Short Holiday

A short travel report for all the times don’t go want to where if you otherwise would like to see what in the Ticino the aircraft want to travel and moreover what experience. We have opted for a 5 day trip on the Lago Maggiore / Ticino, launched we are singing from Gerlingen near Stuttgart motorway in the Switzerland. Then up to the Gotthard tunnel, the most is also highway in the Switzerland (pay attention to speed limits) the speed rules in the Switzerland are rigid and tracked accordingly, on the motorway is 120 kmh, mph on Highway 80. You should remember, there are many speed cameras and the penalties for speed-related crimes are relatively high. For even more details, read what lee marks says on the issue. Unfortunately tunnel in Goschenen was something dam on the Gotthard, the waiting time was just over 1 hour to retract into the tunnel. On weekends (when all drive) it can take quite longer. The ride through the Gotthard pass takes about 20 minutes and is actually quite enjoyable, you should make sure only the ventilation or air conditioning in the car before entering the tunnel on convection make. otherwise get the exhaust into the vehicle and it’s not only unpleasant but also extremely unhealthy.

After about 4.5 hours drive in Locarno arrived, we made our way to our apartment, which we had rented here online: Ticino this was in Minusio, which is a suburb of Locarno, near the Lago Maggiore on the mountain. A really adventurous bridge (must come from the Roman period), we reached our Ferienwohnung.Die apartment called “Vista Lago” and really exceeded our expectations! It was beautifully furnished (modern held), extremely clean and with all imaginable comFor. And then this look! From the balcony we had a panoramic view over the Lago Maggiore! Incredibly beautiful! Once we have unpacked our suitcase and a reinforcing coffee (the coffee I had brought, by the way, how else also that some foods / is simply cheaper!), we went first down to the Lake to an extensive Walk to make. It is simply a very nice mood on this waterfront! We went to walk up to Locarno (always on the water along) and have allowed a large ice then us! (Yes finally were on vacation).