The Electronic Invoicing In Mexico

Electronic invoicing has acceded to the best companies in Mexico, as well as SMEs that have realized the good results that this system brings to their businesses. The electronic system was not compulsory but until the January 1 in recent year, when taxpayers who declared in 2009 more than 4 billion pesos were forced to move to such a system. Although it is mandatory for a part of the taxpayers, are very few people who have been changed because they have the obligation, the majority of people who have recently acquired electronic billing system have done since it saves lot of money, effort and time to have the system. If you are thinking of moving to electronic billing system you should know that you need that your company, business or Office has a computer with permanent connection to the web and acquire the system that is purchased in authorized places. Although you will have to buy the software and pay the internet service it will be much more than money save money, because you no longer bargains on ink, paper and sending your invoices. Use electronic billing system does not require you capacites or to take some course in particular, in the event that you don’t understand the system can ask for help at the time of purchasing the billing software..