The Sky

Sometimes it is very hard to give up a feeling that we could not erase from our lives and prefer to suffer from some incredible how not to lose the beloved. And I say, why not set foot on earth and see reality as it is?. You can not love someone who hurts you, can not, you love a memory of something that at one time was as I dreamed that this sequel is no longer set the other acts that the person loved it. Without realizing that there is any compensation from those past happy moments and to live now deep pain drown you and makes you feel unloved or pessimistic. Worth as much as we claim, and be all sexy and beautiful heart that we know we are. The beautiful memories, nostalgic and beautiful but not more than that, REGARDS.

Simple past visions that blind us to this and not leave us to head in our lives. Now, what happens in the morning we woke up, fully aware of our reality? We are trapped in a world that we have decided to live and of which you can choose from another direction we have taken the more rocky. As an old but accurate saying, NEVER LATE IF THAT IS GOOD. Never too late to shout from the rooftops BASTA YA, never too late to decide to start afresh with a new enthusiasm and hope. It is easy to forget, never is, but not impossible.

Rebuilding our lives may seem unlikely when Come in middle age or family circumstances are too compromising, but always achieved. Not have to mean replace all of a sudden one love for another. We can be completely happy but not taking that path. What has to be will be, no matter how late it is or how old you are, it is never too late to Serena and find the full emotional stability. At first this will always be up all night, repeating over and over again for the beautiful memories and the fear of loneliness. But we can, we all are, although sometimes unwittingly, to master all the pain and throw it away. When we learn to see a sunrise simply enjoying the warmth of the colors that draws in the sky. To take a simple walk as the greatest of joys and see around you only to people who love you and always has supported you really think we will see the glass is half full rather than half empty. Enjoy the pleasures of life without feeling that all of it revolves around the same person. Feel a different world at our feet we will be eager to conquer. And we can do. Why look in the mirror to discover the verdaderoa me. In this bursting into laughter when life gives you the kick because he knows that everything is fleeting and nothing lasts forever as to affect us for life. We will look with pride at our past and we laugh at our naivete and innocence corrupted by fear, and we see that life is short but intense and beautiful if we're mismosa who dirigimes the best port.