The Healing

If you suffer from the eyes, inflammation of the eyes (conjunctivitis) and the edges of the eyelids (blepharitis) with consequent discomfort produced by the itching and swelling. An effective home remedy is to apply 2 drops of oil of Castor on the affected part, closing the eyes well. Even possible warts that have been able to form the edge of the eyelids disappear after a few weeks. It is said that this treatment is also used to strengthen eyelashes, it makes them soft and long. Also the skin by sweat, friction of tissues or other causes irritations heal quickly rubbing the affected area with a little castor oil. Others including Dr. Neal Barnard, offer their opinions as well. The same is usually indicated for inflammations or irritations of the soles of the feet after a long walk and after having some new shoes shoes.

Alleviate the nasty blisters. And I would point out – as the case of the healing of hemorrhoids with sodium bicarbonate which gave me a good result applied before you compress a little oil castor oil and total healing took place – worth noting that also swollen external hemorrhoids heal also with a careful massage castor oil-based. Long ago had left me some spots in the arms that I called, old stains, even driving my truck with long sleeves by the filtration of sun rays which greatly affect this area of the hands and forearms, because I began to rub castor oil. Everything disappeared without a trace of spots on my hands and arms, I knew that the popular medicine still clinging to the use of castor oil for the treatment of warts and moles. Treating warts big hands or small of the face with a few daily drops of castor oil exists the possibility of becoming smaller and they eventually even disappear. I remember during my work at the forefront of a dining room of seniors had one lady that had a very large in your legs Lymphangitis, was very white skin and her calves were blackish, I told him – because you a castor oil is placed and envelops the legs in a cloth of wool or cotton sleep well for a few days – a week later the skin had clarified all, disappeared inflammation and legs returned to its normal color. To continue, I describe how it works when I also give use to calm the crises of dry cough that sometimes is very common in children and adults.

This oil can be mixed with: oil of pine, mint, or a few drops of oil of eucalyptus, spread on the back and chest, manages to make breathing easier but may also for its properties as a disinfectant, by penetrating through the skin acting on the healing process in a quick and efficient manner. This is a simple contribution, what with my eyes and my own experiment I have been able to check. If can help you reader, you don’t know how much satisfaction would feel, because while we use fewer drugs with side effects we will be better health and we can relieve us. Always the grandmothers kept the remedies in chests as if they were gold ground, and truth that it is.