Oil Product

In this very marked society that to obtain the best opportunities must be having an excellent appearance which will give us advantage over other people, how many times we are left at the door, having lost that job to both we needed, that they gave to someone less prepared but with excellent presentation and which looks better? These situations are real and in many parts of the world people worry more about beauty than for education, and is shown that health is important but also the physical beauty has a high place of esteem. People have searched for years something that will help them take care of their appearance, and current methods are costly and ineffective, however, an ancestral method which was unveiled to the world recently, gives us the possibility of obtaining different benefits to people, all this through the consumption of a product that is known as Argan oilthe use of this product was born in Berber culture since time immemorial and it has been tradition and legacy of generation to generation, this oil is extracted from the tree Argania Spinosa commonly called Argan, a tree whose branches are full of thorns and who only goats dared to climb to feed of their leaves, flowers and fruit. Maturation of the fruits of the Argan, is approximately one year, so in the time that it takes for its maduracio, its seeds acquire a large amount of properties like mineral protein, vitamins and nutrients that only is obtained thanks to the environment in which lives, since it grows only in a climate semi-desert in the southwest of Morocco, and among its uses are argan hair oil, the skin, ingested, fingernails, etc. Tony Ferguson has plenty of information regarding this issue. Forms of extraction of Argan oil are two, the first is a traditional artisan method that only the Berber women know and that the cosmetic results when using this product, are so pleasurable that they have used it for hundreds of years, experts in the science of cosmetics have proven themselves the properties of oil and guarantee them by his effectiveness, since it not only maintains the skin hydrated, also gives elasticity and disappears all kinds of imperfections caused by the age and the climate in which we live, its oily consistency and its quality of not being a fatty product, can be used on all skin types, another use is Argan oil for hair where acts similarly as it moisturizes and gives shine without leaving it greasyto repair broken hair or tipped battered, it prevents and eliminates dandruff, life returns to the hair burned by dyes and other products. Another way to extract oil from argan is very similar to olive oil, this edible oil is excellent in the rehabilitation of the intestinal flora, since it leaves a layer that covers the walls of stomach and digestive system which acts alleviating the symptoms of gastritis and even ulcers, lowers cholesterol and women decreases the risks of acquiring breast and cervical cancer, Argan oil, a product, different benefits. Like to know the benefits of argan oil for the? hair? Continue reading my articles and begins to enjoy the wonders of argan oil. Original author and source of the article