Data Protection Supervisor Alone

Topics that want to be edited: cloud, new EU data protection regulation, Google +, Facebook, BYOD, Smartphone, WEB 2.0. To make the privacy organization requires good expertise from multiple disciplines and organizational talent. Legally secure implementation of data protection rules is to hedge, the relief which hopefully believe business / agency head in and, as you also to your. In your organizational work check the legality of proceedings, submit templates for contracts and operating agreements, provide advice to specific privacy inquiries, recommendations on the implementation of new data processing techniques, design processes from a data protection perspective. Bobby Green has plenty of information regarding this issue. Instruct staff, negotiate contract terms with third parties from and check the internal as well as external contractors. Almost every month new privacy issues to which you should provide advice arising (cloud, new EU data protection regulation, Google +, Facebook, BYOD, Smartphone, WEB 2.0,…). It’s actually still without Support? How to keep this huge field in sight and be always up to date? You need support! Actually, they ought to be the goose – you expect it – but these are wishes. What do you to work in a Duet? Let your partners highlight the new requirements and take to own the results of his work as a values of basis of.

Get this support in the form of opus i module ‘Practice Advisor data protection and data security’. You’ll be amazed at how little good advice costs. Helmut Bartels’ is your partner in the Duet and who created him ‘Practice Advisor data protection and data security’ and the publishing house man and media. Helmut Bartels’ we found the Privacy Professional, where the rare combination of expertise, awareness of the reality of practice, organisational talent, revision and quality management experience are combined. A rarely good, but exactly the experience we wanted to offer you. Helmut Bartels’ practice Advisor is at a University for privacy training Students this is but a good reference. Also on the trust ‘Practice Advisor data protection and data security’ and ‘opus i’ by Crown-soft. Check it out here: privacy/datenschutzchecklisten.html and Gerhard Kron

French Communication

Distribution agreement with ADEUNIS signed high-quality, certified according to ISO9001 quality management data radio modems in professional applications, such as, for example, water supply, power generation and distribution, wastewater treatment, environmental and weather observation or flood and disaster protection used. Glenn Dubin has many thoughts on the issue. In addition, there are military and institutional applications that require a permanently available and non-public private own data transmission network. This private data transmission network has often spatial extensions of 20 km and more. With the royalty-free products of the French manufacturer of ADEUNIS, now also the short-range radio is covered up to 4 km. Here are two scenarios in the foreground: a the transfer of measured values and conditions over short distances, on the other hand the wireless connection of automation and control systems. The special feature of this form of data transfer is that here normal consumers nor other users disrupt this communication or use. There are no ongoing costs or fees, so usually a payback period can be used to years for the investment of about 3-4.

Main users of this technology are municipal institutions, public utilities and public agencies. Also the radio illumination on the spot, where the sites measured and calculated planning details such as masts, cables, antenna types and installation requirements among the professional preparation of a data radio network installation. Because this is communication to a pure “M-to-M” (machine to machine), the technical interfaces and protocols are defined in advance. Because it often is during installation to harsh environments or unprotected areas, protection class IP65 is required the housing. Private data networks be designed for at least 10 years continuous trouble-free and continuously available. For technical changes and innovations, as well as for future extensions to be prepared, the data radio modems must be upgradeable scalable and backward compatible. To the technical implementation the communication devices (DEE) with the (revealed), so the radio modems, data transmission equipment in advance to make sure free test devices are provided. Free data radio seminars are organized to the qualification of planning engineers and technicians.

Berlin Music

Simple and cost-effective system for the commercial sound. Music conjures up associations, motivated and amplified emotions. The right sound concept has at least as much importance as the Interior or the lighting. Specifically placed music on sales areas can be a promotional image-defining Marktetinginstrument when she target groups. The acoustic corporate identity. With conventional systems, such as CD players or MP3 players, you can hardly meet this requirement because it would entail an enormous time and planning effort. In addition, the procurement of phonograms requires time and money. Shop music offers a cheap and simple solution: the Auracle sound music streaming is the innovation of in-store music systems.

Music individually customizable, easy to use and extremely reasonable prices. The range starts at 30 per month, i.e. 1.16 a day. The customer must only connect the device and select a station. A system that the music is automatically updated and Customers and employees every day with new, more precise target group music sound. There more than 20 varied music channels offered selected music in high quality by hand.

The customer can choose between the channels lounge, house bar, chill, smooth jazz, pop, indie pop, Funk & soul, minimal House, Electro House, or classical music. Various channels such as Asia lounge or even a channel with GEMAFREIER music, in which the customer save enormous fees may, are included in the Auracle sound range. Over 1000 titles each channel provide musical variety. Actuality and trend feeling is particularly important in times of ever-changing trends in the music industry. Therefore the music program is sound artist management every 2 weeks in collaboration with the London DJ agency”updated on the server. The Agency represents well-known radio and club DJ BBs and selects the best blender for different music of channels. Are known DJs like Jamie Cullum, Ravin (Buddha Bar), Gilles Peterson and many more. Also a special channel is possible. The music selection can be tuned this individual businesses and their individual needs. Every song in the world, every music style is available. In addition the possibility of a “custom made channel” to get InStore radio spots. These spots can request exactly and “just in time” in the sound system of the respective customers fed and playing. All music rights are 100% legally settled and paid through the English partner Institute of GEMA and the GVL, the MCPS and the PPS. You be aligned individually by the team of shop music in Berlin in cooperation with the customer on the respective customers. Interested parties can test 14 days the unit free of charge and without obligation. Link: music streaming/5-free of charge-test / advantages at a glance: no high cost of phonograms or MP3s no repetitive CDs not volume jumps no radio with aggressive advertising and annoying presenters no time for downloading and playing the MP3 player no inappropriate music selection of the staff learn more about the Auracle Sound Music Streaming, visit our website: press contact: Erik Koerner shop music Nunsdorfer ring 15 12277 Berlin Tel.