The Foreground

Planets provide balance in your contacts, calm. In the foreground motif of achieving personal goals, desire to express their talents, to achieve credibility and a good rest or go on an interesting journey. This is a time when all the easily succeed, you get a lot out of life, smoothed all difficulties. This is a very good period for long adventurous journeys and short trips, recreation and production of new positive experiences. Your motto for this time – activity! Do you have a lot of energy, and on your side of a tailwind. Emphasis should be placed on love and marriage, friendship, excitation sexual feelings. Material success, a good aspect for the "hobby" and private work for opening a new business.

Terms of joy and pleasure, prosperity, friendliness, helpful attitude, gifts, art experiences, good period for marriage, buying art objects and jewelry. Planet brings love, money, bounty, joy. Can request salary increase or increase the prices of goods. This time the material Success, happiness, and the rise and popularity. Perfect time for marriage.

It is well to carry out various innovations. Participate in the entertainment and cultural events, to solve social problems, utilities, family matters. Planets will have a positive impact on communications, social work, to patrons. There will be opportunities to expand your social connections. Many can identify and reward. A good time to strengthen their provision of protection and patronage, long-distance travel, to start new cases. Gorgeous day for fun, entertainment, shopping and spending, for the purchase of expensive and beautiful things.