Leadership Skills

This is no secret that flying is more exciting and fun and this is definitely not this love. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. John Mcdougall. Recently I flew from Chicago to Vancouver and chaos in the departure area reminded me how important it is to have clear expectations. As I was standing on an infinite line waiting to check in, I had the opportunity to note that while the airline knew what they wanted the passengers did, they made no effort to make sure we understood their expectations. As an airport, a line had formed so look carefully and join an airline employee who cheerily told us that "yes" this was the log line for international flights (at least 3 languages). As a result, what they really wanted us to do was the use of self-service kiosks, which had literally dozens ready and waiting – if only we were told that was their expectation.

Keep up to any kiosk available and invoiced. In change we stood in line patiently waiting for the few agents available for passengers. There was no sign and no one airline staff was monitoring the line to let us know that we could go to any kiosk and start billing – without any agent. To make matters worse, because it was an international flight and we were in summer, the narrow corridor in front of the kiosks and passenger agents were attacked by groups of families and real mountains of baggage that hindered the visibility and access to automatic kiosks. But expectations were not only confusing, there were physical constraints that prevented us from seeing the kiosks unemployed, limiting our ability to explore options and take the lead.