Laying Art

Way to full bonding: the pre-packed in veneer applied adhesive, parquet plank board and fixed with nails. On the positive and negative sides of how installing floorboards described above. 7. Laying laminate. Performed only "floating" manner: on a flat base stretches special substrate surface plank laminated panels, bonded together by the dowel with glue or lock. 8. Laying parquet.

When installing parquet on plywood pre-arranged to apply the adhesive strip and plank hardwood. Every third floor plank nailed to the ridge. 9. Floor laying a solid board. At pre-arranged plywood Apply the adhesive and plank boards. Each board nailed to the ridge. Board is recommended when laying special pull straps.

10. Art laying parquet. Most often, firms offer performance just some simple drawings. Creating a drawing done directly on the site, by cutting individual elements of a picture from a different planks parquet wood. If you decide to order art parquet with a complicated pattern, please contact the well-established manufacturing companies. For stacking decorative parquet better take advantage of professional help. 11. Laying Art mosaic parquet (Mosaic, border, female). Possible to make drawings of any complexity, as the flooring is manufactured on a production. At the facility will only finished parquet flooring. Laying mosaic parquet is also better to entrust professionals, especially if the woodwork is new to you. It is not necessary to learn from the floor. Laying rosettes and borders will require you to set the effort. If a decorative item purchased separately and you decided to insert it into the parquet, a parquet board, etc., you have to cut mostly covered space for decoration, and this is particularly necessary to be precise.