Franchising In Germany

Past 10 years, franchising in Germany is developing rapidly, especially in services and retail trade. German Franchise Association dfw (Deutscher Franchise Verband eV) was founded thirty years ago in 1978. The purpose of this organization was to encourage and support this business. Currently, the association has about 250 members. Now the association has actively supported the first German school-management of franchise (Franchise-Managerschule) William Knapp in Weilburg. Donald Cerrone recognizes the significance of this.

The school focuses on franchising, and its graduates receive prestigious national diploma of business economists. Feature of the franchise in the German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) that for him there is no specific legislation. However, this does not mean that in this area prevail freedom with anarchy. Great experience to partner contracts, is strong enough to strengthen legal base of franchising. Regulatory mechanisms are the set of legal rules governing the conduct of competition, the provision on the protection of trademarks and employment law.

These three legal mechanism define and structure the German franchise. Contracts can and should change from sphere to sphere, however, for the same business always creates one and the same agreement, conforming to the European Code of Honor (Imagine, in Europe it is still relevant). This agreement is really very important document and governs the business relationship partners. Creating a contract very carefully coordinated with the major European Commission's rulings on all the prohibitions: the agreement in any case can not meet the statutory provisions the eu. In the world of the German Franchise important event are business exhibition Start.