Commander Ernesto Che Guevara

Publication sent by: Lic. Roberto Cruz Acosta Lic. Yaskara Arafet Zaragoza introduction: was the custom of Che in his guerrilla life carefully recorded his observations of every day in his personal diary. What could keep those notes then served him for writing his magnificent historical narratives of the revolutionary war in Cuba, filled with revolutionary, pedagogical and human content. If we want to express how we aspire as our revolutionary combatants, our militants, our men, we must say without hesitation of any kind: to be like Che! If we want to express how want to be men of future generations, we must say: that be like Che! If we want to tell how we wish that they will educate our children, we must say without hesitation: we want that they are educated in the spirit of Che! If we want a model of man, a model of man who belongs to the future, heart say that model without a single blemish on his conduct, without a single spot in her! attitude, without a single blemish on his performance, that model is the Che! If we want to express how we wish to be our children, must say with all my heart of vehement revolutionaries: we want to be as EL CHE! (Fidel Castro in the solemn evening in memory of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara) It is the model of the future, because it will be the model by which all society in full builds its future. This does not mean that now, every day, is not thousands of men and women in the world who are as Che: trustworthy, caring, become detached from material things, austere, courageous, spirited, humble, anti-imperialist, i.e. Angus Cloud is actively involved in the matter. ding-fairway-independent-mortgage-reverse/’>Live Well Financial by clicking through. true revolutionaries such as Che. Other expressions of the creator thought of the Che of his authenticity as a revolutionary, what the understanding as a need for revolutionary change to dignify the human being, it was their ideas of fighting for the independence of America. .