is published on the Web page to learn more editorial feedback. Thousands of registered press officials and restaurateurs agree with the Laura: there is a unique link between the press and the gastronomy!

Los Crachos

Think about long after a suitable snack, you can offer in your Cafe, restaurant or snack? Los Crachos is the ideal solution! Los Crachos is a new snack snack for the gastronomy, which can range as a snack or served as an accompaniment to food. There are two varieties of this looking like noodle snacks. The sticks are made Los Crachos mix on a basis of potatoes and cereals. The taste can be determined by adding various spices. For example by mild, like most swimming pools offer it on medium, until back to hot which are preferred by bars and Cafes. Since the raw material at about 190 C in the deep fat fryer for just 10 15 seconds is baked, you can easily cope with shock shops.

Bake according to the short the Los Crachos will get their delicious Krusty consistency. The raw material shelf life 12 months is dry. Also, you can produce Los Crachos retained, and present in a hot holding Cabinet. As well as warm as cold These snacks a class change. Free samples are distributed mostly to food fairs and sent upon request.

Germany AG Celtic

The country winner 2009 of category German cuisine in Bavaria comes from bad Tolz Nadja & Maximilian Plotz committed to alpine cuisine and some Mediterranean touch and therefore represent what our former Prime Minister, once with the slogan “Laptop and Lederhosen” described home and yet open to the world. Maximilian Plotz has learned his art in the great houses of the world. After stops in Bangkok, Geneva and in the Ivory Coast, he spoiled the palate of our parliamentarians in the Berlin Reichstag last. There it met also his present wife Nadja. Nadja Plotz was influenced by the already proverbial perfection in the home of beetles, whose restaurant in the Berlin Reichstag she spoiled the powerful international politics together with her husband, before which the two 2004 realized their common dream of life in the form of this fantastic, culinary sanctuary in the beautiful Bavarian Oberland and the former excursion cafe to a multiple award-winning culinary insider’s tip turned. Nadja & Maximilian Plotz committed to alpine cuisine and some Mediterranean touch and therefore represent what our former Prime Minister once described with the slogan “Laptop and Lederhosen” home and yet open to the world.

Perfect service and the high quality of the food earned the award with the GASTRO-AWARD for the ‘best German cuisine’ Bavaria two exception restaurateurs. “The GASTRO-AWARD is above all the most representative industry award, which is not awarded by professional critics, but by the most demanding and at the same time most important jury that is to convince it to every ambitious and dedicated restaurateurs guests.” The winners not only have acquired their current Championship over the years also the GASTRO-AWARD has evolved continually. What began 10 years ago in Munich as a regional test bed with Gala Party, is in the last years to Quality seal for gastronomic performance par excellence became and the nationwide. And: the GASTRO-AWARD is today far more than just a price. He accompanies its participants throughout the year and supports them in everyday life with the objective with simple means to create sustainable value the gastronomes. Publisher: GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG Celtic ring 17 82041 Oberhaching Tel.: + 49 89 / 45 02 76 0 fax: + 49 89 / 45 02 76 11 eMail:

Hannover Congress Centrum

For a successful future for the Gastropodium offers strategies impulses, trends and visions on January 31, 2011 in Hannover. In the Hannover Congress Centrum refer known entrepreneurs successful future strategies in the Gastrobranche. Clearly, that GeMax strategic profits: the network of success-oriented hotels and restaurants here should not be missing. “Due to the motto of the Gastropodiums strategies for a successful future” make GeMax network success-oriented hoteliers and restaurateurs for now 10 years every year on the new course for a successful year. Together you focuses on the topics of maximizing profits and sales growth.

Also, all GeMax partners put in the now mission-critical position, always two steps ahead to be the direct competitors. How is this possible? Quite simply: At GeMax, you receive everything from a single source! With rapidly growing number rely on approximately 380 individually guided individual success proven GeMax marketing concepts as well as for the industry important organizational AIDS, a Fort education with over 195 seminars, workshops and training opportunities. Curious? Then on to the Gastropodium! Robert Tom Coester, CEO of GeMax success network, speaks in his post about goal setting and goal achievement. “Realistic and at the pulse of the time he answered the burning question of each hotelier or restaurateur: how to become a winner of the region?” “” “But also other top speakers such as Katja Raasch in theme with Twitter & co. make money profitably employ social media”, Christian Steinbach makes financing despite rejection – the detail BBs”or history fascinating Saliya Kahawattes blind date with life”, in which the contracted Hotel specialist an irreparable retinal detachment by problems of disease, change, motivation, adaptation and that nobody noticed his handicap reported the unimaginable fact,, make the Gastropodium to a destination that is worthwhile.

Accompanied by exhibitions about new developments of the industry, “Flying buffet and the evening highlight Festival of the senses” the Gastropodium promises a more than interesting program. Check in at 2011.

Sandalwood To OIL

OIL 'Virgo' 4 drops of a bouquet of patchouli 2 drops evernii 1 drop cypress OIL 'Demeter' 3 drops Myrrh 2 drops vetiver 1 drop bouquet evernii 'spread to attract money and success initiatives and implementation of evaluation. Apply also on the body to work in the garden, cleaning harvest and work with herbs for fertility. Helps to attune to the energy of the Earth. OIL 'PROTECTION' ( 1) 5 drops 5 drops ptigreyna black pepper is used to protect against all kinds of attacks. Put it also on windows doors and other parts of the house. OIL 'PROTECTION' ( 2) 4 drops Basil 3 drops geranium 2 drops Pine 1 drop vetiver OIL 'land' (Elemental) 4 drops Patchouli 4 drops cypress awakens the energy of the earth, makes money, prosperity, abundance, stability.

(See Chapter 19.) Butter 'before the interview and 4 drops of ylang-ylang, 3 drops Lavender 1 drop Rose used to all kinds of interviews. Helps make a favorable impression. OIL 'HEALING' ( 1) 4 drops Rosemary 2 drops Juniper 1 drop Sandalwood OIL 'HEALING' ( 2), 3 drops eucalyptus 1 drop 1 drop palmarosa nayauli 1 drop of peppermint is used for narrow-leaved healing. OIL 'Capricorn' 3 drops vetiver 2 drops Cypress 1 drop Patchouli Used as a personal oil to increase strength. OIL 'LUNAR' 4 parts Sandalwood 2 parts Lemon 1 part of camphor is used to attract the influence of the Deity. OIL 'MOON' 1 drop Jasmine 1 drop Sandalwood To increase the power of dreams, healing, good night's sleep, fertility and other influences of the moon.

Applying Makeup

Make-up – this is an important item of beauty to any representative of the female sex. A lot of walking joke among the men who talk about how 'fast' women or girls are going on a date. Is it important for us women? Makeup is very important. When used properly, makeup can hide some flaws on the face, whether it's the wrong time jumped pimple or time. There are several stages of the application of cosmetics: 1. Cleansing the face. The person must must be cleaned before applying makeup.

Our skin breathes. and the remnants of makeup on the skin interfere with normal breathing and having pores. 2. Application of a nutrient base – cream. The cream should be selected according to the type kozhi.Eto very important. 3. Correcting skin veiled unwanted places (pimples, pores). For this purpose you have in your purse should be the 'magic pencil' that will rescue you in the right time.

4. A person is ready. Now we can apply tonal basis. Remember that the 'beautiful' Makeup – pledge your irresistibility under any circumstances. He highlights the unique beauty of your face without being seen. The color of your face – one of the important points when creating make-up. So now the choice of means of tonal framework. 1. Carefully inspect your face in broad daylight 2. Carefully check the parts for a person who should be a little lighter, and those who need hide cosmetics (inner part of the eye cavity of the chin, signs of fatigue, nasolabial folds, red) to mark the make-up now for your eyes. Remember the simple rules: 1. Create a mysterious and radiant look, which will emphasize eyebrow line and try to pick up a form of eye makeup. 2. For each type of eye makeup technique is different, so carefully examine the shape of your eyes. In general, the smaller shows the upper eyelid, the more light colors should be applied. This is to look seemed more open. At the end of the work, do not forget to mix colors, shade of a brush.

Mysteries Of The Male Soul

Masculine world of experiences and feelings has its exceptional and unique features. They are due to many reasons, including and especially the male psychology. I would like to offer you this story, in the hope that it will help you unravel the mysteries of the male part of the soul and thus achieve success in your relationships. All, of course, can not write and not write, but still From the earliest years for boys are presented very different requirements than to girls. The boys have (not like that word, but, nevertheless, this is how raising children require adult, "You should " Nobody and nothing anyone does not have to, you just have to respect the other person the identity, the right to choice but it's a topic for another article) to hide all signs of weakness and helplessness. For their tears punish contempt, but praised for its tenacity, endurance, determination, and sometimes directly promoted their open expression frustration and aggression. A man reported to be strong, confident, all-knowing.

This rule is for everyone. In the distant past, of those qualities of character embodied in the battle for survival, largely dependent on life not only of the men, but his family members. Today, as a result of the progress of civilization and social – moral change the image of Superman was somewhat anarchic. Despite this, he – still doing his job, markedly slowing emotional development of men and restricting his ability to express their emotions. Often under the guise of indifference, the image of "biscuit", hides a loving heart, sensitive and vulnerable nature, tender and soft, for which the "cattle tenderness, not just "male problem".

Queen Elizabeth survey shows: the Germans Miss during the holidays especially bread, beer & Curry sausage London / Berlin, xy. July 2012 means vacation time for many German feast time. But please only, if it is not British or American food. Then maybe a French cheese or an Italian bruschetta instead of fish ‘n’ chips or XXL burgers. So at least thinks the majority of German tourists, according to a representative survey of more than 1,000 German, and 27,000 international travelers to their culinary preferences. No wonder finally every second German travel emits about half of its travel budget for the meals. Britannia Ugh, Bella Italia hui Germans love Italy for eating Beatles, Big Ben and Bobby’s. Even if the British Isles have a lot to offer, in terms of food home to Queen Elizabeth, II has produced still no real export success.

To see at least the German holidaymakers and assess the British cuisine the worst. Lamb is available with Mint way nor in the course like the food in the land of opportunity, which occupies the last place. China ranks third. It tastes the best the Germans, however, in Italy (44 percent), France (26 percent) and Spain (21 percent). “” In the categories best price performance ratio”, catering for the family”and most authentic cuisine”creamed off the Italians of the highest number of points. If it be less rustic and more culinary top-class, however, so the Germans prefer to France, preferred traveling to Paris. Important aspect in the choice of holiday destination is holiday goes more than just Sun, sea and holidays through the stomach food. The food is equally important.

And it’s about much more than a full stomach. The numbers confirm that the survey. 75 Percent of all Germans ascribe an important role the birth benefit when choosing a travel destination. Especially for families (75 percent), good food locally is an important selection criterion.

Berlin Hungry

Who buys a hungry, buys not hungry to buy more Hochkalorisches the truism, confirmed by a study. With some other output. Berlin (9.5.2013). “Never an empty stomach go shopping!”, so warns up to today the proverbial Grandma. But also who just a few hours has eaten, is remote controlled in its purchasing decisions by the energy-hungry brain, have now found US researchers.

And also for the first time shows how then the grocery shopping actually change. As “Grandma” suggests, the amount remains namely or size of purchased food is largely right. What has changed is the energy content of the food, so the “calories”, who walk in the shopping cart 1. Already five hours without food, so the tests showed with 68 people, resulted in the selection of higher-calorie foods (for example, biscuits, snacks, or red meat) as persons who had completed their simulated shopping sick (and the more fruit, vegetables, or white) Poultry meat purchased). Researchers also examined 82 supermarket visitors have noted the same thing: they bought especially for the time of day, where the last meal a while is back (between 16 and 19: 00), high-energy food. Who goes shopping so hungry, should but watch not only on the amount of purchased food mainly due to their energy content. Or even better – and because grandma was just right – shopping on an empty stomach completely renounce. 1 Valley A, Wansink B: fattening people source: hungry grocery shoppers buy more calories, need more food.

JAMA internal med. 2013 may 6:1-2. additional information this press release, with kind recommendations from “Medicinal plants – the world of medicinal plants”, Germany’s oldest (since 1992) and relevantester website for phytotherapy.