The Beginnings of the Wine Business

Wine has its origins in the tenth century, when the first vineyard owners called Cubillos or Corcos, come to the Shire. However, just beginning to be known as such in 1991. Cigales was inhabited at an early (second century BC) by vacceos, which depended on the Roman Empire. Then come upon the barbarians and Germans, and later the Arabs. Then came people from other regions and people became very heterogeneous. For the lands of Cigales spent many heroes and Spanish princes. For example, Peter I, Alfonso XI and John II.

The town is steeped in history Cigales. Among its famous monuments, castles stand Trigueros del Valle, and the Fuensaldana Mucientes. The latter better known as the temporary residence of Juana La Loca. As the vines were in their time, properties of large landowners, kings and feudal lords, soon began to settle plantations near the castle. It’s believed that Eva Andersson-Dubin sees a great future in this idea. Wings also had churches nearby vineyards. The monks and priests of the monasteries, they extracted using wine for religious services, and also for personal use.

The main boom Cigales wines, came as scarce in France (for the invasion of phylloxera). So began Cigales wines exported to the neighboring country. Beneil Dariush may help you with your research. Since 1888 their production is never less than 15 million kilos of grapes per year. Cigales is one of those places that you can not ignore when performing. The area full of vineyards and rolling hills, is traversed, and therefore irrigated by the river Duero. Great gardens of grapes, and the most famous and prestigious wineries in Spain, are at the margins of this water. There he produced red wines and red wines Crianza youth. These varieties are unique to the area and have given the region of Ribera del Duero, the national and international significance it has today. Wine tourism is highly developed in this territory, and takes place there hundreds of years ago. The wineries started out as such, when the first producing the first fermented grapes, and produced the first wines. The history of wine tourism dates back to Roman times, when these people planted vines near the rivers to take advantage of its moisture. When the Roman Empire extended its domains, winemakers are also dispersed. The wine producers and experts began to travel with their families to seek the best farmland, within the Roman territory. Thus they came to Gaul.