That conversation between my dad and his friend ran very well recorded in me as a negative memory and unconsciously I drew conclusions about money, about not deserve that money and having to get me them myself if I wanted to get ahead in life. I realized that I was alone and that my father didn’t love me. I guess that these conclusions rendered economic lack that I attracted several years since I never forgot that conversation and had her in mind even with the passing of the years. But one day while taking a course in spiritual growth, the guide told us that it is possible to change the past in our minds, as it is there where it exists and also urged us to change several occurrences of the past because that way we would change our future. I thought was phenomenal, the idea of changing my past to change the future I felt as if something inside me scream of joy and jubilation.

I was touched a lot with this exercise and I started to change all the memories of the past which tormented me as ghosts. The first experience that I decided to change was this conversation between my father and his friend. After this exercise I felt a great relief, it was as if they had taken a weight off, I felt free of the painful past, loved by my father, cared for, happy and important and I felt that although my father had already died I approached him even more than when he was alive. This exercise is very liberating and I recommend you carry it out for any circumstances adverse that haunts you or haunts you. To change the painful memories of the past you change your future. Instructions for rewriting the past: 1.-Aparta 20 minutes of your time and sit in a quiet place. 2.-Turned on an aromatic candle or incense and put soothing music. 3.-Begins to relax deeply inhaling and saving respiration by 17 seconds, then exhale and Repeat the procedure.

4.-Recreates in your mind the scenario of the event you want to rewrite, delve into the scene, you see every detail of the room or place where it was carried out, hear the sounds, smells and sees people found there. 5.-Make everything as you’d wanted, changes the dialogues between people, get that are kind, affectionate, good and cordial. Rewrites throughout the event and change it as if you had all the power in the world and the right to do so. Call tu angel de la guarda or spiritual guide and ask him to help you to add light to the new version of this event. 6.-Now between 2 send lots of light to this improved version of the past to make it secure in your mind as a reality and little by podo disappears from your memories the previous. 7.-Always have the temptation to recall memory refusal remind you that this did not happen and that you’ve changed the past, therefore you are now going towards a new result and you’re becoming a more evolved person.