The prescriptions cook are one of the most traditional and wonderful knowledge of all. Perhaps you have listened to expressions as the prescription of the grandmother or the secret touch, both referred and like these many the pleasure to more know the gastronomy family. Leaving of side the most professional knowledge of the kitchen, they are excelsos details. People who like to cook, to create they themselves the different flavors that by themselves distinguish the heat of the house, delight with learning all type of tips to marinate. They move his senses before the possibility of knowing a new dessert, a rare ingredient, etc.

Why the kitchen prescriptions continue being popular and which is its more suitable quality? Good; it is a tradition that is impossible to uproot on the part of many families, until the point of which the personal history of many individuals talks about with these unique lessons. On the other hand, its main merit, perhaps, is that it is an experience that surpasses the time. It has managed to maintain his configuration almost intact by upon everything trasto contemporary as much in the form to disclose the recipe books as of the cooking tools in its form. Without mattering that now they are possible to be consulted by Internet, always the mouth mouth exists. And speaking of the cooking tools, most basic and traditional they send the shutdown. You have seen those promotions of Telesaleses that offer novel instruments to itch, to crumble, to start off, to squash, and that has right prices for all apparently? Then in spite of the great amount of publicity that exists on purpose, they do not manage to consolidate. The taste to peel a onion or one Pope, to cut in pieces any cooking product that deserves the prescription with the knife of all the life, to grind if it is necessary, is not had lost.

For that reason, the analogous techniques are part of the fundamental universe of the calls recipe books. Others of the considerations about these small data of cooking lucidity are intimate. They can be part of a long process of knowledge that has been transmitted by generations from a family to another one, from a restaurant to another one, or of one community to another one. Also the process by which east knowledge is distributed has a special value, without a doubt. It is possible to be done or by the instantaneous, simple communication, that gives to the face to face and the different expressions to bequeath a series of interesting faculties at the time of cooking. A book or a magazine can be to share, why no? If it thought that there was much no to say about kitchen prescriptions, now a little knows. That verb knows ntese that also very it is connected with the kitchen, because as well as it comes from to know of knowledge, also comes from to know with respect to the sensations of the palate. It thinks for a moment, please, how they managed many plates to position itself around the world. Perhaps it went because to somebody it was happened to him to scatter these Rep them gastronomical of person to person.