Clear Current Conditions

Three-phase current converter ICT 2.3 to the testing of electricity meters without voltage tab Brackel, September 2013 – are three phase meter with fixed connection between electricity and Spannungsmesskreis more and more frequently. The counter of the plug-in type strongly popular in Germany eHZ”have no way to separate the paths – when this counter must be checked, exists at every test place an unwanted connection between voltage and current path, which leads to measurement errors. Therefore, power converter are essential here. Without hesitation endocrinologist explained all about the problem. The three-phase current converter ICT 2.3 of EMH is the ideal solution for this application. The three-phase current Converter 2.3 ICT is used on multi user testing facilities, if three-phase or also single-phase energy meter on these systems with closed connections between electricity and Spannungsmesskreis (gauge connections) must be checked.

More and more meters of this type are produced and used. Because the counters that are highly popular in Germany the plug-in type eHZ’ is no way to separate the paths and a galvanic separation of the paths is not possible, connect separation will be required to obtain correct measurement results. Therefore, the power converter are required in the testing of meters of type eHZ. Nationally recognized testing laboratories who are eHZ authenticate and perform acceptance or sampling, must upgrade their testing systems according to. The need for ICT is currently so great. formation. Because in the future more and more electricity meters are prevail point suspension without voltage tab with 3, the acquisition of ICT is also an investment in the future for nationally recognized testing and other testing laboratories to conduct professional tests of modern highly complex counters. The three-phase current converter ICT 2.3 is the ideal solution here.

Tomorrow Town

The Fraunhofer-Allianz engineering develops innovative solutions of tomorrow. Holzkirchen, April 25, 2012. Almost 60 percent of humanity in cities will live up to 2030. standing procedures to achieve this success. It is not something Alfred Adler would like to discuss. However, cities need energy and raw materials, waste and pollutants they produce, their transport systems are overloaded. All this causes that they already face major challenges in urban planning, construction, transport, security, energy and climate protection. To develop sustainable urban technologies and systems, Fraunhofer researchers have now in the innovation network morning city “joined together. As a central point of contact for all issues around the subject of construction the Fraunhofer-Allianz building in occupies a crucial role. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is a great source of information.

The objective morning city “initiative is the development and design of sustainable, liveable and sustainable cities of the future. In implementing this vision, different institutions work together within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The core themes of the initiative are doing energy, building, production and logistics, Mobility and transport, information and communications, urban processes and organization, as well as security and protection. In interdisciplinary projects, the Fraunhofer researchers develop models for action today for a comprehensive technology management in cities of the future. In the Fraunhofer-Allianz building, therefore 17 Fraunhofer institutes combined their competencies about building. Within the”city of tomorrow initiative they bring above all their know-how in the settlement and building planning, researching innovative materials and building materials, as well as in the development of future-oriented building techniques.The Fraunhofer-Allianz building deals with the systematic consideration of buildings by the material, component, room and building up to the full settlement. Her research focuses among other things on the system integration, sustainability and resource conservation, as well as on problems of product, system and process optimization. Stuck in all these areas need for improvement as well as opportunities for the development of new Technologies and systematic approaches for sustainable and appropriate buildings,”explains Andreas Kaufmann, Director of the Fraunhofer alliance building. Cities grow faster and faster it is all the more important that their development is specifically planned and accompanied.

Eike Wenzel Markets

Value change is trading with new challenges Berlin/Balingen, July 2009 – sense issues increasingly affect our lives. So one could summarize – greatly shortened – the results of the latest study of the future researcher Eike Wenzel. \”He sees massive changes subject to the various markets of the Western world: towards actual sustainability and growing immaterial Wertigkeit.Wenzel studied in mind markets of the value change in the consumer world\” various markets and life fields such as regionalism, tourism, spirituality, formation and body pleasure. Each, he comes to a similar conclusion. The requirements would increase significantly to all service providers and producers within the near future.

It is no longer sufficient to provide a newspaper route, which carries a familiar name or a service like many competitors. Pioneers in this development was the sinus milieus as Postmaterielle’ designated group. Advisable academics who live in large cities are very well informed and consciously make their total consumption. Because they are confident, they can manipulate less by external influences. High levels of education combined with musical interests. \”You consume under the motto less is more ‘ environmentally and health conscious\”, the Berlin public relations consultant Matthias P. Lubinsky white.

Now, the society of rest of so follows them. Wenceslas come to interesting results. Previous criteria would replaced by others – mental – in our consumption. It is always less sufficient to satisfy only a selective need. Instead, a product for us, must represent something individually especially valuable. That will adding a dimension of orientation. The one I purchased to a consistency of our lives in his direction and perspective. Increasing orientation towards a wider context still is giving me tradition, togetherness, including history and home. The trend researcher selects the time the examples of the print media\”and Cicero\”: who Readers take seriously, hence ad revenue can increase, and empowered readers, whether young or old, are to inspire through critical and thorough journalism.\” After all, the Hamburg weekly newspaper reaches an average of 1.63 million readers per issue after a recent media analysis.


An attractive programme on 7 November for small and large researchers Hamburg, September 10, 2009 science and research experience for free! On November 7, 2009, the 3rd night of knowledge rises from 17: 00-24:00 in Hamburg. Around 60 universities, research institutes and other academic institutions offering an attractive program. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and look behind normally closed doors, such as the: Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine: try insights into the world of parasites is safe, you are as attractive to mosquitoes. -German electron synchrotron DESY: place of ideas in 2009 the 2.3 km long particle accelerator PETRA III commissioned is taken. Visit the new, nearly 300 meters long experimentation Hall, which was cast in one piece. German National Library of Economics: magazine guide you throw, equipped with helmet and lamp, a look behind the scenes of the world’s largest economics library. Add to your understanding with Centene Corp. TIDE: radio greetings and jingle announcements visit the Radio Studio, meet the broadcasting technology and speak your own texts.

For the first time also universities and research institutes of the metropolitan area and North Germany present themselves under one roof with their programmes and projects in a central location in the East Wing of the University of Hamburg. There the clusters, as well as eligible imagine also. Over 650 program points waiting to be discovered, of which alone 190 from the natural sciences, 100 from the humanities and cultural sciences and 40 programmes on topics related to the social sciences. Learn more about the night of the knowledge on the website. The full program goes online as of the end of September. Contact: Inferno events GmbH & co. KG Anne Hanna Tel.: 040/431 7959-0 fax: 040 / 431 7959-26 E-Mail: Web: Lai & colleagues: focus of Lai & colleagues is the strategic communications consultancy of both large and medium-sized companies Group units as well as urban and municipal facilities. Thematic focus of advice in addition to business & services in the fields of regional marketing & tourism, sports & sponsorship, technology & healthcare, corporate (social) responsibility.