Nineteen Mistakes That Most Investors

The reason that people lose money on the stock market or achieve mediocre results at the stock exchange, is that they just make too many mistakes. The same applies to business, life and careers. You not progressing or fail not because of his strength, but because of their mistakes and weaknesses that you do not acknowledge and fix. Most people just blame someone else. Much easier to justify and alibi than critically examine their own behavior. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or you on his shoulders for many years, even decades of experience in the securities market. In fact, the experience becomes harmful, if ever fixes bad habits. Success in the trading of securities can be achieved if you try not to make classic mistakes most often perpetrated by the least successful investors.

Here's the classic mistake which you should avoid on the market: 1.Upryamoe retention of unprofitable positions when losses are very small and seem to be acceptable. 2.Pokupka on lowering prices, which brings the miserable results. 3.Usrednenie the purchase price down, not up. 4.Pokupka large number of cheap stocks, but not less expensive stocks. 5.Stremlenie to make quick and easy money. 6. Buying tips, rumors, the announcement of crushing and other news events, history, recommendations of advisory services, or opinions that you hear from the alleged experts on television.

7.Vybor secondary shares because of their low rates of dividends or the price / earnings (P / E). 8.Neumenie right start because of wrong selection criteria, and not knowing what exactly to look for in a successful company. 9.Pokupka "old familiar names." 10.Nesposobnost distinguish good information and follow the right advice. 11.Neispolzovanie schedules and fear of buying shares that go to a new, high level of prices. 12.Fiksatsiya small quick profits and withholding of unprofitable stocks. 13.Chrezmernoe concern about taxes and fees. 14. Concentration on what to buy, and after buying decision taken, a misunderstanding of when and under what circumstances to sell the shares. 15. Failure to understand the importance of buying shares of quality companies with good institutional support and the ability use charts for proper stock selection and timing of their purchases. 16.Chrezmernoe speculation craze options or futures, because they are believed to get rich quick. 17.Redkoe conduct transactions "Market price" and setting price limits on orders of buying and selling. 18.Nesposobnost to form their own opinions when making decisions. 19.Neobektivny look at the action. After reading all this, you should not feel discouraged, just remember that: "Strengthen your weaknesses until, until they become your strengths." Take time and some effort to fix everything, but the result is worth it.