Motion Sickness

In addition to children's products must be at hand bag and a means of motion sickness. If you are traveling by car, of course, must be the child car seat. On the one hand to secure your baby in the road, while the other will help her move easier. Now that may come in handy during the holidays. In Summer travel is very important to have a child with sunscreen. It is also important not to forget to take a baby soap.

If you take a stroller, it will be useful sunshade for strollers. Bathing is important not to forget towel and inflatable range, perhaps your baby seems more comfortable inflatable life vest. For the youngest it is important to take enough diapers, raspashonok, caps and Pampero, as well as bottles and collapsible pot. If you feed your baby infant formula, make sure you take it with a stock, because as we know everyone who spends all day outdoors appetite is much better. In general, pay attention to children food. If you're going to spend much time on the beach, buy a child a thin cotton blouse with long sleeves and light comfortable pants.

You will not regret if you buy several of these kits. When choosing children's clothing, be sure to pay attention to the fabric. It is important that she should "breathe" – a well permit air and moisture, without giving effect to the brew. It is also worth taking with him a few pairs of worn shoes.