Word Roast Chicken

We see the word barbecue, can be used as you’re generalizing it is and then I wonder, and I would even say they ask, you will need to intervene the Royal Academy of language? Or we have to suggest some draft law? any recommendation and because no intimation, the schools of gastronomy? or ask for the collaboration of cameras entrepreneurs related to gastronomy? or the unions? Not be where you should start. But something must be done to bring order to that symbol, which is the Argentine asado. Do not forget that the Real Academia Espanola… talk of roast beef but also that for Argentina and Uruguay, defines it as: cut of meat for roasting, which removed lengthwise into strips of beef brisket. It seems that the ideal in gastronomy have taken over that Word (sorry, symbol of the country) and have placed all the creatures. Not forgetting the saying that every creature that walks will grill (add that they swim that they fly). But one thing is the grill and another is the ROAST. It is enough to confuse new generations.

The roast is one thing. Beef (best and to leave no doubt of cow), and the ribs of that animal. Youngest, oldest animal. Rib strip wider, thinner. Salted meat with or without salt. Cooked, juicy, or well cooked. Rise (or better said Chuck) on a few irons or similar, to keep it within reach of the heat of fathoms. And nothing more.

Very simple. It could be said that this alert is an exaggeration. But not. Please note that you will see that they offer grilled with provoleta, chorizo, blood sausage, rinoncito, gizzard, chicken, and some piece of meat with almost no bone. That lack of respect for the barbecue that armo it. And that there is an advance of those companions of the roast, intended to move it, shrinking their King spaces on the grid: empty, cover roast, Flank Steak, colita de cuadril, offal, chicken, lamb,… Steakhouses put a little order. Simply use the word roast incorrectly. Example replace the name of recipe roast chicken by chicken grilled and so on with the fish, piglet, lamb, and by all the other creatures than the cow and go to the grill.