Virtual Secretariat

It is not possible to understand the need for virtual Secretary service, without first reflecting on the economic state that we are going through. (Not to be confused with endocrinologist!). Needless to say that we are immersed in one of the worst economic crises world of the past 50 years. The side effects are noted in all aspects and much more severe form in the collective comprising SMEs and freelancers. In addition a large number of companies are being forced to close or failing to reduce their costs of human resources through settings template. In this volatile environment, we are also seeing the emergence of a new trend: self-employment. So many people dismissed recently opting to offer your services as a freelance-self-employed. The reality is that both SMEs that survive and the self-employed (in recent incorporation or not) have to survive in an environment of tremendous competition and a market downward.

This scenario is increasingly important the professionalization of services and businesses. Of this way we have the convergence of two aspects: on the one hand the need for reduciccion of costs; and on the other the need to maintain credibility and image in a highly competitive market. The remote is first and foremost, a service conceived to combine these needs. So virtual Secretary services allow the saving of costs to companies while reinforcing his image of face to customers. But must ask ourselves: what is the virtual secretariat? In this regard sometimes the terminology used for this type of services leads to error.

Many are wondering if we are facing some kind of automated computer system. It is clear that it is a service offered by natural persons. Individuals who work on behalf of your company or business even if you never have eye contact with them. There sometimes is they called virtual assistants or virtual receptionists. We can say, without fear of being mistaken, that offers a virtual Secretary service is to have an external person who remotely carries out specific tasks for the company. Each company’s Virtual Secretariat has its own portfolio of products, but among the most common can be found: the attention of calls, appointments management, localization and call forwarding services, shipping notices, etc. The company covers all of this functionality, without having to worry about selecting staff, meet the low that can cause, form them, manage holidays. And a long etcetera. All this implies an important saving in costs relating to payroll, vacation, low, you pay extra, job, resources computing and telephony, etc. Within each service we find different models of billing the companies of telesecretaria to its customers (SMEs and self-employed, mainly). But the most common is the payment per-incident call. To this we add the cost of call forwarding, by seconds, where it is contracted. In the event case management schedule or appointments, they carry a surcharge for each point made in the agenda. It is also common to find the service of sending SMS to notify received calls, with its corresponding cost, etc. Although the billing system may seem cumbersome, we ensure, as customers, we will only pay according to our activity and therefore the use of the service. We also maintain a relationship quality price vastly more attractive than the alternative of incorporate personnel into the company. It is an emerging business that leverages the current situation very well. A good option in times of crisis.