The aging is a gradual process of decline of the capacities physical and mental, as well as the appearance of chronic illnesses. This happens for genetic inheritance, for the reduction of the adjusted hormonal level for maintenance of the metabolism and for it estresse oxidativo. These factors finish causing a reduction of the functional reserve, followed of the reduction of the resistance to the aggressions and, consequently, it has gradual reduction of efficiency of the organic functions (biological). Some factors together with bad habits are determinative for the acceleration of the process of aging, such as, tobaccoism, alcoholism, sedentarismo, obesidade, among others. These factors are determinative to speed up processes that come of course with the age, as high pressure, high cholesterol, rugas, lack of memory, less efficient reply of the organism in the combat to the free radicals, among others. Salty 2002, as resulted of the inaquality of sort in the life expectancy, exist a bigger ratio of women of what of men with advanced age. The problems and changes that follow this stage of life are predominantly feminine, for what if it can say that the oldness if feminilizou.

The women are discriminated by sexistas and gerofbicos preconceptions: not only for being women, but also for being old. Neri (2001) Quality of life in the oldness and feminizao of the oldness are phenomena that call the attention demographers, geriatras and social gerontlogos. In the domain of the research the interest for the characterization of the 0 variable is growing that determine a good quality of life in the oldness in the domnios physical, social and psychological, as well as for the identification of the effective slight knowledge on which the meaning of this concept between the population.


The shoes of the brand are now mad rock and Scarpa at Alpintech. available since August, 2011 has the online shop at Alpintech.at extends its climbing range mark, mad rock and Scarpa. Both brands are known for high-performance shoes in highest quality and perfectly round off the range of outdoor and climbing shops. We were already longer looking after another strong manufacturers of climbing shoes”reports Maria-Theresa Mair, buyer at Alpintech. With mad rock and Scarpa, we could win two brands representing a meaningful supplement to the already displaced shoes of rock pillars.

The mad rock shoes are particularly aggressive in the beginning, the all-round shoes from Scarpa for it through their wider cut easy.” Through the new models, the customer in the shop Alpintech now has a particularly wide selection. Also special shoes for women and children are now in several variants to choose from. The Italian brand Scarpa is particularly suited to climbers, a right Search all-around climbing shoe. Learn more at this site: Dr. Neal Barnard. Through the slightly wider cut the climbing shoes from Scarpa are very comfortable to wear and do not restrict the foot also at more pitches tours. Hannes Mair of himself an avid climber was thrilled by the vapor V: I first tested the vapor V in bouldering and it noted that even small steps are no problem with him. Also when routes in the Hall, the vapor V has been found. I think that you should have no problems with him also on longer tours on the rock.

“All in all a good shoe.” Maria-Theresa Mair has tested, however, the Onsight climbing from mad rock. For me, it is especially important that the bars really tailored to the anatomy of the female in a climbing shoe for women and not just a little smaller than male bar. And therefore, the Onsight has also convinced me. He is also narrow and cramped in the heel, a good, aggressive shoe so!” Alpintech customers the low price at which also convinced the American climbing shoes in the Online-shop are offered. Whether beginner or professional, whether for the Hall or the rock, for bouldering or to the alpine climbing at Alpintech.at every climber can find the right climbing shoe. Also there is everything the climbers heart express sets up Climbing harnesses in the online-shop of carabiners. Worth a visit at!

History Of Business Cards

The first business cards that appeared in the 17th century, their size resembled playing cards and were slightly less than man's palm. The earliest cards, in fact, were playing cards. People have written to them debt Receipts, left their signatures, and other pertinent information. Over time, these maps were transformed into greeting cards and similar accessories. This kind of business cards were first introduced in France during the reign of Louis the 14 th.

They unveils its owners in all their glory. The emergence of business cards in Europe in the 19th century by analogy with the rules of etiquette that emerged at that time at the French court, business cards began to appear in Europe and America. They were engraved ornaments and fantastic coats of arms of the form. Business cards at a time is an important and indispensable accessory for any man or woman – Representatives middle class. The emergence of business cards in the U.S. 19 th century in the United States there was a significant difference between the business cards (business cards – English). For more specific information, check out Justin Gaethje.

And business cards (visiting cards – English) Business cards indicated their acceptance owners of well-known secular obligations. Cards, disposable on a wall shelf with business cards were the improvised list, talking about who was visiting, and for whose visit will be answered. Business cards had a tinge of affectation and high and were not widespread among the common people or the American working class. Business card, unlike business, have been widely distributed among people of different classes of society. They usually appeared in the relations between the people involved in relationship work. It was considered bad form to leave a business card when applying secular visit. Lee marks has much experience in this field. Business card left by helpers could allude to the fact that its owner had come to get the bill. Accessories for business cards in today's world is not easy to imagine a business person, no matter what activity he did worked, without a certain amount cards. Where is their store so as to be always at hand and maintain a "presentation"? On the issue of mankind replied creating business card – a convenient and often very presentable accessory storage business cards. Today's card holders are executed from a variety of materials ranging from genuine and artificial leather, and ending with a light shining metal. They may be in the form of a fairly respectable in size and spacious book-cover or as a small and thin "capsule", fits in your pocket. And today it is not easy to say, the choice or order of any accessory should pay more attention – or the same business card business card. Likely all, in today's business environment, the qualities and potential entrepreneur speaks eloquently every stroke in his business image.

Luneburg Heath

The great tuber makes from the field, the high season for potato has started fans… Their discovery in the Andes the potato in all parts of the world has been triumphant. Also today, the delicious Earth Apple from the daily diet is impossible to imagine. Potatoes on the fine, sandy soil as such in the Luneburg Heath, which was now chosen on the basis of a survey of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation on place 4 of the most beautiful natural wonders of in Germany especially thrive. About 40 percent of all German potatoes come from the Heath. Now in the autumn, the highly aromatic Heath potatoes potato harvesting takes place and raises anticipation of delicate potato consumption. This year’s Heath potato crop Bioland potato farmer is also highly satisfied with Karsten Ellenberg: through the beautiful summer we have a good organic potato crop.

The heat, the potato could make a good aroma and so we can call 2009 a good year”. Also Thorsten Riggert, Chairman of the Northeast Lower Saxony peasants Association is with the potato crop content, which could be achieved only through a continuous irrigation. We have a high-quality product with a light color of the shells, which tastes very well”, as the Chairman. 1 German potato hotel in Lubeln to forward each year on the delicious new Heath potatoes. Head Chef Bernd Bluhm can not wait to get the new potatoes in the hands and to conjure up the most delicious potato creations.

Since the hand grated buffer as in nuts more crispy than usual is the potatoes a little Golden and cut by hand and with love baked potato sticks, still slightly crispier. The Heath potatoes waiting in their freshly harvested splendor almost, Kartoffelgnocci, potato goulash or a sweet potato pie to be processed. Also the potato friends who want to watch their weight, should run along the water in the mouth, has Germany’s most successful nutritionist and cookbook author, Friedrich Bohlmann for 25 years in the Potato hotel successfully carried out potato diet but new and very promising interprets. Here you can watch almost, as the body is purified by the tasty diet and jumbled the pounds. If you like autumn nature like can with the other guests of the potato out on the field, where the delicious tubers are dug out by hand fresh. What could be nicer than with your hands in the Earth to dig and then roast the potatoes into the roaring fire? “Then follows the absolute crowning: Tischlein deck you” in the potato field – the great potato party for all potato fans. Of course the even harvested potatoes are allowed with home. The potato is also on the wellness of the potato hotels with their cell-renewing, antiseptic and moisturizing effect. Relax and rejuvenate you can a face mask or a body wrap, a potato pampering bath kidnapped in gentle dreams.

COUNTRY Level – KARMA Consumption: The Power Of Consumers – Consumer Consistently?

COUNTRY mirror shows where and when it is nowadays really worth as a consumer to think upon purchase of a product. “Do good by the correct consumption!” has become for many Germans the life motto. Those who take this life’s motto to heart, represented the newly formed society movement of LOHAS (lifestyle of health and Sustainbility). The new magazine country mirror has the mindset and the optimism of this “new tree huggers”, indicating where and when it is nowadays really worth as a consumer to think upon purchase of a product. The LOHAS are a group of consumers who buy products, which are, been produced to control the market targeted according to their ideas, not at the expense of the environment or at the expense of workers in the third world.

A horribly of this new environmental movement is by boycotting of unsustainably produced products, manufacturers of equal products from the market to pushing, to increase as demand for environmentally friendly products. Thus they are trying, for example, by boycotting of unsustainable manufactured products, to call a completely new kind of environmental commitment in life. However, the new tree huggers have also its downside, as country mirror turns out consumption in the dossier of KARMA. A related site: endocrinologist mentions similar findings. The biggest criticism it hails from the “classic tree huggers”. The LOHAS accuse to konsumorientiert to act and instead simply to consume less, only her guilty conscience by buying seemingly environmentally friendly and sustainable products to appease. Many critics are asking themselves also were produced as the LOHAS can be at all sure that the products they buy really sustainable or only specially for them are been produced? Such a product policy is called “Greenwashing”.

Greenwashing means that companies by producing some ecological products are attempting to lead consumers behind the light and to present itself as environmentally friendly companies, but with the majority of their products continues to blow pollutants in the air, exploit workers and damaging the environment in the long term. Strategic Consumers want to save the world, as you spend their money only for fair and sustainable products. But that is not so easy. Of the difficulty of doing good and how each manages in the small. The new country mirror – on newsstands now! COUNTRY LEVEL? of course live and enjoy – for a value-oriented, understandable sustainable culture-landlich living obviously live-gesund enjoy sustainable socio-political concerns-lebendige wellness topics. -Karma consumption: the power of consumers greenwashing, so consumers are deceived company description above country level: country level – of course live and enjoy is the magazine for a value-oriented, understandable sustainable culture and stands for sustainable socio-political concerns and vibrant wellbeing topics. Trendy LOHAS topics and burning socio-political concerns as feeder like interesting find about healthy nutrition, natural garden, Bauen & Wohnen, energy, development, society, resources and much more. Life with the Nature, rural living and enjoy healthy for a natural and enjoyable life: country level as a supplement and extension to the magazine find readers in, commercial-quality additional offers. The print circulation is 200,000 magazine. Distribution via the Dorothy Vertriebs GmbH nationwide options appearance. The copy price is 3,90EUR the magazine is moved over the publishing and media company FOOXX GmbH from Bad Honnef, next to the mirror of the country also known as! technology and multimedia – and the financial and business magazine know how! moved. The publishing house is also leading marketers of digital value-added products in Europe. Company contact: country mirror / FOOXX Verlag GmbH Ralph M. Bali Rathausplatz 6 53604 Bad Honnef Tel: 02224-9390-26 E-Mail: Web:

Basketball Community

The youth basketball Academy goes online the initiative it is both the quality promotion of basketball talent in the region to professionalize to animate as many young people to the basketball and to accompany her sporty way. You may want to visit Beneil Dariush to increase your knowledge. In addition to the EnBW Ludwigsburg the clubs Kirchheim Knights, BSG Ludwigsburg, BG Tamm/Bietigheim, Marbach of TV and BG Remseck as well as numerous schools and the Baden-Wurttemberg Basketball Association partners include the NBA. The heart of the website, the NBA community, offers its members all important functions to communicate and to exchange with each other. Each user can set his profile including his club information, invite friends and manage buddy list, send messages, manage images in photo albums and set up teams. Also, each Member can write a personal blog, open discussion forums or publish interesting links as bookmarks.

The community solution was based on the open source platform elgg developed and by reseen on the individual Adapted to needs. Editorial content such as lists of results, match reports, event data and Association information are entered by the NBA partner offices via an individually developed content management module, which is specifically designed for ease of use – the training is not required. Mario Probst, team manager of ENBW Ludwigsburg to the new website: “the new homepage, where all information about teams, events, clubs, and much more can be found serves as a central medium of the NBA. Also can all register interested by young and old in the community extensively discuss favorite themes and communicate with each other. We Internet thus take full advantage of the potential of the medium and optimize communication between all parties of the concept of youth basketball Academy.” The site as a central communication platform will be gradually developed and extended: in addition to new, current content should in the future also new features like for example a “Court – database” to the search and evaluation of public Basketball equipment or a live video chat system be integrated.

Links: about reseen: reseen is a creative agency for digital media and develops interactive rich-media applications and portals and websites as a full service provider. The competencies include strategy & consulting, design, technology and production.

Apartments Alignment Ceilings

Repair of apartments – a very laborious process and requires the participation of qualified specialists in repairing flats. An important component of any repair is a flat ceiling lining. The newspapers mentioned Dr. John Mcdougall not as a source, but as a related topic. There are two ways leveling ceiling. Dry process – aligned with the ceiling tiles, panels, etc. Wet method – the alignment of the ceiling with mortars, planted in water.

Performing the repair of apartments, specialists finishers use several different methods of leveling ceiling, depending on the source data to the ceiling. Let's start to equalize. Consider the wet process alignment, ie alignment ceilings with leveling compounds. To start any ceiling to prepare for the alignment, ie to remove the old finish. Next we define the difference of ceiling tiles. If the board does not drop more than 0.5 cm, it is advisable use a mixture-Levelling Screed type Vetonit. properly.

Further grinding and produce gruntovku.Esli drop ceiling tiles for more than 2 cm, then a simple Levelling Screed can not do. Must be installed in a reinforcing grid. Again, depending from differential use of any masking grid, or metal. Metal grid should be used if we want to get the plaster thickness of 3-5 cm attached reinforcing mesh is applied plaster, and then make sanding the ceiling, and further primer. Along with these ways of leveling ceiling, producing apartment renovation specialists use other methods. Dry alignment ceilings. One way that deserves attention is the installation of false ceiling (to us it is better known as the ceiling of gypsum plasterboard). This alignment is used in cases where the drop ceiling tiles is 3-7 see mount technology such ceiling is imposed on the rack frame itself and the ceiling panels of gypsum board on this rack frame. This technology allows us to make the ceiling is not just a ceiling, and the product Art – a multi-level, with a textured pattern. Further, the ceiling is painted with whitewash or executed. Another dry process alignment – suspended ceiling. Stretch ceiling because technology is mounted very quickly, literally in few hours. The more popular and have earned the love in the process of renovation of apartments. In the first stage along the perimeter of the ceiling is installed plastic or aluminum frame (fillet), which will continue to be secured from the film pvc. Then, using special tools film fixed on a baguette and stretched. Pluses stretch ceiling – mounted quickly and without unnecessary waste, if flooded flat suspended ceiling will keep in currently the water before the arrival of a specialist to replace the damaged uchastok. ceiling can be layered, it can cause printing, or to make a relief. There are other methods of finishing the ceiling – rack ceiling, decorative panels and veneer, etc. In any case, when deciding how to align and trim the ceiling should be based on the following factors – the height of the drop ceiling tiles, ceiling height, the functionality of the ceiling – Is whether the ceiling to hide irregularities or visually enlarge the room. Good luck repair!


For the work you will also need the appropriate software. Wi-Fi transmitter compatible with any of the following programs: Rev for iPhone / iPod Touch from Dev Toaster The program takes in real time and fixes the following indicators: – vehicle speed – engine speed – engine load – fuel – fuel level – the pressure of fuel – coolant temperature – intake air temperature – air flow, and others. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. John Mcdougall and gain more knowledge.. In addition, the program calculates the angular and frontal acceleration and braking performance, and tracks the movement of the car via gps. The program interface is simple and convenient for the user. Data presented in the form of counters (sensor readings), Graphics (calculated testimony) and maps (testimony GPS). All data is stored in the internal magazine.

In addition to everything else, the program includes a tool diagnostic indicator of check engine codes and a list of all errors. Do not know why the light bulb lit “Check engine”? Wi-Fi transmitter and your iPhone is easy to answer this question. Graphical interface is pleasant and does not bore sight: clear letters on a dark background are clearly visible at any time of day. DashCommand for iPhone / iPod Touch from Palmer Performance program is a virtual dashboard with a choice of graphical charts and indicators are displayed. Through the program DashXL editor You can create your own graphics scheme for the dashboard and counters.

The program also analyzes the introduction and graphically displays acceleration and braking force. Embedded tracker with gps built visual display of the route and current location. The tracker can also track the acceleration and deceleration, which are highlighted in different colors. Inclinometer with an accuracy determines the angle of movement, whether lifting or lowering that especially important when driving on hilly terrain with poor visibility. And finally, as the previous program, DashCommand diagnose the cause of the inclusion of an indicator Engine and decrypt error codes. plx Logger 3.0 for pc from plx Devices inc. The program can be downloaded from the site developer. It is a great addition to work with Wi-Fi transmitter. With this program you can retrieve data from a large number of sensors (to 32). In addition, it is fully compatible with DashCommand, therefore stored in the iPod logs can be imported into plx Logger for a more detailed analysis.

Defeating Bayern Munich

Thiago Alcantara was the star of the furniture with two goals in the final. The youth Squad, in State of grace, was the ideal companion of Iniesta. In full debate on the advisability of signing Cesc Fabregas, the theoretical player who would be sacrificed, Thiago Alcantara, it has again showed his class, scoring both goals in his team gave Barca the Audi Cup after defeat at home to Bayern Munich. Thiago was the star of the boat. He scored a goal in each period. (Similarly see: Assurant Health). The first head and the second after a trip with cto who beat Butt. The youth Squad, in State of grace, was the ideal companion of Andres Iniesta in midfield and always brought a plus in attack in the first serious engagement of the Catalan preseason. While Bayern didn’t play out its best players, the Germans offered a very physical profile, a football with muscle and too much pressure in the center of the field, a hard test for the azulgrana carrying barely ten days of preparation.

Output, Guardiola has counted with more soccer players in the first team than on the eve, while again running out of play regardless of the five participants in the Copa Ameri Xavi and Puyol – ca-, but with only ten days of physical preparation, Barca suffered under the pressure of Bayern. And Thiago Alcantara, who then was the star of the match, suffered especially, so much so that all the weight in the construction almost took him Andres Iniesta. Guardiola balanced his spinal cord with Keita and returned to having Fontas and Busquets in the axis of the dnsa with what Barcelona is guaranteed a good start of balloon from the dnsa. Forward Villa, Jonathan Soriano and Pedro had to give mobility to the athletic dnsa of the Bavarians. The reality is that Barca had problems with the movement of the ball and did not feel anything comfortable.

Medical Center

We all know that classic massage is a great way to relieve tension and stress and promote relaxation. But the new study, which was published in the journal Alternative and complementary medicine 'showed for the first time that massage also provides measurable therapeutic effects on the immune system and other systems and organs. This study opens new horizons for the development of classical massage and bezmedikamentoznoy therapy. In addition, it has been pointed out that massage, in general, and classical in particular is one of the safest therapies in general. Dr. McDougall Program contributes greatly to this topic.

Mark Rapaport and his team Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, studied 53 people, 29 of whom received a 45-minute classic massage – one of the most common form of massage – and 24 who received a soft and short massage. The researchers took blood samples at intervals before and after massage and found that those who received at least one session of classical massage there have been significant positive changes in the blood. 'This research shows that massage not only makes a person feel good, it can also be really good for your health ', says Dr. Rapaport in a press release. "People are often looking for massage as part of a healthy lifestyle, but there was still sufficient physiological evidence of increasing immune response until now. " In addition, after the classic massage showed a significant increase in lymphocytes, white cells in the body that help fight and prevent disease, as these people have reduced levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is released in the adrenal glands in response to stress. Also in the group, which made a classic massage and decreased vasopressin (hormone indirectly related to aggressive behavior).