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In the companies we can find certain signals of alarm that indicate the presence of the phenomenon, like for example: significant changes without preparation of the employees; individuals that are considered like a morning call or cause of all the problems of the organization; hierarchic alliances: the subordinates ally themselves to organize a harassment directed to some concrete person; anarchy: it can be instigadora or like one psychological tactics of harassment; Everything can begin apparently with some small act banal (a hostile commentary, a shoulder shrinking or a hostile glance), that becomes the first link of a perverse chain of humiliations, maltratos and humiliations, whose aim is psychologically to destabilize the victim and to obtain, finally, that resigns to its job. This situation is known it anywhere in the world like harassment psychological today in the work or mobbing and in some countries, like Sweden or France, already constitutes a crime punished by the labor laws. The forms of expression of this phenomenon multiple and are very varied. Next the classification is, according to factors, of a series of concrete conducts of harassment psychological in the work elaborated by Zapf, Knorz and Kulla in 1.996: Classification of conducts of harassment psychological in the work, according to factors. Attacks to the victims with organizational measures: the superior restricts to the person the possibilities of speaking. Cambiar the location of a person separating it of its companions. Prohibir to the companions who speak to a certain person. Obligar to somebody to execute tasks against his brings back to consciousness.

Juzgar the performance of a person of offensive way. Cuestionar the decisions of a person. not to assign tasks to a person. Asignar tasks without sense. Asignar to a person tasks very below its capacities. Asignar degrading tasks.