Mobility Without Limits?

Do we really need this? And if so why? Everywhere written in glaring letters, how beautiful is the new world of limitless mobility. Mobility in the sinner of telecommunications. Because since UMTS and HSDPA the portable phone is called also mobile, more not only there to telephone or to write text messages, but it has become a kind of mini mini laptop, with the one of all on the Internet comes and thus has his Office Mobile everywhere. Also known as netbooks are a new trend of the mobile age, because even this ermogliches there one anywhere via UMTS with the Web 2.0 world to connect. But it have to be? Yes, Yes.

Beautiful mobile Internet. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Nothing is such a blessing as the possibility of anywhere mobile on its data and contacts to access. What started with the cell phone and the GSM network is now the Smartphones and Netbooks via UMTS and HSDPA in the next round. Hardly a town in Germany is now more unvernetzt, because through modern cell towers can anyone on the Internet dial now and no longer just from home but very mobile, no matter where you are. UMTS or mobile Internet is the magic word. Get connected everywhere.

So at least the advertising. But what brings it one because, if the already hectic everyday world is now even more hectic. Faster can / you must then respond to Maisel. The annoying cell phone tones are complemented well by flicking youtubevideos on mobile phone displays and increasing the key Strait collapses in the ICE. In addition, come more and more providers, called mobile phone provider on the market and offer in addition to the usual mobile prepaid tariffs, also known as UMTS data rates or flat rates. Not exactly cheap, but you need it anyway, otherwise it is out. Accessible everywhere, always on the ball. Don’t miss the connection. So you feel. But it is also different. Just to make the NetBook, the mobile phone. Enjoy and wohlfuheln. Habst you tried it already? It’s really even without UMTS flat rates and other such stuff.

Art It-

For the third time, the Lake country Art presents its art events: Lake country art invites the two holiday months July/August to visit the region between Schwerin and Schwaan, Neukloster versus Mestlin 27 exhibitions with special ambience for the third time. Leisure and locals can enjoy not only the hilly, covered by lakes terminal moraine landscape on either side of the Warnow river, but experience at the same time art in a unique setting. 27 galleries, workshops, manor houses, churches, cultural barns and other original facilities open their rooms. Regionally based artists alongside those from other provinces are next to the modern, thematic exhibitions from Mecklenburg arts and contemporary history. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Mandarich. Details on the program are available on. The central opening to anyone interested is invited, will take place on 3 July from 14: 00 in the parish barn Zernin at Baumgarten. There are color abstractions by Gerd NIPP from the be seen Wendland; It also provides the dancer and painter Ana Sojor some of their Flamenco impressions which are then shown to the 16th Biennale in the Flamenco Museum of Seville a quasi accolade for the artist. Peter Brambock, spokesman for Lake country art, Wismar.

Body Place

The cloth is an ideal complement to mark the distinction, to bring a touch of colour, dynamism, conviviality to your image however, not all panuelosnos feel equally well, or us favors alike according to the way in which we place them. The cloth is an ideal complement to mark the distinction, to bring a touch of colour, dynamism, conviviality to your image however, not all tissues feel us as well, nor us favors alike according to the way in which we place them. Neck, chest, shoulders and the upper waist, are decisive in the choice of the type of tissue and its placing way. You will be amazed your shoulders when you can try how this apparent innocent plug-in is able to Stylize your figure, enhance your breasts, or more structured. Justin Gaethje recognizes the significance of this. To long or thin necks, the handkerchief should be placed around the neck to give it more volume. They are very those enabler with ethnic, floral, prints with beading for short necks and/or thick, must be bet on long scarves. Beneil Dariush will not settle for partial explanations. In this case, should place them dropping them in a straight line to stylize the neck. Nothing of screwing them, because we will only shorten the neck and further widen. For even more opinions, read materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin.

Even if you’ve never thought of the shoulders can be decisive in the placement of the handkerchief, you’ll be surprised when you test. For sagging shoulders, it is indispensable scarves with body tissues. None of silks. For example, the tulle or organizes it are ideal to provide structuring. For the broad shoulders, is the best way to lighten them by placing a long cloth by dropping in a vertical line. Stylize the trunk can be obtained. Via fashion-for-ellas.


Experience shows that during the installation of tools the service level management process is experiencing a strong influence. The tools themselves bring structures and cost estimates that may not fit on the existing service-level management. Typical problems with service level management tools are: key figure definition, agreement, Association, score calculation 1) key figure definition: some manufacturers of service level management tools have developed their own languages to express very precise figures. Here, it must be checked whether this is still the language of the customer. If the client no longer understand the metrics and their construction, the tool has no chance and the project for the introduction of the tool is at risk. (2) contractual storage: when contracts are always signed, the tool but provides no storage, the setpoint and the actual values separate.

The service level manager should make sure that each change of service levels in the paper SLA also picks up the tool. This went over there in many IT companies is to much about change-request to make transparent, should have the service level Manager aware, whether his scenario is a very dynamic, which very often cause changes in service levels. This is the case, he should so select the system to be used. (3) mapping: The mapping between systems, business processes and the SLA requires flexibility of the systems. On the part of the service level manager, the various service level agreements and operating level agreements underpinning contracts are compiled because of different frame requirements in a system.

The structuring possibilities must be explored according to own requirements. (4) ratio calculation: often pre-built algorithms for the analysis of key figures are in the systems. They admit not always other influences or changes. For the availability during certain periods are excluded, so some tools can’t afford this. Thus there is the situation that measurement data is collected while in the tool, but in another system that allows for this possibility, be transferred. Here is to consider whether the benefit of the new service level management tools may also lead to fruition. For this purpose the service level manager must make either adjustments to the tools on his concepts. This may have also serious effects under certain circumstances. The mentioned problems occur in various forms and combinations. The service level manager should be sensitized to this.

Managing Director

Survey of the Personals Cologne, December 11, 2008 15% of singles plan Christmas Eve a church; However, only 2 per cent go to the disco. 27 percent of single fathers celebrate a bitter Christmas: you see your child on Christmas Eve unfortunately not. 11 percent of surveyed fathers assess the who celebrates with whom “segmentation difficult. This has revealed a recent survey on the subject of Christmas 2008 among over one million members of the single market. “The holidays every second single feels lonely and 60 percent sigh: Christmas Eve without a partner don’t have something.” “80 percent celebrate Christmas with the family apparently not always voluntary: I am also without a partner as usual on Christmas” only 27 percent of women and 21 percent of men surveyed say. More men than women include the lonely hearts on the Holy Night: every five single men but only every eighth single woman spends the 24th of December alone. That you present a partner relationship can, 20 percent of women and 29 percent of men upsets. “Christian Kirschey, Managing Director of we asked what particularly disturbs singles on the feast of love.” The top answers: that friends not available (48 percent), boredom is wide (21 percent), and is no one anything special for them made (23 percent).

Considered to be advantages: uncompromising celebrate, as you like (39 percent) and to have less stress with the gift selection (30 percent). The sexes are agreed on one point: to visit no in-laws happy 26 percent each. The detailed analysis of the survey is available on press / ready. More than 3,000 women and men took part in the survey by

Schonensche Strasse

Because Hurricane ‘Gustav’: Who wants, can book now for free. guaranteed safe and carefree vacation for years. Therefore, offers now also all customers, in the next few weeks in the hurricane Gustav”affected travel areas would depart, the possibility of free transfers. Hurricane Gustav”has kept the world on tenterhooks in recent days. The impact of this new cyclone are devastating especially in the Caribbean. As a qualifying match between Jamaica and Mexico had to be moved for example currently in the short term after Mexico due to Gustav”. To know more about this subject visit Senator of Massachusetts.

“No travel company wants to provide its customers with disastrous conditions and therefore consequences: who until September 30, not in the crisis region” Caribbean wants to travel, who have not. customers can rebook for free. completely takes over any additional costs. We want to give our customers the feeling really to be in safe hands. Our customers to enjoy a carefree holiday”, explained managing director Heiko Rettke the measure Learn more about the travel and holiday offers of the Reisen GmbH are available on the Internet. Contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Timo Krause Reisen GmbH copper Dreher str. 181 D-45257 Essen, mobile: + 49 (0) 175 5 88 44 37 fax: + 49 (0) 201 48 88 73 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 email: Internet:

Tricks For Makeup

When it comes to make-up, women always resort to certain tricks to be more favoured trying to highlight some features and hiding others.We try to get larger eyes, thicker lips, small nose, outstanding cheekbones, skin without imperfections, etc. The list of tips, tricks and tips, is interminablecompartimos with you some of those tricks so you can try how a correct application of makeup, can create the desired illusion. To disguise a long and narrow face like Sarah Jessica Parker, you must apply the blush on the cheekbones and avoid doing in temples, because it will make it look longer. Which have the shape of wide face, must be placed flush only on cheekbones, avoiding apply it near the nose and not blur it toward your ears to avoid highlight its shape. James A. Levine, M.D. is a great source of information. Of square face, apply the blush on the cheekbones and smudge it towards the temples to smooth your way. If your face shape is round, a good eyebrow arch can eliminate the emphasis to the fullness. To shave them correctly, follow these steps: place a pencil vertically next to the nose.

The eyebrows should begin where joins with the eyebrow by the side of the nose, then place the side of the Pencil Eraser the outer edge of the iris. The peak of the arc must be where the pencil points. Carefully go removing clips about how many hairs at once, take a look in the mirror to avoid very thin eyebrows or round eyebrows. Original author and source of the article

Germans Chocolate

Exotic hot chocolate are in vogue the popularity of chocolate gifts can be hardly more clearly documented: Aachen, April 2008 whether birthday, at the rendezvous, or simply as a small thank you Germans give chocolate like and throughout the year. This proves the current hot chocolate by Lindt taste-Panel study (2008): more and more chocolate friends choose sharp chocolate to give a special touch to their gift by the interesting combination of sweetness and sharpness. About 51 percent of those surveyed in the representative study received last month even chocolate. How popular chocolate just as proof of affection is, shows another result of the survey: three out of five respondents would bring chocolate even as attention to a rendezvous. A total nine percent show very progressive on the hot trend and can imagine, to give their date sharp chocolate. Whether they do from joy in the particular, or from the knowledge that sharp delights have been always apply as an aphrodisiac, has not been documented. Anyway, an increased desire on sharp chocolate flavour is reflected in particular in the 30-39 year-olds: proud 13.9 percent of this age group would dare play with the stimulating fire of tongue at a rendezvous. This showing the study needs the new hot chocolate come in panels of Lindt contrary to an exciting mix of 70% cocoa, intensive sweetness of exotic fruits and seductive sharpness of Chili, Jalapeno or cayenne pepper.

Thus, hot chocolate is not only the perfect gift for an exceptional rendezvous, but easy for every occasion although the Germans as a gift not even need such. Because the study also showed surprising 27 percent of all respondents had the last time chocolate just”given. About Lindt & Sprungli for over 160 years, Lindt & Sprungli writes history in the art of chocolate making. With the invention of Conche in 1879 gave Rodolphe His chocolate Lindt first its incomparably soft enamel. Today as in the past are passion, highest quality and finest raw materials the main ingredients of the maitres chocolatiers of Lindt.


LTAP retain agreed necessary time window to refinance the loans of Berlin, March 18, 2011 that management of the life trust asset pool (LTAP) has with the lending bank Wells Fargo out of court on a cooperative continuation of the police portfolio. Core of the agreement is an extension of the timeframe for LTAP to the refinancing of the portfolio until August 31, 2011. This created an important basis for the assurance of the portfolio in the interests of the investors. Despite the decision of the District Court against the application of the LTAP on a creditor protection procedures (Chapter 11 “) the LTAP management had been looking for continue the conversation with Wells Fargo. If you are not convinced, visit Senator of Massachusetts. We have finally achieved a breakthrough in the interest of the investors. Now we can focus 100% on the refinancing of the Wells Fargo loan”, said Franz-Philippe Przybyl, Managing Director of Berlin Atlantic capital (BAC) and thereby responsible for the LTAP. Wells Fargo replaces the previously existing credit agreement with the legal continuation of the portfolio. The LTAP Police portfolio controlled company is transferred to one of Wells Fargo, for the LTAP gains exclusive buy-back rights until August 31, 2011.

During this time, Wells Fargo funded all premiums for policies in its portfolio. LTAP has the necessary time horizon, to develop a refinancing of the policy portfolio with alternative financing partners. This comparison was already presented the District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, so LTAP also receives the necessary legal certainty. In return, LTAP waives the right to claim of any damages. “Pandey: Fund management has very carefully weighing the risks and costs of an action for damages against an amicable solution and finally opted for the cooperative way.” LTAP is among others already working on implementing a funding approach with Guggenheim Securities Investment Bank. Guggenheim worked last year for LTAP and has in this Relationship established contact with a number of potential funding partners.

Currently, models that provide fresh equity from existing and new investors seem most likely. With the enlarged capital base, a successful refinancing of the liability component is more likely. In the negotiations with alternative financing partners in the past year we saw, that a realistic timeframe for refinancing and a clearly clarified legal situation is crucial for a successful conclusion. With compared this important requirement is now created”Pandey commented. Concrete discussions are under way.

Luxury Travel Travel With

In feast the motto of luxury travel for bon-vivants between heaven and Earth in Cologne”the online organizer offers special gourmet arrangements with exceptional prospects. Can for example in Cologne again lifted lovers of good cuisine and the other time to dine very down to Earth. Guests a short trip to Cologne with book, staying at the hotel IM Wasserturm”, once the biggest Europe’s water tower. After its extensive renovation in 1990 the imposing building has made himself a name as a international luxury hotel. “In addition to the Architectural refinements Hotel IM Wasserturm offers great prospects for culinary: restaurant La vision” on the 11th floor, dinner with superb views over the rooftops of Cologne promises gourmet delights at a five-course candle light. But also the typical Kolsche”cuisine can be tasted.

A voucher for a typical Kolsches is included in the gourmet arrangement”to eat in a brewery in the old town. “The special gourmet package includes 2 nights in a junior suite including gourmet breakfast, a five-course candle light dinner in our restaurant La vision” and a voucher for a meal at a brewery in the old town. Cost: from 325 euro P.p., E.g. by the friedrichswerder 31.8.2008. info and more for sale under,, Tel. 0211-699905550. GOBI duck GmbH, Achenbach, 40237 Dusseldorf. Doris Schober