Internet Pay

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The Knowledge

If we open another debate, this time of the gratuity of the information, (because on the Internet seems to indulge in everything, as if the information flow without limits of inexhaustible Springs), other doubts arise as you are going to compete a portal that gives the news with a header of a journal’s prestige for sale to the public that is part of a reading and cultural tradition of a country quality information is not cheap. If your pay, you demand quality. Information also, equivalent to say objectivity. If it is made by rigorous and competent professionals, they should be well paid. A newspaper’s prestige, (some of whose summary pages are read daily on the Internet), cannot have a drafting only Fellows in practices.

Information needs the filter and a highly professional drafting assaying. Even to make bulletin must be knowing how to write with clarity and elegance. The opinion is one thing. The information another. The interaction between the Internet and the press is possible, when the newspaper uses Internet for support and thrives on its more dynamic appearance: interaction with its community of readers and Internet users who provide the grain of sand in your emails in the topics living or more controversial among the news which is published daily. A synergy that makes something alive newspaper; that allows you to press refresh daily with the echo of what we might call the mentidero of its readers; the plaza, the agora where discusses the news in real time.

The network, in sum. Internet has been revealed as a great tool to get the knowledge of libraries, textbooks, of the newspaper libraries of scientific treaties. Popularizing access to the data, facilitating the immediacy of the search, in a revolutionary way. In the same way that in due course the tuner was imposed on other media providing the news to listeners rather than others and in any circumstance and time.