Healthy Fruit Juice

Smoothies, fruit juices or wellness compared Berlin, 21.07.2011. You are the best thirst quencher for the hot summer months: fruit juices. They taste sweet and are also refreshing, healthy and rich in vitamins. But juice is juice? On supermarket shelves, we encounter the countless products that look like juice. There are often very confusing names: juice, fruit juice, Smoothie, nectar, fruit juice drink, wellness drink, and much more.

In the selection of the right juice, especially people who want to diet or healthy lose weight, often run into trouble. Which juice is the healthiest? Where is the hidden calories or tons of sugar? The fruit content is crucial for the taste and the quality of juice. The health portal CaloryGuard online ( presents the main variants of juice and proves the right choice for a healthy diet can be as crucial: fruit from a glass of fruit juice (juice, fruit juice concentrate and) Smoothie): fruit juice there as juice or juice concentrate. Both contain 100% fruit content. The juice is extracted directly from the original, fruit-own components, filtered and bottled. (Similarly see: Dr. John Mcdougall).

To get fruit juice from concentrate, the water removed from the freshly squeezed juice and frozen. The subsequent dilution with water with 100% fruit juice produces fruit again. The so-called Smoothies are a third category of fruit juices. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. They are a popular summer drink. For the production of smoothies, mashed pulp with juices is mixed until the desired creamy consistency is achieved. A glass of fruit juice is equivalent to a serving of fruit and is rich in vitamins and valuable ingredients. Different fruit content fruit nectar: because not every fruit for immediate processing into juice is suitable, juices and fruit puree of some fruits can be mixed with water. The fruit content varies between 25 (such as lime or bananas) and 50% (E.g. apples or) Orange). Caution: In contrast to fruit juices, fruit nectar sugar contains up to 20%. Lots of sugar, little fruit: Fruit juice drink: juice drinks contain even less fruit than nectar. The fruit content is between 6 (citrus fruits) and 30% (fruit and grapes). Also juice drinks contain much sugar. More apparent than his Wellness: Anders suggests as her name, wellness or sports drinks are usually not healthy. They often contain no fruit and are rich in sugar, dyes and aromas. So the rule of thumb is: the higher the proportion of fruit in the juice, the less sugar and more vitamins and valuable ingredients are included. The pure fruit juices not only the thirst, but help the drinker to the perfect bikini figure. CaloryGuard online the diet and health portal with social network was founded in March 2011 by the software developer for medical products Falko Buttler. CaloryGuard online helps people in need, permanently and slowly to reduce in order to prevent the yo-yo weight and diet to successfully deliver to. For the exchange of success, motivation and self help user can apply a complete profile with interest groups, forums, personal blogs, and friends. In addition, each user can lead his own food diary online, hold sporting activities and has also access to a large selection of recipes to cook at home, as well as one of the largest German food database. For individual consultation the in-house nutritionist available users personally.