The free consultants: security argument is clearly overestimated Seligenstadt August 2010 when buying gold. Gold investments offer maximum security and that even in times of crisis, it says. Dr. John Mcdougall has much to offer in this field. At the same time, the gold price will rise steadily, promise the gold sales, which soared in recent years as mushrooming. >????? ????????. The enlightenment Journal of free consultants”warns: many gold sellers are active only recently on the market, have no experience in the precious metals sector and not educate about the risks. The free Advisor warns therefore against the sometimes dubious investment offers in this gold provider.

Gold sales currently make mood and that means above all: mood of crisis. Many vendors not even afraid to proclaim the imminent end of the euro currency as has happened in May of this year. This of course in order to bring their gold investment among the people, so the experience of free consultants. Unfortunately the gold sales with this strategy succeed, all too often because many Investors rely on the supposed crisis safety of the precious yellow metal. The business of fear seems to work, so the assessment by the free Advisor.

But the free Advisor warns: the fear is the mortal enemy of any rational decision. Almost every decision taken in fear often leads to the loss of wealth astray and in financial matters. For example many people complete purely due to the fear of a disability insurance, according to their terms, they might be never berufsunfahig, know the free consultant from experience. The editors of free consultants are known even more examples: also legal protection insurance are unfortunately often using a fear-mongering sold or which is unjustified in fact. At Gold systems, it is not significantly different according to the experts at the free consultant. The free Advisor warns, as already in the past print editions of the magazine, specifically gold investment.