When the device covers the pavement graders perform processes: profiling the layer of soil treated base, the formation of crushed stone and gravel in a longitudinal shaft, a prism, laying asphalt mixture layer coating, surface treatment coating of crushed stone and gravel placer deposits, preparing grounds for laying slabs of prefabricated concrete slabs. The operations included in the processes of certain types of work performed grader (grader), are connected in series and are repeated in each section of highway under construction: digging, hoeing, forming a prism drawing, earth moving and material distribution, leveling (Planning), profiling, coating the road surface and verges. Foundation subgrade preparation, development of seizures, the construction of embankments, finishing in the final layout of the surface subgrade and slopes, roadside produce a set of planning road building machines, which necessarily includes grader. Works on pavement coatings perform well with motor graders. Technological process operations grader blade (grader) consists of successive passes, which is in cutting the soil, its transverse and longitudinal displacement, trim (planning) treated area of the road. Depending on the type of road construction works, processes and operations grader performs them one of the models of work equipment: dozer, bulldozer, ripper.

Construction of embankment finish trim the bottom of slopes and planning reserve. The inner and outer slopes of the reserve up to 1 m trim grader with otkosnika installed on the heap. At the same time carry out one or two longitudinal passage grader (grader). Cut the bottom level a soil reserve or move to the mound. Slopes up to 0.6 m plan auto grader blade set at the desired angle. When cutting the inner slope cell blade is installed with an angle of 30-40 and seizure shall be made right so that the protruding end was flush with the outside of the right wheel of front axle. First pass the front wheels pass over the snow, rear – on the bottom cut out the ditch.

On subsequent passes grader (grader), right front and rear wheels should move along the bottom of the ditch and the front wheel should have a vertical position. Lateral movement of soil produce a shift in the ground roll, cut out of the ditch, and when dealing with road-building material laid in the pavement surface. For this operation, set the blade angle to capture 40-50 , the wheel the front axle should be tilted angle gm 3-5 in the direction of displacement, road-building material. If you are not convinced, visit patrick dwyer merrill lynch. Finishing and final layout of the base and cover the pavement at an angle produces satiety capture of 90 . Recently time, due to the optimal price-quality ratio, the increasing use of motor graders are in Russia (graders) in China. With all the variety of Chinese manufacturers a good choice concern is the production of XCMG. This product meets all international quality standards, so technology XCMG is widespread in almost all continents of the world.

India Equipment

Concern 'SoyuzEnergo' was founded in 1996. Novomoskovsk (Dnepropetrovsk reg.). The main activity of the enterprises included in the concern is the manufacture, supply, upgrading and maintenance power equipment and industrial valves for the enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries. The company is 'SoyuzEnergo' includes two large industrial enterprises with a powerful production capacity: OAO Ukrhimenergo '(Severodonetsk) and OAO Pridneprovsky repair-mechanical plant "(Dnepropetrovsk), as well as a number of commercial and supply companies in Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps check out Glenn Dubin for more information. Areas of work Group: manufacture and supply of pipe fittings of various sizes for water, steam, gas, corrosive media, manufacturing and repair of steam, hot water boilers and recovery boilers, heat exchange units, heating surfaces, manifolds and tube steam boilers manufacture components steam and hot water, gas, thermal power plants providing casting; bends of pipelines with a diameter of 630 mm. thickness walls up to 50 mm.

In the autumn of 2006. reproductive-health/publications/ru/mec/index.htm stamped valves DN800, a in March 2007. – DN1400-1500, allowing the concern to reach a new level in today's market valves. The quality of products produced by 'SoyuzEnergo' confirmed by the fact that the enterprise group are certified to international standards ISO 9001 quality system. Is constantly working to improve production technology and establish a modern equipment that will make the products of impeccable quality, focusing on the demands of the world market.

To date, 'SoyuzEnergo' supplies valves and energy equipment to Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, India, Germany, Pakistan and other countries. On an ongoing basis is cooperation with the chemical, metallurgical, power plants Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Concern 'SoyuzEnergo' dynamic development and introduction of new media and marketing techniques. The main types of manufactured concern valves: valve V- welded with rising stem flanged DN 150-1500 mm, PN 1,0 to PN 10,0 kg/cm2; wedge gate valves with rising stem welded flanges made of corrosion-resistant steel, DN 150-1500 mm, PN 1,0 to PN 10.0 kgf/cm2; gates (valves) reverse steel DN 150-1000, PN 25 to PN 63 kgf/cm2; butterfly valves PN10 DN 300-1400 mm valve V-steel alloy c-rising stem flanged DN 50-400 mm, PN 16 to 63 kg/cm2. In the autumn of 2007. Concern 'SoyuzEnergo' presented their achievements in the field of manufacturing of valves and power equipment at two major exhibitions: from 9.26 to 9.28.07 'TEK' Present and Future – 2007 "(Kiev), and from 15 to 18 October in the EC 'Sokolniki', hosted the VI International Forum RSVEXRO-2007, brings together five specialized exhibitions: 'Pumps',' compressors, pneumatics and pneumatic tools', 'Armature', 'Drives and Engines',' Casting. Sealing technology '. In Kiev 'SoyuzEnergo' was awarded an honorary diploma of the participant, and at the Moscow exhibition-forum PCVEXPO-2007 Concern 'SoyuzEnergo' won two awards – 'Reinforcing Oscar was presented to the Chairman of the Board Group SA Karpenko chief editor of' Pipe fittings and equipment 'D. Graco, and the Cup of the Forum (the main prize activities), awarded by a vote of visitors. 'Valve Oscar' was established in 2006 .- is an award given for outstanding achievements in valve. Concern 'SoyuzEnergo' was awarded this award for implementation as soon as the import substitution program of valves in Ukraine through the creation of a new production of steel stamped valves up to DN 1500 mm, Butterfly valves up to DN 1400 mm and the valves check valves up to DN 1000 mm.

Sporting Goods

The application of ABS plastic due to complex of unique properties that allow its use in those parts, where previously it was impossible to do without the use of non-ferrous metals, thermosets and rubbers, ceramics, concrete or wood. ABS plastic is one of the the most widely used engineering thermoplastics. The material is used in industries such as automotive, electrical and electronics, audio / video equipment, small and large appliances, furniture, plumbing fixtures, medicine, telecommunications, instruments and packaging. In the automotive industry on the basis of ABS plastic, and his compositions are produced details of the interior and exterior. This includes panel frames, shields the instrument panel, window frames, door liner and other parts of the cabin, grille, wheel trims, body lights and outside mirrors, air intake mouth, facing the door, bumper. In ABS plastic instrument is used as a structural material for the manufacture of electrical enclosures, power tools batteries.

At the same time can be singled out using ABS plastic for production of electrical body parts, working in the room. This could include housing of such devices as televisions, radios, tape recorders, VCRs, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, desks controls, telephones, fax machines, computers, monitors, printers, calculators, and other consumer electronic equipment. Also, on the basis of ABS plastic can be made of electric and electronic devices: flexible disc CD-ROM, insert the DVD. In the production of consumer goods ABS plastic used for the production of household goods for household goods – products for bath and toilet, gardening tools; Sporting Goods – helmets, shields, baby products and toys, including children's designers, desktop stationery. In the food industry, ABS plastic is used as a dish to feed on air, rail and water transport: cups, plates, boxes made of ABS plastic grades that may be used with hot foods. In addition, based on ABS plastic made signs, the elements of movements, optical instruments. In medicine, the ABS plastic used to produce parts of medical equipment and medical luggage. ABS plastic is also used in production profiles for commercial equipment. In the furniture industry, ABS plastic and composition on the basis used for the production of furniture accessories.


New methods for functional materials for nanoelectronics and scanning probe microscopy nanobiology Published on Introduction According to the empirical Moore's law – the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year or two, which is a natural result of the development of nanotechnology. The basis of nanoelectronics are the same elements as in microelectronics – transistors, but with a nanometer size. Through unique physical properties and structural features of carbon nanotubes in this case, are ideal candidates for the role of elements for electronic circuits. The same thing happens in biology and medicine. Obtaining new nanomaterials allows you to create filtration systems and water desalination, as well as filters for gases and air.

Due to the high density of nanotubes per unit area of such filters is much faster and effectively carry out cleaning fluids as compared with polycarbonate filters are now common. Carbon nanotubes – cylindrical structures extended from carbon atoms with a diameter of one to several tens of nanometers and lengths up to several microns. They have an extremely strong and resilient. When you use certain methods to obtain nanotubes are obtained malodefektnymi, with a predetermined structure and growth direction. Methods of preparation was developed and patented a new method of producing nanotubes – a method of ohmic heating of graphite paper 1. In this method for producing carbon nanotubes on a graphite first paper applied to silica gel containing catalysts (Ni, Co and Fe).

Then the paper is placed in the vacuum system and heated to 700 oC. Also used the previously developed method of magnetron sputtering of carbon films with carbon nanotubes 2. They are sprayed in a vacuum chamber using a magnetron sputtering method at constant current. In this deposition process is carried out at a pressure of inert gas in the chamber (1-5) 10-2 Torr and the power of the DC power supply of the target 40 – 100 mA.